RNDD Welcomes Encore Gallery

RNDD Showrooms are the Ultimate Destination for Design

The River North Design District (RNDD) is comprised of the best showrooms in the area that carry everything from lighting, plumbing, rugs, kitchens to furnishings- everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind haven. 

One additional element you need for your one-of-a-kind home? Tiles and Wall Panels. Which is why we are excited to welcome Encore Gallery to our organization, helping to expand the product offerings of the RNDD so you can find everything you need.

European Tiles & Panels. World-Class Design.

Encore Gallery is a showroom and exclusive distributor of modern European porcelain tiles by Tubadzin as well as commercially adopted decorative gypsum wall panels by 3Decorative Solutions.

Their state of the art 6,000 sq. ft. showroom, located in Berkeley, IL, showcases their product offerings in life size designer vignettes.

Meet The Tubądzin Group

The Tubądzin Group is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of ceramic tiles, a leader of innovation. Since its formation, it has been consistently developing its product offering, skillfully adapting it to the needs of various customer groups. Each product of the company meets the most stringent European standards.

The Tubądzin brand is a proposal for those who seek out unique solutions. It is a real interior designer, creating space which genuinely stands out. The brand has five product lines: Tubądzin, Colour – large format tiles with deep colours, Pastele – created for investment project applications, meeting many additional standards, Majolika – inspired by the Mediterranean ceramics and a proprietary sub-brand called Tubądzin – Maciej Zień creation, prepared by this famous fashion designer.

Why Wall Panels?

3D Wall Panels are an exciting range of decorative, textured wall panels with patterns carved into their surface. A feature wall in 3D Wall Panels creates a huge impact, lending an architectural feel to the room at relatively little cost.

3D Decorative Large Scale Wall Panels can be used without a special surface directly on the wall, wood, stone, plaster, coat or all painted or unpainted surface. All edges and joints interlock for quick, accurate alignment and superior joint stability. Borrowing from the idea of drywall, the seams are blended with a fortified filler, allowing the creation of a seamless, sculpted surface or 3-dimensional wall of nearly any size.

Encore Gallery’s range of 3D Wall Panels Are Monolithic and Seamless Compositions Which Brings Beauty And Elegance To Any Interior

Our Range of 3D Wall Panels Are Monolithic and Seamless Compositions Which Brings Beauty And Elegance To Any Interior

– Encore Gallery

Now you can create a feature wall in your home or business using these 3D gypsum wall panels from Encore Gallery.

Welcome to RNDD, Encore Gallery!

Visit their showroom to check out the latest range of ceramic tiles, 3D panels, showers, bathtubs, tiles options, flooring samples, fittings, and fixtures, or check them out online at encoregallery.us. Finding something that matches your taste and fits within your budget has never been simpler!

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The Power of Art in Design

Art can truly make or break the design of a space.

When it comes to designing a room in the home, selecting the art is often one of the most personal choices you make whether you are working with an interior designer or doing it on your own. In a perfect world, you choose a piece of art for your space that you connect with and it just so happens to also perfectly fit the color scheme and design style of the room. But we know that’s not always the way it works. A good combination of meaningful pieces and pieces selected to compliment the design is what you should strive for.

We turned to some of our RNDD Members – Chicago’s top interior designers and local River North Chicago design showrooms – for some tips on selecting artwork for your home and how that art can enhance the interior design of a room.

Invest in Artwork

Sarah Montgomery of Sarah Montgomery Design is a big believer in investing in artwork if the client is open to it. It doesn’t have to be anything terribly expensive for fancy, just collecting pieces that truly resonate with you. As a designer, she is always willing to find a way to incorporate a piece you love into her designs. In this client’s living room, Sarah had a ton of wall space and an awkward window to work around. She chose to make a wallpapered focal point for a large framed print so it felt more layered and dynamic. Sarah then added to the clients collection of vintage Fornasetti plates for a plate display which creates texture and plays off the black and white of the wallpaper. Two original prints from the client’s travels add color and interest in the spot below the window. This is a great example of balancing different types of art in a space.

Photos by Gene Yoon

In this design project, Sarah was faced with the challenge of sourcing art that combined both of her client’s taste. The husband and wife for this project had differing tastes in art. The husband preferred more traditional, formal art while the wife likes to support outsider artists. Sarah came across this piece at an antique store, by Gerald Nees, an Indiana man who was paralyzed and painted with his mouth. This is a more traditional scenic painting by an outsider artist AND it happens to be of the Chicago river! It was a win-win for both parties.

Get more tips for filling your blank walls with art from Sarah Montgomery here.

Photo by Margaret Rajic

Use Art in Unexpected Places

Materials Marketing is now offering an amazing series from Adex of hand painted Salvador Dali tiles. The hand painted tiles clearly show the style, flavor and brilliant colors that Salvador brought to his artwork. With each tile serving as a piece of artwork, you could use these in unexpected places in your kitchen or bathroom. Learn more here.

Create Original Artwork that Tells Your Story

Artist Maureen Claffy paints love stories of joy and celebration. This painting titled “In the Flow”, is a mother’s love story for her family. Maureen prides herself on her collectors feeling safe enough to tell her their stories. She then spins, with fluid acrylic or watercolor on canvas or paper or birchwood board, a narrative that is personal and private to their heart.

For this piece, Maureen visited the client monthly, making sketches and listened to the client’s stories. Maureen also visited with the interior designer on the project regularly so they could collaborate closely on the size, color and placement of the piece. Together, the artist, designer and client took her work to a new place of sensitivity in color and technique. A painting that represents a story made stronger through listening. See more of Maureen’s work here.

