5 Things That are Inspiring Daniel Kinkade Right Now

Daniel Kinkade will rock your walls. 

Born out of the need for a liaison between artist and collector, Daniel Kinkade Fine Art provides professional and legendary art consultation services for interior designers, architects, facility managers and private collectors on an international scale.

Their offerings include fine art, prints, limited editions, commissioned works, corporate signage, sculpture and custom designer framing. All of their advisors hold degrees in interior design and art history. They have been in business for over a decade and collaborate on projects worldwide with a network of hundreds of global artists.

Daniel and his team do amazing work and we couldn’t be more proud to have them as our presenting sponsor of this year’s Gallery Walk! Learn more about the 6th Annual RNDD Fall Gallery Walk, Presented by Daniel Kinkade Fine Art, here.

What Inspires the Inspirational?

As someone who makes their living bringing inspiration to others, we asked Daniel Kinkade himself to share 5 things that are inspiring him at the moment.


When I need immediate inspiration and want to look at beautifully made objects, I pull out my books of Cartier designs. The first luxe watch I purchased for myself was a Cartier Santos, which is based on the original piece by Cartier for the world’s first mens wristwatch around 1910. Cartier was founded on the principle of beauty and design being inspired from unusual places when it came to jewelry; they hired architects, interior designers and even landscape planners for their first shops and this sets them apart. I for sure have the best Cartier advisor in Chicago, Lesley, at the store on Michigan Avenue.

Image via Cartier

The DKFA Core Chicago Artists

I’ve worked with some incredible Chicago artists for over a decade.  Some of my favorites are Lynn Basa, who can make the simplest forms and shapes incredibly complex and sophisticated. Others are Sally Ko, who has a very unique voice with a modern edge and then Adam Thomas who paints the most beautiful clouds, animals and landscapes. They all create stunning abstracts as well and can be found on our website and social media.

Artwork by Lynn Basa, image via Daniel Kinkade Fine Art


Having been to 84 countries – and hitting 85 this year – travel is my biggest inspiration. It’s my opportunity to recharge, immerse myself in other cultures and discover new artists, new ways of thinking living, and fabulous cuisine. The last couple of years I’ve been in India, Nepal, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland and Vanuatu to name some favorites, but Paris will always have my heart, no matter what. It’s the most romantic and exciting city in the world.

Daniel’s Dad’s Collections

I definitely inherited the collecting gene from my father. He’s been a respected expert when it comes to arrowheads, Native American artifacts and various fine guns since before I was born. There’s something really special about a piece of flint shaped into the tip for an arrow from thousands of years ago, and knowing it has an incredible story, and then knowing your dad found it under a cliff on his farm. There’s stories behind the mortar and pestles he has from private Native American sites which were used for food production in times far gone and they fascinate me to no end. And now he’s been handcrafting his own wooden sculptural bowls — some are huge — the one he gave me is 20 x 10 x 30 and it’s stunning.


Honestly, one of the best ways for me to reset my brain and get the creative juices flowing, is to just walk around Chicago. It’s awesome to take in the Lake from a great view, enjoy a drink at the newly renovated Four Seasons, have lunch at my favorite restaurant, Le Colonial on Oak, stroll around Millennium Park, and of course, take in as many shows at the the Art Institute and MCA as I can.

Learn more about Daniel Kinkade Fine Art and the incredible artists he represents here: danielkinkade.com

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6th Annual RNDD Fall Gallery Walk Preview – Part 1

The River North Design District (RNDD) Fall Gallery Walk is back! Now it’s 6th year, the event will return on Friday, September 10th, 2021. The RNDD Fall Gallery Walk, presented by Daniel Kinkade Fine Art, is free and open to the public with the exception of two special events (more information here).

The walk is comprised of 20 locations with special events throughout River North, featuring 25 artists and 18 designer vignettes. Join us on opening night, September 10th from 5-9pm as you stroll through River North visiting each location for a special events and surprises. View the full map of participating locations and suggested routes here.

Each location will come alive with art from some of the brightest artists on the scene, paired with vignettes from Chicago’s top designers. The result? Insta-worthy feasts for the eye to inspire anyone who wants inspiration to make their home a beautiful haven. 

We have some really amazing collaborations in the works for this year and wanted to share a sneak peek with you.

Yamini Designs and Interiors by Francesca featuring headline artist Linc Thelen and art from students from CAPE (Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education) at Calia Stone Boutique

154 W. Hubbard St.

The night begins with the official RNDD Fall Gallery Kickoff Party.

