What’s Next in Furniture and Accessories

It’s true that timeless design never goes out of style, and while many of our RNDD members stick to the classics, they still like to sprinkle in various furniture, art and accessory trends to liven up a space and give it a fresh feel.

To help guide you in the right direction, we have curated a collection of the top, upcoming trends in furniture, art and design accessories you need to know about in 2023.

“Deconstructed” Art

Kenny Nguyen is an emerging artist whose work is quickly gaining attention for its unique blend of sculpture, design, and textile art. Born in Vietnam based North Carolina, Nguyen creates what he calls “deconstructed paintings,” large, bold works that are comprised of hundreds of silk strips, which he cuts, paints, and meticulously applies onto canvas. The pieces may be hung in different iterations: sculpturally on the wall with undulations or flat, stretched like a painting on bars or behind glass.

Nguyen’s work has been featured in exhibitions at prestigious art galleries worldwide, including Gallery Skart in South Korea, Listastofan in Iceland and now ALMA Art and Interiors in Chicago.

Kenny’s artwork is sure to be the next big thing because he is pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms, creating pieces that blur the line between sculpture and functional objects. In addition to being innovative, his artwork is functional, with many pieces serving a practical purpose in addition to being visually stunning. As collectors and interior designers search for unique pieces to add to their collections, Kenny Nguyen’s work is sure to be in high demand.

Learn more about his work and ALMA here.

Sleek Sectionals with Couture Details

Poliform’s newest sofa sectional collection Brera, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, exudes elegance through horizontal, clean and contemporary design. Linear or curved elements are available, each adaptable to your space, whether it be for everyday living or more formal settings. A new comfort level is introduced through Brera, with cushions built to include relaxation-enhancing technology. Sartorial quality is emphasized by couture details in leather and a new selection of fabrics.

Schedule your appointment to sit in the new Brera, located at Poliform’s River North showroom, 445 N Franklin St., or shop online here.

Digital Art

Apollo is the innovative digital art solution that fuses design and technology to enable the display of an endless curation of the world’s most inspiring artwork. The Apollo Digital Art Platform was born in the CI Design + Build Studio and has since grown to serve a growing global audience of luxury properties, residential developers, and businesses.

Learn more about Apollo here.

A Sliding System, But Make it Chic

A dividing solution of strong scenographic value, the Maxi sliding system from Rimadesio is characterized by an aluminum grid that emphasizes the glass surfaces, giving maximum strength and stability to the structure. The irregular grid pattern enhances the quality of the glass and its veiled transparency. The wide design flexibility allows to create customized compositions, ideal for domestic, professional, hospitality and retail contexts.

To learn more, schedule an appointment to visit the new Rimadesio Showroom at 225 W Illinois St in the River North Design District. 312-888-2173.

Refined Italian Excellence “En Plein Air”

Molteni&C’s newest addition is it’s Outdoor Collection which brings the best of Italian craftsmanship to outdoor spaces, creating a seamless dialogue between architecture and nature.

The Palinfrasca designed by Vincent Van Duysen, as part of the Landmark Collection, presents a modular system in solid teak, characterized by curved, soft, angular lines that give an intense feeling of comfort.

Schedule your appointment to view the Palinfrasca in the Molteni&C River North Showroom at 311 W Superior St. 312-600-9542.

Naturals and Warm Neutrals

Amy Kartheiser Design is always ahead of the curve when it comes to interior design. There’s a few design trends she is beginning to see more and more of in 2023.

Create dimension with stone. We’re continuing to see a lot more natural materials in use – but now more than ever, we’re seeing some unexpected sources and uses. For example: concrete. Concrete is such a cool way to add texture and dimension to a space. We’re also seeing the demand for stonework on fireplace mantels rise, adding an unparalleled level of sophistication.

Amy Kartheiser

Across the board in furniture and decor, warm tones are on the rise. Mustard, burnt orange, greens, pinks, and even reds are so popular right now. This can be used anywhere in the home, but I’m loving it in accessories like pillows, lamps, or an art piece.

Amy Kartheiser

See more of Amy’s work here.

Vintage is New Again

If you ask Michael Morganti, owner of the furniture store Beige, the future of furniture is vintage. Although we’ve seen a huge rise in popularity for vintage pieces over the last decade, Michael thinks a lot of people are still a bit hesitant when it comes to adding vintage pieces to their home. The term“vintage” can bring up thoughts of a dusty old chair in grandma’s attic. But take these Thayer Coggin chairs by Milo Baughman for instance.  In their original teal vinyl, still cool, but maybe a bit dated. Now reupholstered in this fantastic epingle stripe velvet by Maharam, they are as fresh and new as they day they made their debut in the 60’s.

The EPA estimated that in 2018 Americans were dumping 12 million tons of furniture waste into landfills…up from 2 million tons In 1960. The truth is we are depleting our natural resources at an alarming rate, and creating mass amounts of waste with “disposable” furniture.  So next time you redecorate, or want to add a little bit of newness to your space, consider investing in a vintage piece. You can’t beat the quality, you’ll add a bit of character and history to your space, all while doing something for the planet. Win win win!

Visit Beige at 3021 N Lincoln Ave in Chicago, or start browsing online here.

Create a Sensory Experience

The Private Wellness Experience from Gessi is enriched with new home fragrances and vases creating a unique sensory event.  The new home decor collection creates an evocative power with the beautiful woven metal texture that coordinates with the Gessi collections.  The skillful workmanship of the woven metal on the cylindrical vases and the uniqueness of the new fragrance heightens the physical and sensory well-being of the home’s most intimate space. 

Start shopping now.

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