Go Beyond the Walls: Furniture As Art

Hästens has teamed up with world renowned master designer Ferris Rafauli to launch an exclusive collaboration – Grand Vividus, which represents a new level of comfort, craftsmanship and luxury, drawing on expertise gained since 1852. Rafauli, known in the design world for his innovative projects and luxury home creation for elite clients around the world, took inspiration from Hästens’ heritage and long history as bed and saddle-makers to create the Grand Vividus. The result is a continental bed combining a timeless and classic design with Rafauli’s unique style.

The Grand Vividus exudes luxury, quality and design without compromise to become a work of art for the bedroom. Entirely built by hand by Hästens´ most esteemed craftsmen, in the manufacturing facility in Köping, Sweden. Chicago Luxury Beds is the original Midwest retailer of Hästens offering 15+ years of expertise in the brand. Learn more here.

Find Pieces that Speak to You

Art speaks to you. When you see something that whispers to your heart and touches your senses. When it brings you joy, a sense of nostalgia, or a sense of calm and wonder. Neuroaesthetics is powerful, real, and personal. In this elegant yet modern living room, Staci Munic of Staci Munic Interiors found a way to incorporate her client’s favorite piece from Steven Rudin with photographs of Tina Turner and make them feel like they belong together. And the images seem to actually pop off the stark white walls infusing a tangible energy into the room. As long as the pieces you select speak to you, you can find a way to make them work together and actually enhance the space. See more of Staci’s work here.

Photo by Lance Gerber

With Large Walls, Scale is Everything

When it comes to selecting the right piece of art for a room, size does matter. Whether it is a one-of-a-kind painting, unique installation, bold canvas art, or fine art photography, choosing wall art for large open spaces can be daunting. These pieces will often become an eye catching focal point, so they should be impactful. Scale is crucial when filling a large wall. The art should be just as grand! Purchasing such a large piece can be an investment and should be something you know you will love for years to come. Choosing the right style and color is extremely important in areas that are open to multiple lines of sight. It needs to work from all angles. Don’t be afraid to make a statement when you have a large canvas to work with. Centaur Interiors, with the help of Samuel Lynne Galleries, used just one piece of art in the room shown below. But because they got the scale right for the space, the art becomes the focal point of the room and truly takes the interior design to another level. See more spaces from Centaur Interiors here.

Mirrors As Art

Mirrors can be a great alternative to traditional artwork. And they are functional. They can make a space look and feel larger, and they reflect light. If you are thinking of adding a mirror to your space, try using one that has a more interesting shape. It will bring a new feel to your space.

The Vlad Hexagonal Mirror, from the Alexa Hampton Collection by Theodore Alexander, is like a 3-dimensional abstract piece of art. And like abstract art, this piece does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of visual reality, but rather uses geometric forms and lines to emphasize and reflect the view in a kaleidoscope of special effects, toying with shape and light to distort and dissect the view around us.  The Vlad Mirror can be hung horizontally or vertically and is available in a number of unique finish options. Learn more here.

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Timeless Tile Designs that Aren’t Subway Tile

Everyone loves Subway Tile. And listen, we get it. We like it too. It’s classic, versatile and works well with any style of kitchen design. But if you are looking to break out of the norm and do something unique, our River North Design District (RNDD) Members have some alternatives to subway tile for your next home remodel. And don’t worry, these alternate tile designs are just as versatile and timeless as the old classic.

Classic with a Modern Twist

A foyer floor was brought back to the original James Means archived design plans for the entryway. The “stand out” element of the foyer is the custom pattern of the antiqued black and white marble tile from Renaissance Tile & Bath, resulting in a 3-D effect. This classic black and white tile combination is one that can stand the test of time.

Visit the Renaissance Tile & Bath showroom at 555 N. Franklin St. or online here. Their design professionals are ready to expertly guide you through our showroom environment, discovering materials, and design options that capture the essence of your vision.

Design: Renaissance Tile & Bath
Builder: Ladisic Fine Homes


Photo by Galina Photography

Marble is Forever

Made in the USA, the Calacatta Lincoln from Calia Stone Boutique never goes out of style. A clean white stone with soft grey veining, this marble keeps the vibe classic and timeless. The Calacatta Lincoln is featured here in this new build home in Lincoln Park. See more of the marble available through Calia Stone here.

Interior Designer: Elizabeth Krueger Design
Builder: Barrett Homes Chicago
Calia Stone Stylist: Meghan Sargent


Vintage Never Goes Out of Style

When it came to this bathroom design, the biggest challenge for Staci Munic Interiors was how to make the bathroom feel expansive. Staci selected a large format, vintage inspired porcelain tile, and installed it across the entire wall in the shower and behind the toilet. The light cove was designed with Kiersten Hoiland Studios and washes the entire wall in a soft glow. The grey cement inspired porcelain tile on the shower control wall compliments the patterned wall tile and the terrazzo floor becoming the bridge for the three surfaces. See more here.

Bath 1

Photo by Lance Gerber

Bath 2

Photo by Lance Gerber

Putting You Best Face(ted) Forward

In the kitchen of the Centaur Interiors (CI) Showroom, CI used a beautiful geometric-shaped faceted Calcutta marble from Artistic Tile as opposed to the traditional subway tile. The under-cabinet routed lighting highlights the structure and beauty of the tile, and by pairing the tile with an electric plug mold meant that no cuts are made to the backsplash. As clients and prospective clients enter the showroom, it is imperative for the Kitchen/Meeting space to possess a timeless appearance that many can appreciate, and this elegant backsplash achieved just that. See more here.