Enter a fantasy garden folly where fashion and interiors converge. Your senses will be delighted at Calia Stone Boutique, where natural stone creates a well-hewn backdrop for a profusion of color, pattern, texture and opulence inspired by renowned fashion and textile designer Christian LaCroix. View the large-scale, vibrant work by Linc Thelen and let your imagination run wild. Sip a bespoke cocktail and enjoy hors d’oeuvres as you view LaCroix’s iconic fashion on the big screen and vibe to the music of his era. Support CAPE (Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education) and purchase some student work. Before you leave, drop a business card for a chance to win a bottle of St. Germain liquor.

Tickets are $35/each, and space is limited, so get yours now!

Design by Yamini Designs | Photo by Marcel Page Photography
Design by Interiors by Francesca | Photo by Ted Glasoe
Artwork by Linc Thelen

PROjECT .interiors featuring Patrick Sansone at 210 Design House

210 W. Illinois St.

The night ends with the official RNDD Fall Gallery After Party.

Listen to the gong, the rhythmic drumming, the vibrational hum. Gaze into the stillness of a photograph, a moment captured in time, evoking a memory, a yearning, a curiosity, a desire. Taste a color, allow a libation to wet your tongue and awaken your energy. Take in the aromas, close your eyes, be guided into the calm among the chaos. Patrick Sansone’s photographic reflections paired with PROjECT. Interiors sensory experience acknowledges the massive transformation and shift in our world. Take a moment to pause and engage your senses—to connect. Together, we will see, taste, hear, smell and feel at an afterparty hosted by 210 Design House that will reunite and revive. 

Tickets are $35/each, and space is limited, so get yours now!

Design by PROjECT .interiors | Photo by Cynthia Lynn Kim
Artwork by Patrick Sansone

Studio 6F featuring Colt Seager at bulthaup

313 W. Superior St., Suite 109

Join bulthaup and Studio 6F for a curated collection targeting all five senses. Colt Seager is an internationally recognized artist based in Chicago. Working primarily in the mediums of painting and sculpture, his art seeks to invite others into a spiritual space, encouraging them to explore their identity, faith, passions, and all that make them human.  Listen to the official gallery walk playlist created by Studio 6F’s Gil Melott on Spotify here.

Design by Studio 6F | Photo by Ryan McDonald
Artwork by Colt Seager

Elizabeth Scott Design Group featuring David Yarrow of Hilton | Asmus Contemporary at ARMAZEM.design

212 W. Superior St.

Come experience a journey through the exotic. Witness the talented Elizabeth Scott materialize her magnum opus of merging the evocative monochrome photography by David Yarrow, featured by Hilton|Asmus Contemporary, with Armazem’s exclusive curated collections of Brazilian artisanship and design. The genius of an unparalleled vision. 

Design by Elizabeth Scott Design Group | Photo by Angelika Piatek Photography
Photography by David Yarrow

Stay tuned for our next Gallery Walk preview!

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Small Space Design Tips from Chicago Top Interior Designers and Showrooms

After living and working at home around the clock for so long, the one thing we are all craving for our homes is space. Let’s say it again.

S P A C E.

But living in a metropolitan area like Chicago, the one thing that is often hard to find in a home is SPACE. So what do we do?

With the help of some of Chicago’s most talented interior designers and with the inventory from some of Chicago’s best design showrooms, we have compiled the ultimate list of small space design tips to take your cramped home and turn it into a more functional and spacious place…without sacrificing style.

Light, Vertical Space, Neutrals, Oh My!

Lauren Imburgia, a Designer with Kahler Slater shares 4 of her top design tips when it comes to small spaces.

Bounce light around. Mirrors and reflective materials/finishes will help make a space more sizeable by producing an illusion of space and maximizing the room’s lighting, both organic and inorganic.

​Every piece must have a purpose. Make use of multi-functional furniture like ottomans or poofs that can act as side tables, coffee tables or additional seating for guests and can easily be tucked away if not in use. Dining tables can also be desks and sofas can have removable cushions to serve as a guest bed.

​Go vertical. By using all available space, the room will feel grander. Some examples include placing decorative bins on top of kitchen cabinets for more storage, taking bookcases all the way to the ceiling, using the top surface for extra display, and taking drapery to the ceiling to trick windows into feeling bigger.

Neutral does not mean boring.  A neutral or monochromatic palette will allow the eye to keep moving around a space and trick it into thinking its more spacious than it really is.  With the addition of textures and layers, the space will become a visual interest with sophistication without being too wild or bold.

See more from Kahler Slater here.

The Murphy Bed, the Ultimate Space Saver

When you live in a small house or apartment, fitting in everything you need is difficult. Coming up with clever solutions to those obstacles make it all more rewarding in the end.
According to Komandor, the innovative Murphy bed is one of the best ways to save up on some precious space. The ergonomic bed ensures that your home’s interior multitasks with amazing ease and inimitable style.

