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RNDD Welcomes Mia Rao Design

We are excited to announce that Mia Rao Design has recently joined our River North Design District (RNDD) family!

Mia Rao Design is a Chicago based interior design firm that is inspired by each client’s story.

Based on that philosophy, they strive to create a personal sanctuary for their clients. Blending their client’s narrative with their design aesthetic brings energy, soul, balance, warmth, and texture to a space.

Their experience enables engagement with professional partners on the client’s behalf. A full-service firm, partnering with architects and contractors from design concept through construction, Mia Rao Design keeps every detail in mind down to art and finishing touches. They provide drawings and project management for renovations.

Mia Rao Design’s overall mission is to guide you through the creative process as seamlessly as possible, to craft a space that is uniquely yours.

The Mia Rao Design team is led by Mia Rao, Principal, with Senior Designer Robyn Swanson close by her side. Mia drives each project’s vision while Robyn rounds out the project details. The team works fluidly through the design process along with their support staff.

Please help us in welcoming Mia Rao Design to the River North Design District!

To learn more about Mia Rao Design and their work, visit their website at:

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