European Elegance

Leaving behind a traditional home in the suburbs of Chicago, this couple wanted a home that was a reflection of their modern and edgy style, so they turned to the best: Donna Mondi Interior Design. The master bath is a standout with custom floor tiles from Renaissance Tile & Bath, in River North, composed of four different Nero Marquina stone marble in neutral colors punctuated with polished brass inlays. The look is reminiscent of the splendor of an old European palazzo and adds to the elegant look of this master bath. The marble floor pattern blends well against all custom black cabinetry from O’Brien Harris and balances the modern freestanding bathtub. The Brutalist style gold chandelier, in addition to the aged brass vanity sconces, creates a dramatic look that is timeless. See more of this beautiful bathroom here.

Shot_9_09 copy

Photos by Werner Straube

Geometric Tile that Packs a Punch

The design team at Milieu created a custom metal hood for this kitchen with copper accents that carries throughout the space. They worked with the client’s existing subzero refrigerator creating custom panels to give it a fully integrated look. But the real stand-out design detail is the geometric Sarri Blanco tile from Artistic Tile, which they used as the backsplash, taking it all the way up to the ceiling in some areas. This antique-patterned tile is composed of triangles and circles in a soft, neutral color palette making it the perfect compliment to a modern or traditional kitchen style. See more here.


Photo by Tony Soluri


Photo by Tony Soluri

A Modern Take on an Old Classic

This family kitchen, designed by Dresner Design, is located in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. The project was a gut renovation and resulted in this beautiful all-white kitchen that mixes modern and traditional elements. When it came to the tile, Dresner Design took a new twist on the classic subway tile with these elongated, white, hexagon Pratt & Larson tiles from Artistic Tile. By taking the tile all the way up to the top of the wall, it provides an interesting backdrop for the open shelving and custom hood. See more here.


Photo by Jim Tschetter

Show-Stopping Tile Used Sparingly 

In this master bath renovation, Yamini Designs was asked to create a serene sanctuary for a client whose style was traditional and who was looking for an updated bath that also echoed her love for organic motifs.

The client was especially inspired by a distinctive, leaf-patterned, glazed ceramic tile that she had long coveted. Since the client had a tight budget, Yamini used this higher end tile sparingly as a focal point, creating a design that maximizes its eye-catching effect while minimizing its overall use to reduce cost and avoid lengthy installation times. With smart choices and a focus on detail, this tile was used to design a classic bath that evoked a fresh, verdant oasis with all the amenities of a modern bath. The patterned tile and marble countertops are from Tithof Tile & Marble, and the cream floor tile and shower wall tile was from Studio41. See more here.

Princeton Lane -Tile Pic

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RNDD Welcomes Studio 6F to Our River North Chicago Design Community

Start with a Blank Slate

When it comes to starting a design project, starting with a blank slate or an empty space is often ideal. It gives clients and designers a fresh start to work from with no preconceptions or expectations which is why our newest River North Design District (RNDD) Member, Studio 6F chose their firm name based on the hex code color converter for white: #ffffff.

When you work with Studio 6F, you get a white space for artistic solutions, giving people aesthetic experiences that they can live with every day. And we are so excited to have them a part of the RNDD community.

“We offer solutions – not without ideas, mind you – just without opinions so heavy that they might cloud the creative solution.”



A Luxury Creative Design Company in Chicago

Studio 6F is a luxury creative design company focusing on high end residential and boutique hospitality interior design.

Studio 6F’s domestic and international projects have been recognized for an unapologetic approach to integrating eras and styles into an eclectic yet harmonious point of view. A commitment to disciplined business practices, alongside an abundantly creative and individualized approach has quickly given Studio 6F an elite position within the interior design community.


Why Choose Studio 6F For Your Next Chicago Interior Design Project?

  • Unrivaled access to inspiring, relevant and unique collections from around the globe.
  • Creative artwork solutions for any space, aesthetic, and budget.
  • Network of trusted resources.
  • Cross-pollinated art aficionados, entrepreneurs, creatives and business experiences.


BESPOKE Furniture

Operating out of its award-winning design gallery and showroom in Chicago, the firm represents Founder and Principal Gil Melott’s eponymous furniture brand Gil Melott BESPOKE.

This mature and contemplative collection rose out of a necessity to find classically shaped forms with a modern twist – in a scale appropriate for use within many of Melott’s city homes. Using materials and ideas familiar to his youth — refined bronze and metal fabrication, solid traditional woodworking and joinery, and fabrics that have a distinct heritage.  The elements are elevated and translated into sophisticated and urbanely rustic pieces of bespoke furniture.

Additionally, they showcase highly sought-after vintage furniture, American contemporary makers and artists representing a variety of mediums such as Steven Haulenbeek, Matthew McCormick, Vincent Pocsik, Ovuud, AKMD, New Format, Modern Industry Design, Laylo Studio, Colt Seager, Michelle Peterson, Michael Dowling and David T. Kim.


Please help us in welcoming Studio 6F to the RNDD Design Community! To learn more about their firm and their work visit their website here.

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10 Beautiful Bathroom Designs that Will Make You Never Want to Leave the Tub

We all know that the number one rule when it comes to designing a bathroom is that it needs to be functional. But it doesn’t have to be all about function. Creating a beautiful bathroom design with a calming aesthetic that helps you jumpstart your morning or unwind from the day is just as important.