First of all what is Murphy bed? Also known as a wall bed or hideaway bed, a Murphy bed, named after his inventor also a small space dweller is a bed that folds into the wall or cabinet when not in use. This allows for more space that can be used for a variety of other functions aside from sleeping . Despite their early beginnings as just a fold up bed, today’s Murphy beds are becoming even more functional, often incorporating a desk or even couch underneath, which can be used when the bed is stowed away. Murphy beds use standard bed mattress( unlike sofa beds), they’re quite supportive and cozy. In fact some homeowners opt to install Murphy  beds in their guest rooms even when they aren’t short on space.

Komandor’s Murphy beds are the right fit for any space and great addition to multipurpose spaces, blending sleeping and living space to maximize your area functionality.
Murphy bed is available in the Komandor Chicago River North showroom located at 371 W Ontario St. Suite 450.

See more here.

Adapt Your Space with Adaptable Furniture

Living large in small spaces can be easy. It just takes good space planning and design. One tip Centaur Interiors suggests for making small areas look great and have max functionality, is adaptable furniture that folds out or away depending on the needs of the space.

Centaur Interiors is currently installing a rotating wall bed that has functional shelves and storage and can be used as a guest bed when needed. For kitchen areas, a pull-out table from the kitchen island can maximize space were people love to gather.

See more here.

Create New Spaces by Dividing Existing Ones

When designing a small home, sometimes it is necessary to create additional spaces by dividing an existing one. It is also important to maintain as much natural light as possible, stay organized and create the illusion of a bigger area.

The Charlotte Shelving System, by Bontempi and available at ARMAZEM.design, is an ingenious space divider and organization solution that achieves this and so much more. By dividing a space with this unit, two distinct areas are established. Due to the open nature of the Charlotte, the eye extends its vision to the adjacent area and both spaces are perceived as larger than their actual size, all of this without sacrificing natural light. This unit also has display and storage functions which are great organization tools.

The Charlotte extends the full height of a room, and additional modules can be added according to the space. It had several components such as open shelves, closed cabinets, and even screws that are available in different materials and/or finishes making this a truly tailored and distinctive solution for any space.

See more here.

Choose Your Furniture Wisely

When working with small spaces, Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors has some easy yet thoughtful design tips you can do yourself to make your space feel larger.

First, consider painting the walls and ceilings of a room the same color to “lose the ceiling” and edge lines. Next, select furniture with legs to allow you to see the floor beneath, making the space feel more expansive. And finally, Small spaces work best when they’re functional; avoid clutter by utilizing closed storage to create clean surfaces.

See more here.

Two Words: Double Duty

If you truly want to get the most out of your small space when it comes to design and function, consider investing in highly adaptable furniture. One great example of this is the Ligne Roset Prado sofa, designed by Christian Werner based on the study of lifestyles and human nature. Prado has moveable cushions, weighted and equipped with a non-slip system so they don’t need to be rested against anything and can adapt for sitting in various postures and different directions for changing needs. It also does double duty as an occasional bed (with optional fitted sheet available). Aesthetically, this type of design is a great small space solution, maximizing visual space with its pared down profile, and maximizing physical space by working as well against a wall as it does in a central space of a room if the walls are taken up by shelving, storage, or windows.

See more here.

But What About a Small Bathroom?

We tapped into our resident bathroom experts over at Studio41 to share with us some small space design tips specifically for the bathroom. Follow their suggestions below to take your small city loo into a spa-like oasis.

Keep it compact! Wall-hung vanities keep the floor feeling roomy while offering additional storage space.

Image courtesy of Kohler

Combine and conquer! Medicine cabinets with built-in lighting bring the mirror, storage, and task lighting together to upgrade the styling station and save wall space.

Pictured: Verdera lighted medicine cabinet by Kohler.

Give it life! Use a contrasting grout with single-color tile or a mosaic-style tile to bring visual interest into a small bathroom. 

Pictured: Daltile Uptown Glass tile

Learn more here or visit Studio41 at 225 W Hubbard to get assistance planning your bathroom design.

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What’s Hot this Summer in Chicago’s River North Design District

The top design products and trends from Chicago’s top design showrooms and partners

The River North Design District (RNDD) is made up of some of the best showrooms and design partners in Chicago which boast interior design offerings accessible to both designers & consumers. The showrooms carry everything from textiles, tiles, and rugs, to kitchens and furnishings.

With Summer finally arriving in Chicago, we wanted to share the hottest products of the season from our members.

