Tips From RNDD on Selecting and Displaying Art For Your Home

Perfectly displayed artwork is often the final touch when designing a room. And it can be a very personal touch as well. From scale, color and medium, there are unlimited art options. So how do you not only select the best pieces for your space but also display them in a way that they provide maximum impact? 

We turned to our River North Design District showrooms and designers who weigh in below with their tips and recommendations to turn your blank walls into something inspired.

Make a Visual Impact with Canvas Prints

If you’re new to buying and framing art, Artist Frame Service recommends large paintings on canvas are a great way to ease into the world of custom framing that still makes a visual impact. They also make great statement pieces over a sofa or dining area. When it comes to selecting new art, especially when it’s an investment, it should leave an impression on you and be something that stays on your mind. The best way to ensure you love what you frame is to frame what you love!

Learn more about framing and art options from Artist Frame Service here.

Interior Design by Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors

A Not-so-typical Approach to Art in your Home

There are many ways to find your personal art style and art medium.  But in modern design, art does not just have to be a painting, sculpture, or photograph.  It can be as simple as a mirror on the wall reflecting the world around you. After designing an entire space to become your home, mirrors are a simple tool that allow you take advantage of all wonderful design choices you have made. Mirrors pull out the colors you like in the space, perfectly adding more of the same tone. 

“Christine Mirror” designed by Dante O. Benini for FIAM ITALIA is momentous in its design, with an undulating perimeter that settles into a flat mirrored pool.

Modern mirror designs are not simply a flat piece of reflection on the wall.  Mirrors can come in an assortment of sizes, shapes, and functions to best fit the space and your needs.  The consultants at Altalia Furniture can help you find the perfect complement to an already designed space.  For instance, that awkward wall area above the sideboard can have an arrangement of 3 or 4 mirrors of various shapes and size to create a unique arrangement.  Or it can have an oddly angular mirror to balance out the straight edges everywhere in the space. A strategically placed mirror can become an extension of your windows, bringing the outside view in, and creating a sense of more light and more space.  If you love your view, why not take advantage of it? Companies like Fiam Italia, Porada, or Cattelan Italia show off the various choices available. Your home represents who you are, so why not use your own room to become the artwork you are looking for? 

Contact the Altalia Furniture showroom now to help find the perfect mirror to reflect who you are.

“Rittrato Mirror” designed by Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli for FIAM ITALIA puts a spin on the gilded frame where you can become the masterwork.
“Hawaii” mirror grouping designed by Studio Kronos for CATTELAN ITALIA proves that simple design can still be artful. Grouping simple shapes can result in a space with great character.

Consider Digital Art

The way you select and display art has evolved.  The typical “How to Pick Art Guide” that mentions knowing your style, considering the room space and size, arranging lighting by the art, making a statement, or creating a focal point all still exist; however, now; Apollo is changing the way you view and buy art. Apollo is an intuitive app from the same people behind Centaur Interiors and Samuel Lynne Galleries, that allows you to display world-renowned fine art in any desired space. With Apollo, it’s easy to integrate art into your everyday life and elevate any room using your phone, computer, or tablet. Apollo allows you to create art playlists, enjoy exclusive artist-made video content, and purchase digital and physical art with the touch of a button. The bespoke Apollo Premier displays allow you to house and showcase your digital art library with cutting-edge technology, elevating any home or business.

Apollo is disrupting the way to buy art. You do not have to invest in one piece of art that you may not love forever or may not fit in your space or home. Apollo ignites your senses and creates experiences that you control. When you art better, you live better.

Learn more about Apollo here.

Compile a Gallery Wall Filled with Personal Artifacts

When it comes to art, the best thing you can do is choose art that means something to you. For this project, Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors worked with their client’s pieces that were collected over many years of travel. They kept them in storage, not knowing how to display them. The personal connection to these items made them the perfect pieces to display.

First, Sarah and her team had to determine where these items would live. The client wanted them to serve as a focal point in their main living space. To create the gallery wall, they first mapped out the max area and laid the art out on the floor to create balance within the placement, colors, and motifs. Sometimes you have to move the pieces around several times until you get the layout just right. 

For this project, Sarah wanted to ensure they worked with a good framer to get a cohesive look that tied the art together. They met with Alex at Artists Frame Service to design these all gold frames that varied in style. One of Sarah’s favorite tips when it comes to displaying art is to consider museum glass to help protect your art, and prevent glare. Art will look so much better behind this glass.

The final step? Have a professional hang and install your art to make sure it’s secure. This is especially important with more valuable pieces.

See more from Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors here.

Experiment with Different Combinations

It’s always helpful to have a color palette in mind when selecting art. But Casa Bella lives by the rule that there is no need to be “matchy matchy.” Select pieces in a complimentary color to your space or experiment with different color frames. And the same rules apply to the scale and mediums of artwork. Try mixing various shapes and sizes of artwork. Combine various media: photography, prints and fabrics.

Be fearless!  Hang what you love!

See all the lines Casa Bella represents here.

Leave it to the Professionals

If you have all your artwork but aren’t sure where to start hanging, there are options to hire someone to do the hard part for you. Framebridge offers custom gallery wall design services for any
space, style, or artwork—starting at $99.

Simply fill out a quick questionnaire about your project and style preferences, and upload images of your photos and art. They will match you with a designer who will create a custom, true-to-scale gallery wall layout complete with your images and frame selections.

After you order your frames, Framebridge will send you everything you need: beautifully custom framed pieces, a digital hanging plan with exact measurements, and installation instructions. All you need is a hammer!

Get started here.

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