We’ve compiled some of the most beautiful bathroom designs from our RNDD Members to spark some ideas when it comes to creating your own spa-like oasis at home. From a small, city bathroom to spacious master bathrooms, these are some of the best designed bathrooms for every design style and need.

If you are ready to start your own bathroom remodel, our RNDD Designers are taking virtual consultations now. Find a list of Chicago interior designers here.

Historic Master Bathroom Renovation

This Master Bathroom Renovation was done by Sarah Montgomery Design in a historic Lakeview, Chicago condo. Sarah chose classic finishes and added in some architectural detailing to make this brand new bathroom align with the character of the rest of the home. A barely-there pink on the walls, mix of metal finishes and colorful, eclectic accessories complete the space. See more here.

Sarah Montgomery Design Chicago Master Bath Renovation 7

Photography by Margaret Rajic

Sarah Montgomery Design Chicago Master Bath Renovation 3

Photography by Margaret Rajic

A Spa-Inspired Bathroom Design

When her clients requested a “fresh, new spa-inspired master bath” for their dated 20 year old home, Yamini Designs rose to the challenge. Her clients had a wonderful sense of style and a dire need for function, but also had a very limited budget and time frame to get the project completed. Despite the narrow footprint of the overall space and with the elimination of a partition wall within the space, Yamini was able to give them all the amenities of a larger bath. And with the selection of high end materials mixed with affordable ones, this master bath retreat gave them function and an updated style all within their tight budget. This master bath was awarded 1st Place in Bath Design in the ASID Design Excellence Awards. See more here.


A Bathroom With a View

This master bathroom designed by Scott Dresner of Dresner Design is located in a penthouse in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood. In order to maximize views, Scott designed the layout of the bathroom so the shower faces the glass curtain wall. The shower, made of glass on two sides, allows for unobstructed views. Even though this penthouse soars above the other buildings in the area, Scott used a frosted glass film over the shower door from chest height down to create a sense of privacy without blocking the view. This bathroom is small for a penthouse of this scale so storage was a challenge given an entire wall is glass. Scott created a variety of storage solutions including oversized drawers in the floating vanity and built-in medicine cabinets. See more here.


Photograpy by Jim Tschetter


Photography by Jim Tschetter

Creating a Sense of Zen in the Bathroom

When it came to this contemporary bathroom design by the design duo at Milieu, they set out to create a bright and peaceful oasis for their clients. They used Trove wallcovering from Holly Hunt in the water closet, floating his/hers Kohler vanities and wave tile from Porcelanosa to achieve the ultimate zen feel. See more here.

Master Bath

Photography by Brett Bulthus

Master Bath2

Photography by Brett Bulthus

Black and White and Chic All Over

This sleek and sophisticated master bath remodel was done by James Demarco of FCK Studios in collaboration with Emily Roberts of Studio41. The focal point of the bathroom design is the Victoria & Albert Vetralla tub with a matte black painted exterior, and a Newport Brass Kirsi tub filler in matte black. The shower features the Brizo Jason Wu collection, and a Kohler shower drain with Ann Sacks tile. The stark contrast of the matte black against the white backdrop create a bold yet calm atmosphere, making this master bathroom design the perfect place to relax after a long day. See more products from Studio41 here.


Modern Sophistication in the Bathroom

Designing for a single mom with a passion for haute couture and an appreciation for quality materials provided the perfect foundation for a design by Donna Mondi Interior Design (DMID) focused on drama alongside classical elements. With a shared love of black and white, the client quickly embraced the graphic marble floor pattern. White Thassos marble pairs perfectly with Nero Marquina on the floor and is repeated on the countertop in a hones finish. The biggest challenge presented by this space was the blank wall behind the freestanding bathtub. It needed something unique and special to distract from the lack of a window. DMID sourced a decorative art panel with an image of a woman floating in water; the resin finish of the panel being the perfect solution for water-resistance. See more here.


Dustin Halleck Photography

Bringing an Island Feel to the Master Bathroom

This Mia Rao Design island inspired bathroom, is the perfect in-home get away during our current global situation. The client wanted to bring a little part of their Belize vacation home with them. From the feel of pebbles under your feet, to the deep aquatic blue-green shower tile, every detail creates an image of a far-away place. Rich carved custom mahogany doors and screens, as well as the gorgeous teak vanity complete picture. Simple, but luxurious.  The perfect place to start or end your day. See more here.


Photography by Tyler Mallory

Function and Elegance in the Bathroom

CI was commissioned to design, renovate, and furnish the interior and exterior of this Millennium Park residence. The CI team generated a custom tailored program to create a seamless process for the owner, where they could determine their level of project involvement. Although this is a historic landmarked building, the master bath was transformed into a modern oasis with functionality and elegance. The freestanding tub and filler strategically positioned beneath the unique element of the arched shape window, allows stunning city views. In order to draw attention to the details of the space, this master bathroom design was highlighted with Fantini fixtures to complete the sleek design. See more here.

6N penthouse_005

6N penthouse_006

Beautiful Bathrooms from the Ultimate Design Duo

dSPACE Studio and PROjECT. interiors teamed up to create these two beautiful master baths! First, a zen space, flooded with natural light, captures panoramic water views beyond—creating a full home-spa experience. See more here.


In this showstopper bath, metallic Midas gold is glowing under natural light from the skylight above. See more here.