A Mid-Summer Mid-Century Moment

Part of the newly launched Lew Oliver Collection, these Mid-Century inspired breeze blocks continue Atlanta-based designer and master planner Lew Oliver exploration of form and proportion and are an ideal pair for Materials Marketing’s meticulous, hand-carved natural stone production.

“My mid-century collection for Materials Marketing is designed to capture the elegance of classic buildings in Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, and Miami. Providing fine architectural ornament to connoisseurs and designers, this collection promises to deliver striking new edifices. Inspired by classical, regency, and modern motifs and filtered with contemporary sensibilities, the collection will be a cultural nod to an aesthetic that is highly dramatic and entirely American.”

— Lew Oliver, Designer, Urban Planner

See more here.

Heading into Luxury

The Luxury Bed Collection is excited to reveal the newest of their 2021 custom fabrics by Vispring allowing you to finish your bed in the fabric of your choice. Choose from over 75 fabric combinations such as velvet, cashmere, wool, suede, leather or linen in a variety of colors. Whether it’s from their wide range of exclusive materials made by the finest European weavers or something from your own collection – these master bed makers will create a bespoke finish to make your bed totally unique.

See more here.

Tiara Superb bed with Aldo Headboard in 2171 Luxe Velvet-Ocean by Vispring at The Luxury Bed Collection.

Calacatta Running Through Your Veins

After a whirlwind of a year, projects are going strong! People are tired of staring at blank
walls and are hungry for something new. And thus, a new wave of interior design trends
have been born. Textures, organic forms and patterns are all the rage right now, and the
team at Alissa Johnson Interiors (AJI) is loving it!

Oftentimes, interior surfaces are overlooked, when in reality, they are one of the easiest
ways to level up your living quarters. This Calacatta Vagli from Calia Stone Boutique is
the ultimate eye candy, where you can make a statement without having to say a single
word. Its bronze tones and fluid veining bring so much warmth and movement into a
space- whether it be on the floor, on a wall, or an entire room. Installing large format
slabs in a shower or on a full countertop creates a seamless appearance that exudes both
elegance and simplicity. Each slab has its own unique variation of color combinations and
veining, making it extremely personable. If it were entirely up to the AJI team, they would install this marble everywhere, and anywhere we could!

See more of AJI’s work here and browse all of Calia Stone’s offerings here.


Alluring Cabinetry and Vanities

Studio41 is very pleased to present the Allure line of cabinetry and vanities. Allure cabinetry and vanities are made in-house by our expert cabinet makers and crafted by Studio41’s eye for design and years of experience in kitchen and bathroom renovations. Allure cabinets are available in modern, transitional, and traditional styles and are built semi-custom to suit your space. Vanity sizes range from 24 inches to 60, with options to mix and match modular drawer bases for more storage or styling space. Bring Allure into your next project and enjoy Studio41’s quick turnaround times.

See more here.

Bringing Color and Texture Outdoors

The team at Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors is so excited about Oscar Isberian Rug’s new Axel Collection. Because these rugs are made of sustainable PET yarn, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Using rugs outside is a fantastic way to elevate a deck or patio by grounding the furniture and adding a pop of color! The Axel Collection rugs are completely size customizable and come in 14 beautiful patterns. They are perfect for any outdoor space!

See more of Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors’ work here and browse the Axel Collection from Oscar Isberian here.

Separate Your Space in Style

Meet LUMI an industrial style door and glazing system exclusively by Komandor.
Provides additional light, creates separate zones and gives character. Functional and decorative internal glazing, adapted to the individual design. Acting as a divider or space separator. Available as sliding or hinged doors and screens. An aluminum structure in matte black or natural anode, filled with glass (transparent, frosted or colored) or laminate panel. Provides additional light and soundproofing. These doors are so versatile, wow-effect guaranteed!

See more here.

Light it Up

LED technology may not change everything, but it is changing many things you interact with every day – and practically every minute. For example, the screen you are reading this on is likely lit by LED technology, whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, desktop monitor, or laptop. While we don’t think you are reading this on your flat-screen TV, one form of LED technology or another has revolutionized those screens, too.  

When it comes to home lighting, LED is a sea of change there, too. LED lighting uses up to 80% less energy than Edison’s incandescent invention. Compared to still popular but rapidly declining compact fluorescent technology, LED still wins in flexibility, environmental friendliness, and energy efficiency.  

With the help of Barrett’s Technology Solutions, you can combine the remarkable flexibility and efficiency of LED technology and smart lighting control systems, and transform the way you illuminate your Chicago home. 

Read more here.

