The Color Comeback with Nora Schneider Interior Design and Farrow & Ball

Nora Schneider Interior Design (NSID) is a residential design firm based in Chicago. Through collaborations that combine the spirit of each client with the essence of their spaces, NSID creates uniquely distinct experiences.

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Design by Nora Schneider Interior Design
Photo by Jill Buckner

Nora works efficiently to produce exquisite design solutions. NSID specializes in the juxtaposition of ancient and modern influences, which result in a layered approach that ultimately reflects the lives and loves of those who inhabit each space.

A major component in each of Nora’s designs is color. It has always played an important role in her work.

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Design by Nora Schneider Interior Design
Photo by Jill Buckner

“I’m delighted to see color making a comeback. One of my favorite quotes is from Carlos Mota, an interior designer and creative thinker who said, ‘Beige is not a color.’ I can relate to that and suspect we could all use a little more color in our lives.” – Nora Schneider

We asked Nora to select 3 colors from fellow RNDD Member Farrow & Ball’s repertoire that she is currently inspired by.

Her first choice was Calamine (No. 230): Delicate pink with a touch of grey.

“Calamine is indeed named after the lotion we all used as children to soothe nettle stings and rashes! A light touch of grey prevents this subtle pink from being too sugary, giving a much fresher finish. In smaller rooms it becomes intense, but in larger well-lit rooms it feels much more delicate.” – Farrow & Ball

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Photo courtesy of Farrow&Ball company website

One color in particular that Nora enjoys working with is black. She will be working with Farrow & Ball’s Pitch Black (No. 256) for her vignette in Ligne Roset’s showroom for the 4th Annual RNDD Fall Gallery Walk coming up on September 7th, 2018.

“Pitch Black is as pure a black as you can get and is strong and uncomplicated in all lights. Named after the dark sticky residue of coal tar often used in roofing, this true black has an unsurpassable depth and almost velvet quality. As with All White at the other end of our color palette, it is easy to understand and indispensable for ironwork, woodwork or even walls if you are feeling daring!” – Farrow & Ball

“I’m thrilled to see black become an important and accepted color in interiors. Black has always been so strong in fashion. I myself have always been a lover of wearing black, and now more people are open to it in their homes. I love the drama of black and how it enhances other colors. I like to use it as a neutral. When used on walls it can make the artwork sing.” – Nora Schneider

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Design by Nora Schneider Interior Design
Photo by Jill Buckner

Nora is often drawn to rich and saturated, but not bright colors. Farrow & Ball’s Rectory Red (No. 217) perfectly embodies this description.

“This rich clean red is named after the charming village houses built over the years for the clergy. Rectory Red is a blackened and aged version of Blazer and feels much more sophisticated, especially when contrasted with Red Based Neutrals such as Joa’s White. It is a warming color which will intensify when used in a small space to create the most welcoming of rooms.” – Farrow & Ball

Nora’s one piece of advice for homeowners?

“Don’t be afraid of color. Embrace it.” Do it for yourself, not the next owner of your home

About Nora Schneider Interior Design: Design, like life, is a creative and organic process. NSID exists to craft and hone spaces until they reflect the most personal aspects of your life. Striving to make the journey as thrilling as the outcome, we start with something you love and build. We make collaboration the cornerstone, and respect your desire to be involved (or not) as we meticulously manage the specifics. Each interior pulses with its own distinctiveness as diverse and unique as its inhabitants. Simply stated, we want your home to be your favorite place.

About Farrow & Ball: At Farrow & Ball we are dedicated to creating unmatched paint and wallpaper using only the finest quality ingredients and high levels of rich pigments, following in the footsteps of our founders John Farrow and Richard Ball. Still made in Dorset, England, our home since 1946, our distinctive and inspiring paint colors and finishes are renowned for their depth and complexity, bringing walls around the world to life. Today, the unique Farrow & Ball look transforms modern and traditional homes, large and small, inside and out.

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