A Mid-Century Modern Bathroom with a Touch of Edge

Mid century modern meets rock and roll with a nod to the old west in this Palm Springs ranch restoration designed by Staci Munic Interiors.  This master bath received a complete renovation, as the client wished to have every surface new.  A custom walnut vanity and mirror, black bath tub with black stone accent wall, along with the satin brass hardware and plumbing fixtures create a harmonious pallet of materials that are simultaneously edgy, while being soothing and luxurious. See more here.

Master Bath 1

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RNDD Welcomes Kahler Slater

The River North Design District (RNDD) is proud to welcome our newest designer member, Kahler Slater, to our River North design community.

We enrich life and achieve powerful results through the places we design.

Kahler Slater is a forward-thinking firm with a rich legacy spanning more than 100 years. By building upon philosophies of research, performance, and client-driven design, they create solutions that offer tangible, beautiful results. In addition to being an award-winning international architecture, interior design, environmental branding, and strategic advisory services firm, Kahler Slater’s architecture and design are rooted in enriching life.

Kahler Slater Logo Ink


Performance-Based Design

Kahler Slater believes that design is a catalyst for change. Capital investments, no matter the size, should produce dramatic improvements in our clients’ performance. To ensure they take full advantage of this opportunity, Kahler Slater’s marketplace experts lead a collaborative Performance-Based Design process that starts with the end in mind. They set performance metrics up front and then design for change. Once completed, results are measured to ensure each client’s vision is realized.


A Unique Approach

Kahler Slater is made up of marketplace experts who bring knowledge grounded in research leading a collaborative Performance-Based Design process. This process is adaptable to specific client needs and is organized into five key steps: Discover; Dream; Define; Design; Deliver.


Kahler Slater Welcomes Kelli Zaremba


We are excited to see a familiar face join the Chicago team at Kahler Slater, RNDD Vice President, Kelli Zaremba joined the firm this year as the Business Development Leader. Kelli, along with Design Principal Trina Sandschafer, are thrilled to be part of the team that will carry Kahler Slater’s legacy to Chicago and beyond.

Please help us in welcoming Kahler Slater to the RNDD Community! To learn more about their firm and their work visit their website here.

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Shelter in Place this Summer in Style with Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces

It is finally starting to feel like Summer in Chicago, yet many of us still find ourselves at home. While Summer events might be cancelled, that doesn’t mean Summer itself is cancelled. Take advantage of this time to get your patio, backyard or balcony “decked” out for the warmer months.

If your outdoor living space could use a re-vamp, our RNDD Designer Partners are still working and taking consultations both in person and virtually. Contact one of them today to get started planning the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of.

In the meantime, our designers are sharing some of their favorite outdoor living spaces they’ve designed to get you inspired.

Seamlessly Blending Outdoor Living with Nature 

Designed by Lynn Boutross, ASID of Blutter Shiff Design Associates, the goal for the design of this beautiful outdoor deck was to enhance the expansive views while also blending the space with the scenery. The intimate arrangement of the chairs and coffee table echo the clean lines of the wood ceiling structure, as well as the simplicity of the railing. The soft, natural texture of the porcelain tile was selected to blend with the organic materials of the furnishings and architectural elements. See more of this desert home here.


Photographer: Jon Mancuso

Creating a Feeling of Wonderment from the Outside In

Interior designers set the mood their client seek and wish to invoke.  When the stars align, designers get to be involved from the very beginning of the programming process, and work from the outside in.  Here is a sneak peak into Staci Munic of Staci Munic Interiors personal space in Palm Springs, CA.  The small outdoor footprint of the condo tucked behind a hedge called for a perfect spot to welcome Staci and her guests home.  Meandering on the concrete pavers to the entry, or to the petite patio nestled in the corner, surrounded by mountains and lush palms, creates a welcoming, warm experience.  The design stirs curiosity in visitors encouraging a feeling of wonderment to discover what may be hidden behind the doors they are about to enter.  It also creates a sense of peace as you walk through the front gate. See more of Staci’s work here.

Front 3Front 2

The Ultimate Urban Sanctuary

This “Soulful Dwelling,” designed by Mia Rao Design (with architecture by Blender Architecture), is the perfect outdoor urban sanctuary— especially during this time of “sheltering at home.”  The exterior of this Lincoln Park home features multiple outdoor getaway spaces: dining, lounging, rooftop deck with fire pit, third floor hot tub and a separate space for sun bathing.  A different venue for every day and every mood! Carefully planned planting including trees and large pots add to the “back-to-nature” vibe. See more of this soulful dwelling here.


Mildred House; Chicago, IL; Mia Rao Design; Darris Lee Harris Job#1436

Photographer:  Darris Harris

Live an Open-Air Lifestyle

It’s time to live outside like you mean it! This yard, designed by dSPACE Studio, promotes a gracious and open-air lifestyle perfect for entertainment and relaxation. Each of the four zones is connected by several steps which create fluid transitions. Plantings, louvered sunshades and a pergola filter sunlight and offer privacy in a dense city neighborhood. Learn more about this urban oasis here.


Photographer: Tony Soluri

Outdoor Living You Can Utilize Year Round

CI (Centaur Interiors) was commissioned to design, renovate, and furnish a recently purchased residence. The owner was a busy working professional so their team created a custom tailored program to create a seamless process for the owner and they could control their level of project involvement. Working within a historic landmarked building also posed logistical challenges to work within the confines on both the interior & exterior.

