All Together: En Masse Brings a Collaborative Approach to Design

In the dynamic world of design, spaces become a canvas for creativity and a mirror reflecting the essence of the individuals who shape them. Meet En Masse, an architecture and design collective here in Chicago and a sponsor of the 2023 RNDD Fall Gallery Walk.

En Masse means “all together” and embodies their philosophy of collaboration being the key to creation. At its heart is Mike Shively, a founding partner who established Mike Shively Architecture in 2015, and Lucas Goldbach, partner and the firm’s veteran design director. From there, the duo developed a visionary approach to architecture that places creative emphasis on team collaboration.

“To build a firm is like crafting a house, but instead of materials, we work with people,” says Shively. “We take the time to understand their strengths and talents, positioning them in the right parts of the project to unlock their full potential.”

A Collaborative Design Approach

En Masse’s design approach treats clients as true collaborators, taking the time to understand their unique needs and treating them as friends. The diverse perspectives of the creatives behind En Masse blend harmoniously to develop ideas that transform each space into something extraordinary.

Emphasizing the power of teamwork, En Masse assembles dedicated teams of designers and craftspeople to tackle projects of any size and scope, a true testament to the collaborative culture they have fostered.

View En Masse’s Work at the 8th Annual RNDD Fall Gallery Walk

We’re thrilled to announce that En Masse will participate in this year’s RNDD Fall Gallery Walk on September 8 from 5 to 8 pm. They will unveil a vignette featuring artwork by Italian glass artist Massimo Micheluzzi and floral artist Anita Vermeeren at Mobili Möbel, located at 300 W. Superior St.

Take advantage of this opportunity to witness the beauty of creativity and collaboration! For more information about the 2023 Gallery Walk, visit

To explore more about En Masse and their exceptional projects, visit their website:

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