Make a Statement with Statement Wall Tiles

This summer, the design team at Centaur Interiors is loving statement wall tiles. A unique tile with dimension, texture, or a pop of color can bring an accent wall to life. The concept of a statement wall has been around for years, but instead of using paint, molding or wallpaper, consider trying this fresh, new approach with statement tiles. (Image 340 randolph)

Centaur Interiors recently installed statement tile on a fireplace wall in a Master bedroom design. Keep a look out on their social media for the finished look!

Looking for more statement tile inspo? Centaur Interiors recommends these gorgeous wall tiles found during a recent visit at Roca Tile that would be ideal in a powder room or kitchen accent wall.

Get more inspiration here.

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Discover Your Element at The Godfrey Hotel in River North

The River North Design District (RNDD) is to partner with The Godfrey Hotel in Chicago for the 2021 RNDD Fall Gallery Walk.


The Godfrey Hotel Chicago is an energetic boutique property in the heart of River North. The Godfrey’s striking cubist exterior houses a welcoming lobby, 221 spacious guestrooms, a boutique spa, fitness center, ground floor daily brunch restaurant BrunchRoom, and year-round rooftop lounge I|O Godfrey.

“Godfrey,” meaning “peace” and “welcome” in its Irish origins, characterizes the property’s hospitality spirit, and prefaces its motto, “Discover Your Element,” which speaks to The Godfrey’s individually tailored approach to guest service and hospitality.

Click here for special rates for the 6th Annual Fall RNDD Gallery Walk


Chicago-based architecture firm Valerio Dewalt Train designed The Godfrey Hotel Chicago’s staggered steel truss structure—the first of its kind in Chicago—and its cubist-influenced façade, with taut cubist forms that jut inward and outward to reveal the sleek geometric steel beneath the surface. Inside, Gettys Design Group Chicago takes credit for an aesthetic influenced by River North’s abundance of art galleries, starting with a minimalist, oval lobby that greets guests with chic white marble, a recessed ceiling, and spherical light fixtures to make an impactful and uplifting first impression. Structural seating areas and intimate alcoves encourage guests to linger, while floor-to-ceiling windows let in natural light and views of River North. Striking light and design features adorn the hotel’s public spaces, as do austere stone thresholds, textured walls, and custom woodwork. Guestrooms feature a comforting minimalist aesthetic with rich, elegant materials, plush modern furnishings, purple and gray tones, and engaging geometric elements. Custom lamps, a mirrored closet door, and large windows ensure a light-filled space.

Luxurious One Bedroom Suite At The Godfrey Hotel Chicago.jpg

When you stay at The Godfrey, you are just a short walk from some of Chicago’s major attractions, including the Magnificent Mile, Museum of Contemporary Art, the Riverwalk, and more.

At I|O Godfrey, guests can enjoy an assortment of Kitchen Cocktails – made entirely in the kitchen by mixology-trained chefs, globally-inspired shareable plates and sushi, and CBD-infused beverages.


The Godfrey also hosts interactive annual events at the hotel’s indoor|outdoor rooftop, such as the upcoming Haunted Hotel – an event that combines a costume party and haunted house with themed frights in transformed hotel guestrooms.

Visit godfreyhotelchicago.com for more information.

Click here for special rates for the 6th Annual Fall RNDD Gallery Walk

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Make the Kitchen the Heart of the Home with Cosentino

This is a guest post from one of the River North Design District’s (RNDD) newest Chicago design showrooms members, Cosentino.

The kitchen is now more than ever the heart of the home.

According to the Global Kitchen study, the kitchen has become a multifunctional and social space.

This statement is especially valid in these times of sanitary crisis and confinement. Now more than ever, the kitchen transcends the purely culinary space and becomes a space to share, work, chat, do homework and more.

The kitchen, as the center of life at home, is the space that best reflects the social changes and transformations we are experiencing: it projects our ways of life, how we are, how we behave and how we evolve.”

— Global Kitchen Study

The Global Kitchen study “The kitchen at the heart of the home”, prepared by the Silestone Institute, is an initiative by Cosentino to analyze the keys to domestic cooking in the 21st century.

According to the study, there is a marked tendency for the kitchen as a social space as opposed to less use as a purely “culinary” space. The kitchen welcomes more and more activities typical of other rooms in the home, until it extends to the living room to create a new environment of coexistence in the home.

Priorities when renovating a kitchen

What activities do we do in the kitchen? 

  • 43% use the kitchen to make the main meals.
  • 29% for meetings with guests.
  • 11% to work.
  • 17% for other tasks.

What do we prefer when we choose the design of our kitchen?

  • 5% prioritize functionality (make the most of space).
  • 1% savings (exterior light, optimal furniture for food preservation, A +++ appliances).
  • 12% the quality and durability of the materials.
  • 10% design and aesthetics (latest trends in colors, materials, etc.).