The focal point for this project was to create a unique outdoor oasis the owner could enjoy at many times of the year. This allowed the CI team to utilize their core skills to design, build, and furnish an exterior terrace. A custom outdoor kitchen was created incorporating concealed appliances for entertaining including a five foot integrated Galley work station sink. The design features a floating steel trellis which integrates lighting, heating, water misters, and a motorized retractable awning.  Multiple flooring materials of wood, tile, and turf seamlessly integrate and also incorporate lighting features. All of these aspects including exterior grade TV’s & speakers are controlled with smart home technology which feature many user scenes for personal use & for larger scale entertaining. See more here.

6N penthouse_009

Photographer: Tony Soluri

6N penthouse_010

Photographer: Tony Soluri

Create the Summer Patio of your Dreams with Calia!

Calia Stone Boutique‘s vast variety of stones can be used for all sorts of outdoor features, such as fireplaces, outdoor bars, and planters.

With it’s soft earth tones and dense material makeup, Limestone is considered one of the more popular stones for exterior installations.  It is sturdy, low-maintenance and can withstand abrasion over extended periods. Featured, is an image of ‘St. Clair’ Limestone. See more here.

St. Clair Limestone

Granite, however, is at the top of the list for best countertops outdoors.  It can withstand wear and tear, as well as deal with hot, cold, and wet conditions. Granite has an extensive color palette, ranging from pink to dark gray. ‘Negressco’ granite with a either a polished or leathered finish is a top choice for outdoor granite. See more here.

Negresco Granite outdoor

Lastly, Soapstones are always an ideal option for outdoor.  They are non-porous and hence able to withstand any staining or harboring of bacteria.  Easy to clean and highly heat-resistant make Soapstone a very durable option! See more here.

outdoor black soapstone

Sander Outdoor Dining Collection – Summer Gathering!

There is nothing like summers in Chicago! This year we might not have outdoor concerts or street festivals, but we still have our backyards. Now more than ever, our backyards will be our means to soak up the summer, socialize and show our hospitality. What better way to achieve this than with the perfect outdoor dining set? As we begin to consider hosting family and friends, this dining set offers lots of options with a variety of metal frame finishes and an option of either glossy glass or velvet matt anti-scratch glass top, as well as your choice of rectangular or elliptical configurations. Starting at $3,595. ARMAZEM.design can help you create a backyard oasis with their selection of outdoor kitchens, furniture and lighting. Click here to learn more.



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How to Support River North Design Showrooms During this Time

The River North Design District (RNDD) is made up of some of the best showrooms in Chicago which boast interior design offerings accessible to both designers & consumers. Unfortunately many of our beloved showrooms were damaged and vandalized recently. Our hearts go out to them as they begin the process of not only re-opening, but rebuilding. 

The best way that we — as consumers, designers, and design partners — can help our showrooms during this time is to shop local. We encourage all of you to support our design community and when looking for new furniture, textiles, fixtures, and more to shop with our local River North showrooms first. You can find the complete list of our showroom partners here.

In the meantime, here’s just a few of the new products you can find in our showrooms this season.

Interior Steel Doors & Steel Dividing Glass Walls from Glenview Haus

Glenview Haus (520 W Erie) now offers an extensive collection of interior steel doors and steel dividing glass walls.

With narrow stile and rail profiles, these styles are geared towards all architectural home styles and customers who are interested in adding a modern twist to their residence. This line of interior steel doors would accompany any modern, industrial, transitional, or traditional single family homes in Chicago and across Illinois. Customers looking to add a timeless addition to their home will be pleased with their collection of narrow stiles and rails and thin frames. Learn more here.

New Mosaics at Renaissance Tile & Bath

Capture the essence of grandeur with these exquisite new additions to Renaissance Tile & Bath‘s exclusive Studio 400 (Manor) collection inspired by the great halls of European Manor homes. Unlike other water jet mosaics, Studio 400 (Manor) designs are created using old world hand-finishing techniques enhancing the charm and characteristics of timeless raw materials like TerraCotta, Marbles, Limestone, Onyx, Ceramics, Metals and Antiqued Mirror Glass. Ideal for any interior, and customizable to your specifications. Available at Renaissance Tile & Bath. See more here or contact the Renaissance Tile & Bath Chicago showroom at ( 312) 467-9590 555 or in person at 555 N Franklin.


Get Inspired by The Tavel Collection from Theodore Alexander

Inspired by the “Golden Age” of French Decorative Art, the Tavel Collection from Theodore Alexander (371 W Ontario) portrays the late 18th century as seen from the perspective of King Gustav of Sweden and the craftsmen of the Provinces. Highly individualized design treatments, informal woods and casual finishes depict a tranquil elegance, eliciting an unassuming mood that blends to perfection. Designed for decorating today’s homes, the Tavel Collection’s palette of gray, soft blue, chalky white paint, along with the Avesta wood finish will harmonize in the home. View the collection here.


Your Outdoor Getaway from Room & Board

As we’re spending more time at home, the simple joys of being on our balconies or in our backyards are being rediscovered. It’s the perfect time to turn that outdoor space into a relaxing extension of your home. Room & Board (55 E Ohio) has pulled together some of their favorite was to create a dreamy outdoor escape, big or small. See more here.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 3.56.37 PM

Wake Up in a Cool Embrace with a Refreshing Top Mattress from Chicago Luxury Beds

Top mattresses are developed with the ambition to elevate your sleep comfort to a completely new dimension, thanks to the softness of the surface. It is the softness you feel closest to your body. Chicago Luxury Beds‘ (440 N Wells) are so sumptuous due to the natural padding materials of the highest quality. Natural materials of cotton, wool, and horsetail hair help you stay cool and comfortable by wicking away moisture and regulating your body temperature while you sleep. Upgrade your mattress with a luxury topper to keep you cool all summer long. View their collection here.

