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Explore What’s Possible with Elm Surfaces

Elm Surfaces emerged in 2019 as a dynamic and innovative addition to the architecture and design scene. It is now the newest member of the thriving RNDD community, catering to various projects with its versatile and all-encompassing surface solutions.

The company is the brainchild of CEO and founder Eugenio Megna, a visionary initially from Italy who brings fifteen years of experience in the business development industry. Driven by the aspiration to carve out his version of the American Dream, Megna created Elm Surfaces as a hub resonating with his passion and expertise.

The Expert Problem-Solvers for all Your Surface Needs

Central to Elm Surfaces’ ethos is the commitment to providing an extensive and premium range of products. By collaborating with world-class manufacturers, the company ensures access to cutting-edge resources. From the elegance of high-tech porcelain to the utmost quality in engineered wood, from the artistic allure of handmade terracotta tiles to the sustainability of carbon-neutral slabs. Elm Surfaces showcases a diverse palette that caters to the varying demands of modern projects.

Elm Surfaces goes beyond mere supply, aiming to be a comprehensive solution provider. Rigorous quality control ensures products meet the highest standards of craftsmanship, blending captivating aesthetics with functional durability.

The company recognizes that the journey from concept to realization is multifaceted and offers comprehensive logistics and field support. Acknowledging the challenges that architects, designers, and project managers may encounter, Elm Surfaces acts as a partner, offering guidance, solutions, and expertise to navigate the intricacies of interior and exterior surface applications.

A Creative Companion

In essence, Elm Surfaces isn’t just a supplier of materials; it’s a collaborator, an enabler, and a creative companion. Rooted in the ideals of innovation, quality, and holistic support, the company paves the way for seamless, imaginative, and impactful design journeys.

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