Today more than ever, we must stay at home, that’s why, we take the opportunity to continue enjoying the kitchen not only as a culinary space but also as a social gathering place where to share moments.

The Global Kitchen study, presented in 2019, is based on a consumer survey in 9 countries (Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates) and on the expert vision of 23 professionals from different specialties. 

To learn more about Cosentino and the products they offer, you can visit them at their River North Chicago showroom at 217 W Illinois or online at cosentino.com.

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6 Ideas for High-Functioning (and High-Design) Mudrooms

Mudrooms tend to be a catchall space in our homes whether it’s shoes, coats, laundry, or outdoor toys, it all lives in this space. And after a year at home, this room has seen more wear and tear than normal. So how do you keep your mudroom organized, functioning AND beautiful? 

We tapped into our design experts at the River North Design District to bring you 6 tips for designing a highly functional mudroom.

6 Mudroom Design Tips

Don’t Forget the Aesthetics

Studio Gild recently designed a mudroom in a lake home. The mudroom was designed in conjunction with the architect, Morgante Wilson. The bold blue storage cubbies and cabinets have a place for everything, including a sweet spot for the pup!

What’s one tip Studio Gild Design Principal Jennie Bishop would offer when it comes to mudroom design? “Don’t forget to make it pretty!”

See more here.

Photo by Mike Schwartz Photography

Add a Place to Wipe Your Feet

No mudroom is complete without a place to wipe your feet! Oscar Isberian rugs has over 5,000 rugs in stock 3×5 and under, many of which are samples that are under $50.

Visit their River North Chicago showroom at 120 W Kinzie or call 312-467-1212 for more information. 

See more here.

Make Sure Form Follow Function

Mudroom design has come a long way. Form follows function as they say, the primary function of a mudroom historically has been widely viewed as a utilitarian space for the daily rituals of laundry, dirty shoes and cleaning supplies. Form following these initial functions left a void in the space longing for a higher investment in quality products and materials and something more aesthetically pleasing, offering a wider range of use outside of the every day, such as potting, organization efficiency, outdoor gear, school supplies, etc. Now there are so many products and materials available for various functions and aesthetics that you can lead with form and achieve the desired function with a plethora of options from counter tops, wallpaper, tile, cabinetry, lighting and so much more to make the space beautiful and functional.

In this particular setting of high use, dirt and grime, it is important to carefully specify materials that will be able to withstand the wear and tear of our daily lives, such as a dog bath enclosure with ceramic tile, vinyl wallpaper, or Cambria quartz counter tops.

Shown here is Cambria’s, Ella Design. To note quartz is the most abundant mineral on the planet. Cambria Quartz is 100% non-porous, stain resistant, scratch resistant, and extremely durable. Cambria Quartz is 2x stronger than marble and 3x stronger than granite. Ella is an organic, subtle design with the soft tonality of a Statuary Marble, making it the perfect choice for any marble lover that does not want to deal with the maintenance of marble.

This Mudroom pictured below showcases how design can help you to capitalize  on organization and streamlining function, while accomplishing the  simplicity of clean lines and the finite details that truly make a space. This mudroom shows Cambria’s Smithfield design. It has an optic white background with subtle gray veining that flows throughout the surface.

See more here.

Combine it with the Laundry Room

The mudroom can be a key space for keeping your home organized. Komandor Chicago had an opportunity to create custom mudroom combined with the laundry room for a client from Breckenridge Colorado.

A Mudroom is the ideal place to store necessities that you don’t want to keep in the main kitchen and can be the perfect place for your washer and dryer too. Komandor Chicago created fitted storage with a closet, floating shelves, bench, drawers, shoe rack and dimmable lighted mirror. Storage, organization and practical features were the key to creating a dual functional space. They adapted laundry cabinets to the available space.

In terms of style, the cabinets of this mudroom/laundry room are blended with the style of the rest of the house. Designing this mudroom/laundry room represents a unique opportunity to reshape the space into a room that efficiently and effectively fulfills a client’s needs.

See more here.

Design with a Clean Space in Mind

Organization and the right storage is key to keeping a mudroom clean, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors suggest that you don’t try to change your habits to suit what you think your mudroom should be. Instead, figure out how you use the space and design around those needs. If the first thing you do is set your keys down, make sure there is a logical place for them. This room is intended to be a catchall space, so make sure it functions like one. Use dark, non-porous tiles and grout to keep the room looking clean with less maintenance. Sarah suggests this dark hex tile from Roca Tile.

