The 8 Key Elements to Designing a Guest Bedroom

For many of us, the guest bedroom is a room in our house that hasn’t been used much over the past few years. It may have turned into a home office or a home gym or even a playroom. But now that life is returning to more normal times, it’s finally time to revamp your guest room and get it ready for Summer visitors. 

We tapped our RNDD network of designers and showrooms to bring you the 8 key essentials to keep in mind when designing your guest bedroom.


Framebridge believes that the art and photos you choose to display in your home are the pieces that tell the story of you. Guests love to feel surrounded by your energy and memories when they’re visiting. Pictured here is Kevin Russ’s “Wigwam Motel” as a wink to this room being a little motel for guests and Sean Connery as Bond from Goldfinger, one of this homeowner’s favorite movies. Both featured here in Framebridge’s warm Sonoma frame.

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A Bold Ensuite

Every guest bedroom needs a bold ensuite bathroom. This additional space allows you to play with striking colors, texture, and patterns you might not incorporate in the main living areas. Bringing in organic elements such as natural stone for the vanity or shower gives you a base to start building the space. Quartzite is an ideal surface not only for aspects of durability but stunning aesthetics as well. Another designer favorite is a bold Calacatta or Carrara marble, perfect for making a statement on full-height shower walls. Pair this with textured Octavia wallpaper and brushed nickel wall sconces, and you are on the right path to making your guests feel as though they are staying in a luxurious resort.

Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies is here to help designers source material for every project; and they have something for everyone!

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Designer: Jen Marie Interiors

Double Duty Furniture

Make your guest room functional whether or not you have guests by adding smart and stylish furniture to your home – a sofa and end table by day can be easily transformed into a bed and nightstand at night.

Ligne Roset’s Clam is not your traditional sofabed. Dreamt up by young designers Léo Dubreil and Baptiste Pilato, Clam offers the comfort of a bed, the convenience of a sofa, and the contemporary creativity that the French brand is known for. Clam is smoothly converted from sitting to sleeping with its easy-to-maneuver articulated ratchet system. For all-day lounging, leave Clam open as an island for relaxation.

Need another space maximizing decor piece? Philippe Nigro’s Passepartout can function as both an end table and a nightstand. Created with this exact function in mind, Passepartout features a spacious table top and a hidden drawer for all your guests’ essentials. Made with dark walnut wood and a modern metal black frame, Passepartout’s low profile could easily transition from living room to bedroom depending on your hosting needs.

A few simple additions and your guests will feel right at home. Find your guest bedroom needs here or visit Ligne Roset at 440 N. Wells.


Create a cozy space for your guests with accent lighting. This Knick Table Lamp from Noir Furniture and available through Casa Bella provides the perfect amount of style and accent light for your guest room. The humble design combines a simple base with curved arm and a clear glass shade for the perfect ensemble. Place it on a bedside table for a modest, refined look in fashion lighting. Or when your guests have returned home, use can easily transition this lamp into a desk light

View more of the lines available through Casa Bella here.

Ample Amenities

Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors has some simple ways to help your guests feel comfortable while visiting your home. In your guest bedroom, dedicate some space for extra blankets, pillows, sheets, and towels in a closet, cubby, or on a shelf so guests can easily grab what they need. Offer closet space and hangers or empty dresser drawers for your guest’s clothing and personal items. After traveling, it just feels good to unpack and not live out of a suitcase. It’s also nice to have some closet space to stash your guest’s suitcase and a steamer so they can fix any wrinkles after being in baggage.

Provide a fan and heater so guests can control the temperature to their liking. A humidifier in dry seasons or climates is a nice touch. It’s always a good idea to have multiple accessible outlets so guests can charge more than one device. In the bathroom, stock jars or containers with toiletries (cotton rounds, q-tips, travel-size mouthwash, deodorant, toothbrushes, tissues, etc.) If you can, splurge on a luxurious lotion or hand soap to make your guests feel like they are at a spa!

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Photographer: Dustin Halleck

Luxe Surfaces

Cosentino offers many different types of finish options, whether it’s polished or suede, these surfaces can enhance the textures of a soft bedroom. Clad a wall in a honed finish for a luxe feel. Consider a polished nightstand in Dekton to help the dim the lighting bouncing around your boudoir.  

Want to install some Dekton flooring with radiant heating for your Master Suite? Your feet will thank us later and so will the environment as Dekton is officially a carbon neutral product. Do your feet and the planet a favor by covering every surface in your bedroom – except your mattress – in Dekton.

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The key to designing a comfortable guest bedroom is to create one in which you yourself would want to stay. Centaur Interiors suggests you design the space to include a variety of cozy and soft touches and textures such as a lush rug, rich drapery, wallcovering (bonus points for automated drapery to enhance lighting and privacy!), and an upholstered headboard to maximize comfort. And never forget the power of a good mattress and luxurious bedding. Those finishing touches will bring your guests back again and again.

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Perhaps the best way to make your guests feel at home while staying in your guest room is to personalize their experience as much as possible. Realtor Joanne Nemerovski of Joanne Sells Chicago suggests that if you’re opening your door, it’s because you would like to share your home, so make sure it feels like their home away from home…but better. Creature comforts are important – a great bed and luxury linens – but personalizing the space to them is always a welcome surprise. Joanne always like to take a favorite picture of her and her guest together and put it in a frame on the nightstand. It’s a small gesture, but it lets them know how special they are. If you don’t have a photo of them, take one off their Facebook or Instagram. It’s quite simple and inexpensive to have one printed, and it will not go unnoticed. Also, food is the way to people’s hearts if you know their favorites and can stock up. If you don’t know their favorites, fresh fruit is always a winner. Nothing spells ‘welcome’ so perfectly as a bowl overflowing with fresh fruit.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the impact of a small vase of flowers to brighten up the room. While this act may not seem like a lot, it lets your guest know that you were expecting them, that you’re happy they are there and that you love having them.

Learn more about Joanne Sells Chicago here.

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