Hästen’s BV, BJ, and BJX Luxury Mattress Toppers
The quilting of a Hastens topper is unique in that they do not use the industries straight seams as they sew which causes sharp angles and corners that fillings cannot reach. Instead, they sew in a special diamond pattern with soft waves so that the padding reaches everywhere uniformly and follows your body’s movements creating the highest quality mattress topper. Filled with thick, soft cotton and wool, and springy horsetail hair. Traditional and iconic colors available.

Capture hastens toppers

Vispring’s Heaven, Heaven Luxury, and Heaven Luxury Supreme Toppers
Handmade to order with the same skill and care as our mattresses, these toppers are hand filled with the softest natural fibers and finished with the most comfortable materials. Filled with British fleece wool and soft needled British wool, cotton, and South American horsetail hair, then edged in contrasting ticking.

vispring toppers

OMI’s Wooly Toppers
These certified organic wool pillow toppers add additional plush comfort to the surface of your mattress. Sculpted toppers also provide pressure point relief and increased airflow for cool sleep, while maintaining even support. Our most sumptuous certified organic wool topper materials are sourced from New Zealand, where family and commercial farmers adhere to strict standards in order to assure the certified purity of their fibers. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 4.12.33 PM

For a complete list of our River North Design District Showrooms in Chicago, visit our website here.

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How to Take Your Bedroom Design to the Next Level for a Good Nights Sleep

Good Sleep Starts with Good Design

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is to our physical and mental health. However, it’s not always easy to get as much sleep as we’d like. Work, stress, and life can get in the way.

One way to ensure you are setting yourself up for better sleep habits is by creating an environment that is designed to help you rest and relax as soon as you enter the room. When designing your bedroom, every element from the paint colors to the lighting to the curtains can affect how well you sleep.

So how do you go about creating a blissful bedroom design? We enlisted our resident sleep experts from Chicago Luxury Beds to share with us their best sleep tips for getting a good nights sleep.

Chgo Luxury_by Tony Soluri 01 (1)

Photo by Tony Soluri

Chicago Luxury Bed’s Sleep Tips

Darkness | Light reduces melatonin production prohibiting sustained sleep
Consider the natural light and interior lighting of your bedroom and even your personal electronics usage. Even a feebly lit bedroom lamp can suppress melatonin by 50 percent which affects how easily you might fall asleep. Trigger your natural melatonin production by dimming lights early in the evening and maintaining complete darkness throughout the night with blackout curtains. Use software that gradually de-saturates blue light on your electronics.

Silence | Noise disturbances can interrupt restorative sleep
As the bedroom is designed, consider the placement of the bed in regards to street level noise, neighbors and your cohabitants. Is there a preferred wall to sleep near that will limit noises heard from the refrigerator or the neighbor’s television? Noises may disturb your sleep without you fully waking up to acknowledge them.

Temperature | 65-70 degrees keeps you cool while being cozy under the covers
Start with the right temperature setting for the evening and sleeping hours, between 65 – 70 degrees. Experiment with temperature and linen weights to find the optimal combination for a good night’s rest. Then, set your thermostat on a schedule that matches your life.⁠

Preparation | Take time every night for a bedtime ritual
A sleep routine for yourself and children is not so much what you do, but how you do it. Slow your energy and disconnect from technology at least 15 – 30 minutes before bed. This could mean relaxing with a shower, playing calm music, or reading a book. A sleep ritual should signal to your body that it is time to relax and prepare for sleep. ⁠This is not the time to consume alcohol which has superficial sedative effects but actually prevents your brain from receiving restorative sleep.

The Right Bed | Proper support and natural materials promote sleep
The right bed for your body type and sleep type will keep your spine aligned preventing the aches that disrupt your life. A bed with natural materials is breathable and keeps you cool while limiting allergens. You can view Chicago Luxury Beds’ selection here.

The Right Pillow | The support of your head is as important as your body
The right pillow compliments your bed and sleep style by continuing the alignment of your spine. Prevent neck kinks in the morning and the unsettled tossing and turning over night with a natural position head to toe. View Chicago Luxury Beds’ selection of pillows here.

Bedroom Design Inspiration

We also asked our RNDD Members to share with us their design tips for turning your bedroom design into your own beautiful and cozy getaway. These dreamy spaces are sure to leave you feeling inspired for creating your own sleep haven at home.

Layered Lighting

This master bedroom, designed by Donna Mondi Interior Design (DMID), has it all … including a cozy chaise to lounge in before bed. While natural light helps brighten the room during the day – when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, you can’t go wrong with automated drapery and shades that block out light and provide the best sleep. Layered lighting ensures additional options when you need it and a warm blanket on the chaise adds an extra layer of warmth to keep the temperature of the room just right.

Shot_6_46 copy

Cozy Textures Create an Inviting Space

This guest bedroom, also designed by Donna Mondi Interior Design (DMID), is so inviting with the combination of neutral colors and different textures. When you look at the plush pillows, a soft throw, along with a fluffy ostrich lamp, and a gorgeous view of the city, don’t you just want to curl up for a good night’s sleep and never get out of bed! They also carved out a cozy nook in this guest room to curl up with a good book or magazine, relax before bed, or enjoy an outside view. It’s important to take time at the end of the day to wind down and calm our minds when getting ready to sleep. Turning off phones and electronics is an important part of ensuring a sound sleep ~ and this nook helps you do just that.