Get Organized

Just as eyes are the window to the soul, mudrooms are the preview of our homes. As we transition from outdoors to indoors, these spaces welcome us to a more intimate setting and offer us a glimpse of what is to come, a first impression. A good mudroom is a gatekeeper, it keeps us organized by having a home for all the items we bring in and out of our homes and by doing so, it keeps us organized, on task and on time. ARMAZEM.design offers closets and storage systems to suit your needs.

See more here.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Outdoor Living Space this Summer

Summertime in the Midwest is a precious time. We know it doesn’t last long, so we must take advantage of every minute and be outside as much as possible. Whether you live in the city with a small balcony or terrace, or you live in the suburbs with a spacious yard and patio, we have some great ways that you can turn your outdoor living space into an oasis and a great spot to entertain this Summer.

How to Make the Most out of Your Outdoor Living Space

Consider Porcelain Pavers

Daltile’s high-style TREAD™ Porcelain Pavers offer on-trend outdoor design in durable and long-lasting wood-look porcelain or stone.

The two centimeter thickness ensures that your outdoor spaces – from the patio and pool to the driveway and garage – will turn heads no matter your climate. Made from only three natural ingredients – clay, sand, and feldspar – porcelain is synonymous with strength. It is resistant to scratches and abrasion, has very low water absorption. And most important WILL NOT FADE!

Key Attributes:

  • UV Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Freeze/Thaw Resistant
  • De-Icing Salt Resistant

Variety of Installation Options:

  • Raised Pedestal – Perfect for rooftop decks & balconies in the city!
  • Loose Lay in Grass
  • Set in Compacted Sand
  • Set on Gravel
  • Traditional Tile Install/Mortar to Concrete Substrate
  • Convert Existing Wood Decks

Learn more here.

Install a Smooth, Non-Slip Floor Tile For a Seamless Transition from Indoors to Outdoors

Abaco In & Out is the first smooth anti-slip floor tile from Roca Tile, providing a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

The In&Out finish is the result of the Roca Group’s commitment to R&D. The innovative manufacturing process developed provides a silky, and at the same time, non-slip surface, making it suitable for exteriors. The smooth surface is ideal for indoors, outdoors and facades. Available in a wide color range of neutral and rusty hues, it also features decorative lines with reliefs and organic or geometrical effects. Available through their Special Order Program and arriving this summer.

Learn more here

Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture

Chicagoans can make the most of their outdoor space by making sure it’s outfitted for all kinds of uses – from eating to entertaining to personal rejuvenation. Most people think of seating first and foremost, but there is also dining and side tables, lighting, rugs and planters to make the exterior of a home as livable as the interior.

Ligne Roset just created a new section of their store on Wells Street in River North, Chicago dedicated to celebrating outdoor living. Whether it’s a terrace, yard, balcony or rooftop, outdoor areas should be set up to be easily rearranged and reconfigured to support many different uses. Also, carefully consider the finishes of your outdoor furniture to make sure it truly stands up to the elements and the test of time. There have been great strides in technology to create strong, durable materials with a soft look and feel. Make sure your seating has proper drainage (like the Ottoman Outdoor collection designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance with its clever hidden spout through the seat) and is as comfortable as you would expect any indoor seating to be (like the cloud-like Serpentine seating by Eléonore Nalet).

Creativity shouldn’t stop at the door – there are incredibly talented designers creating unique, eye-catching, and comfortable outdoor products for your space.

Learn more here. Or visit Ligne Roset at 440 N Wells to check out their collection in person.

Bring the Entertainment Outside

Consider a way to add another dimension to your outdoor spring and summer fun with an outdoor audio and video system, installed by Barrett’s Technology Solutions.

The most popular outdoor entertainment solution is audio. Whether you like relaxing background music, rock and roll, or have audiophile golden ears for your eclectic music collection, there’s an outdoor audio system that will satisfy you. Your speakers can be heard and not seen with discreet buried subwoofers and satellites, or you can have the equivalent of tower speakers for outdoors with a powerful punch that makes a statement.   

Don’t stop at audio for your outdoor entertainment. Today’s outdoor TVs offer more options than ever before. And they can be weatherized to protect against heat, cold, humidity, and even bugs. The latest models go big with an 86-inch screen, 4K resolution, and the latest HDR technology for high contrast vivid pictures. Outdoor TVs also pack special screen coatings and high-brightness capability for outdoor viewing in bright lighting conditions.

Now is the perfect time to extend your indoor audio and video entertainment outdoors. Reach out to Barrett’s Technology Solutions at (630) 898-2850 to get started. 

Learn more here.

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RNDD Welcomes Reveal Design

The River North Design District (RNDD) is excited to welcome Reveal Design to our organization.

