5 Keys for Turning Your Bedroom into Your Personal Sanctuary & Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Your bed is more than just a place for sleeping, it’s your sanctuary. It’s where you begin and end each day. Not to mention it’s where you spend about a third of your life sleeping.

We enlisted the help of Chicago interior design firm, Vincere and Chicago Luxury Beds to help give you some tips on how to get a good night’s sleep and inspiration on how to turn your bed into the ultimate oasis.


Chicago Luxury Beds prides themselves not only on providing the best sleep products in the world, but also in attempting to improve the lives of their clients. Buying the correct mattress that will support your particular size and shape is the most important step in the process of improving your sleep. Finding a mattress that conforms to you and meets your sleep needs is our specialty. However, they believe that is only part of the equation to great sleep.

5 Keys to a Good Night’s Sleep

  1. Darkness: Melatonin is produced by the body to help regulate the sleep cycle. It is the body’s natural sleeping pill and is triggered by darkness. The darker the room, the more readily the body produces melatonin. Too much light can confuse the brain and inhibit the production of this natural sleep enhancer.
  2. Quiet: Noises of any kind make the brain process what your ears are picking up. Complete silence keeps the brain from having to be active in processing sounds. The less your brain works, the more time it can spend recovering from a stressful day.
  3. Temperature: In making sure we are comfortable nestling under the covers it is important to think about your body temperature. Your bedroom should be kept between 65-70 degrees. Getting too hot during the night interrupts your sleep. Chicago Luxury Beds focuses on beds and bedding made of natural materials that breath and properly regulate temperature.
  4. Preparation: Practicing a sleep routine will aid in sleep success. Taking the time to assess what you are doing before bed can help you fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer. To get your body ready for sleep, dim the lights, avoid bright and blue colored screens, and consider your diet, exercise, and alcohol consumption.
  5. The Right Bed and Accessories: Your mattress, linens, and pillows can all drastically affect your sleep. Make sure you choose wisely. You want your bed to be a place that you love to be – it needs to feel like your personal sanctuary.  Spending the time to design your dream bed is worth it in the long run.
    This is where Vincere comes in.

Designing the Perfect Bed

When it comes to the design of your bed, there’s many options. Wood frame, canopy, upholstered, or even built-in, just to name a few. Vincere shares 4 of their favorite beds below to help inspire you to create your own oasis.

In this sophisticated high-rise condo, softness and serenity were the watchwords. A fully upholstered bed, enveloped by luxurious raw silk walls, creates the perfect sanctuary from the city below.


Against a beautifully paneled backdrop, this highly detailed, Vincere-designed headboard creates a dialogue with its envelope. The warmth of the walnut really pops against the soft sage on the walls.


The surround of this guest room bed in a Gold Coast co-op is both functional and beautiful. It’s a space-saving design that cocoons the lucky visitor. It enjoys the added benefit of significant extra storage.


Creating a room within a room, but unfettered by curtains, this bed evokes the feeling of both coziness and openness. This is a nod to tradition but fully modern.


About Vincere:
Founded in 2007, Vincere, Ltd. is a full-service interior design firm, focused on and passionate about all aspects of the design process. Committed to providing its clients’ highly personalized homes that are elegant, beautiful and livable, Vincere focuses on principles of precision, proportion, scale, and form. This influential Chicago-based interior design firm has completed projects throughout the Midwest, California, and Europe. www.vincereltd.com

About Chicago Luxury Beds:
With bespoke collections from Hästens and VISPRING as well as luxurious selections from The Pillow Bar, Sferra, and their proprietary line, Chicago Luxury Beds offers the best beds and sleep solutions available – anywhere. The company’s promise of providing “life-changing sleep” is supported by their expertise, superior product pedigree, commitment to education and dedication to tailoring customized sleep solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. Visit them online www.chicagoluxurybeds.com or in River North at 440 N Wells.

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