Bamboo Bedding to Keep You Cool & Comfortable

Pom Pom At Home offers bamboo sheets and duvet sets, available through Casa Bella.  Bamboo is incredibly soft, naturally hypoallergenic, more breathable and more durable than traditional sheets. It’s also eco-friendly and sustainable, grown without harmful chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides.  With bamboo bed sheets, you’ll always stay cool and comfortable no matter what season it is. www.pompomathome.com

image (2)

Multi-Level Lighting

Multi-level lighting is a key element to a relaxing space. Black-out drapery and dimmable sconces in this luxe bedroom designed by Milieu, provide a dark, serine atmosphere that encourages great sleep. Get more inspiration from Milieu here.


Flexible and Functional

Experience a luxurious environment within the comfort of your own home. eggersmann offers total flexibility to design spaces the way you desire. They make your room functional for your lifestyle. Create an accent wall with additional storage, USB plug ins, and soft lighting. Rest and refresh, your way.

eggersmann - bed1

Distinguish Your Zones

This master bedroom, designed by dSPACE Studio, has a sleeping zone and sitting area separated by a double-sided fireplace. Comprised of onyx porcelain slab, black steel and oak planks, the custom fireplace floats in the center of the master bedroom. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer views of the wooded property. Read more about the project here.


A Minimalist Aesthetic

The sense of simplicity has been carried into the master suite of this project, also designed by dSPACE. Breathtaking city views are framed by vaults and curves. A pair of slipcovered low-slung armless chairs in white completes the scene and balances the minimalist aesthetic. Read more about the project here.


Rest Easy With New Bedding

We could all use a little extra comfort right now. The latest bedding from Room & Board features unique patterns, new colors and soft textures so that you can rest easy and comfortably. Shop their new bedding here.


When it Comes to Bedroom Furniture, Get the Scale Right

When you consider the fact that you spend a third of your time sleeping, you begin to realize how crucial it is to create a comfortable, calming & peaceful place for a good night’s sleep. When decorating this special place Theodore Alexander has a few additional things to consider.

Include furniture that is appropriately scaled to the size of the room. This includes the right sized bed, nightstands with storage, and a dresser to help maintain a clutter free environment. It’s also important to include a comfy, stylish chair to use as a convenient catch-all. Keep in mind you should be able to move easily throughout the room, leaving at least three feet of space between bed, walls and dresser.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.00.37 AM

Photo by Stephen Karlisch

Lighting, Color & Textures

Lighting is key. A decorative ceiling with a soft light helps to add atmosphere to the room. Make sure your bedside lamps are the right height on each side of the bed for reading. Don’t forget, it’s always good to have USB Ports on top or built into your nightstands to charge your phone, tablet or other personal electronics.

Stock up on comfortable quality bedding, including extra pillows and throws to use when needed. You can never have too many soft, comfy, fuzzy throws. When choosing a wall color, make sure to choose a color in soothing, monochromatic tones which are calming and serene.

This welcoming space was designed in partnership with Theodore Alexander by Denise McGaha, featuring the Plum Bed from Alexa Hampton, the Collins Nightstands from Michael Berman and the Noland Dresser from our TA Studio Collection.

Photos by Stephen Karlisch



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RNDD Welcomes Jessica Lagrange Interiors

The River North Design District (RNDD) is proud to welcome our newest designer member, Jessica Lagrange Interiors to our River North design community.

Jessica Lagrange Interiors employs a principled way of design that leverages an interior design team masterfully uniting interior design + architecture.

FUll Page Logo

A Principled Way of Designing

Jessica Lagrange Interiors (JLI) has been synonymous with luxury interior design and architecture since its inception in 1998. Today, the firm is recognized for its portfolio of projects that embrace a wide range of periods and styles, but always reflect the wants, needs and lifestyles of its diverse clientele.

Founder and principal Jessica Lagrange is known for her vibrant and personable manner, perceptive insights and collaborative approach to design—qualities that account for the outstanding caliber and cohesive nature of the JLI team.


The JLI Design Process

To create great spaces that are beautiful and functional, the JLI team of luxury interior designers must wear many hats during the design process. Like journalists, they question and discover relevant aspects of their clients’ lives. Like psychologists, they analyze, synthesize and advise. Like accountants, they deal with budgets and maximize resources. Like artists, they put a palette of materials to imaginative use. And as design professionals, the JLI team creates architectural plans; develops timelines; handles logistics; executes installations and solves aftershocks.

The JLI team is talented, patient, creative and astute. They know how to divide and conquer to achieve great results. It’s this commitment to superior outcomes that allows the Chicago-based interior design firm to function at a high level not just in Chicago, but also from coast-to-coast and abroad.

image001 (1)

Sources of Inspiration

On every project, Jessica Lagrange Interiors aims to do meaningful, creative design work. Along the way to reaching their design goals, they draw inspiration from many sources—clients’ lifestyles, the creations of a master furniture craftsman, a stunning sculpture from an up-and-coming artist. Interior design requires an intimate knowledge of many different disciplines and resources, to which their eyes are always open. In the aptly named JLI Inspiration blog, they share the products, trends, artisans, muses and merchants they encounter. Take a look and get inspired here.

image001 (2)

We are so excited to have Jessica Lagrange a part of the RNDD Community! To learn more about their firm and their work visit their website here.


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