A Chicago Landscape Design & Build Boutique

Reveal Design is a full-service landscape design-and-build boutique based in Chicago, Illinois. Established in 2011, their work focuses on creating thoughtfully designed outdoor living spaces that combine style, purpose, and functionality. From intimate garden balconies and full-scale residential landscapes to multi-unit urban complexes looking for outdoor solutions, each project is customized to meet our clients’ individual needs and tastes.

We believe the exterior is just as important

— Reveal Design

The Practice

Reveal Design is a full-service landscape design-and-build boutique based in Chicago, Illinois. Established in 2011, their work focuses on creating thoughtfully designed outdoor living spaces that combine style, purpose, and functionality. From intimate garden balconies and full-scale residential landscapes to multi-unit urban complexes looking for outdoor solutions, each project is customized to meet our clients’ individual needs and tastes.

The Process

Reveal Design offers initial on-site consultation free of charge. Most of their designs are developed through a two-phase process complete with enhanced visual models and three-dimensional presentations to give clients a clear picture of the finished product. Phase 1 focuses on the client’s style, desired function, and rough budget. Phase 2, refines these details and selects plants and materials based on the client’s tastes and maintenance desires. Reveal Design is client-focused in their objectives and openly discuss all aspects of the project from inception.

The Service

Reveal Design aims to provide lasting outdoor retreats. Their creativity and dedication to client service sets them apart from the larger design outfits. Clients can have as much or as little involvement in the design process as they desire.

Examples of their services include:

  • Front, side, and rear yard landscape installations
  • Rooftop Decks, pergolas, planter boxes, and customized screens
  • Organic vegetable and food production spaces
  • Exterior lighting and drip irrigation

Welcome to RNDD

Please help us in welcoming Reveal Design to our River North, Chicago design community. To learn more about their company and services, or to schedule a consultation, visit revealdesignchicago.com.

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Roca Tile Shares What’s New in Tile Trends in 2021

The River North Design District (RNDD) is excited to welcome our newest member to our Chicago design community, Roca Tile. Their stunning River North Chicago showroom is located at 215 W. Illinois in the heart of the design district. They offer a wide variety of ceramic and porcelain tiles for multiple applications.

Roca Tile USA is an offspring of the Roca Corporation. It is a worldwide leader in manufacturing, distributing, and marketing high-quality ceramic and porcelain tile under two brands Roca and United States Ceramic Tile. The company’s product range offers solutions for multiple uses, from versatile wall tile to highly resistant indoor and outdoor floor tiles, including single colors, marble, wood, concrete, fabric, decorative tiles, and a wide array of complementary pieces.

Being the tile experts they are, we asked Roca to share with us 3 of the top tile design trends they expect to see more of in 2021.

Shape and Movement

We’re seeing organic, undulating shapes not just with tile, but everywhere, from cups to carpets, mirrors to makeup packaging. There’s a long-standing connection between organic, biophilic forms and the subtle use of natural shapes to enhance human connection to nature and creativity (think everything from the work of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí to the undulations of a curved couch). And after 10+ months of being confined indoors, we’re looking for all the nature we can get. While biomimicry—the design strategy that imitates uses, forms, colors, and more that are found in nature—has been on the rise as an interest in sustainability has grown, we’re seeing it combined with celebratory colors in unexpected places, such as a coffee table or pillow, reported Architectural Digest.

— Roca Tile

We love the mix of bold colors and shapes in this home bar by Crimson Design Group using Roca’s CC Mosaics Gray & White Mosaic on the floors.

Oversize Rectangular Tile for Bathrooms

There are a lot of reasons to consider large rectangular tiles in a bathroom. Fewer grout lines mean less cleaning and less visual clutter. Plus, the large-format tile can help visually expand a small space. We’re seeing large tiles used in a variety of classic patterns, such as herringbone, stacked and brick. If you’re considering large rectangular tiles for the bathroom floor, try going with a matte finish, which provides some slip resistance.

— Roca Tile
Pictured: Roca’s Seattle Blanco 12″ x 24″ & 24″ x 48″ UP

Metallic Tile Accents

One way to jazz up bathroom tile is with a punch of shiny metal. Several tile companies offer tile in silver, bronze and other metallic finishes. And while covering an entire wall in gold tile might not be the way to go, integrating just a few metallic tiles can have a captivating effect.

— Roca Tile

Pictured here is Roca’s Rockart collection which offers a plethora of metallic styles, perfect as an accent or full installed on an accent wall.

Please join us in welcoming Roca Tile to RNDD! You can view their entire collection online at www.rocatileusa.com or visit them in River North at 215 W Illinois, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

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