RNDD Welcomes Domain Design: Creating Spaces that Tell Your Story

We all have a unique story, and our surroundings play a vital role in expressing that story. That’s why RNDD is excited to introduce one of its newest members, Domain Design.

Real Estate and Design-Build in One

At its head is Adam Piser, the president and CEO of the company, which focuses on creating spaces that tell its clients stories through the spaces they cultivate.

Domain Design is the newest branch of the Domain companies, focused on all things real estate with a comprehensive suite of services. With complete design-build services, Domain Design works on both residential and commercial projects. The company dedicates time to crafting spaces that showcase its clients’ stories and values.

Modern Yet Timeless Design

What sets Domain Design apart is its clean, modern aesthetic that results in functional, timeless spaces tailored to its client’s specific needs.

Domain Design, as a company, takes pride in bringing passion and enthusiasm to every project to make the story of the space feel both genuine and relevant. They believe they need to know a bit about the client to create a space that tells the client’s authentic story.

Their portfolio includes impressive projects, including a complete renovation of the common spaces in the Aqua Tower, Sabbia Fine Jewelry on historic Michigan Avenue, and several luxury condominiums.

If you want to tell your unique story through your space, visit Domain Design’s website at dxmaindesign.com to learn more. Join RNDD in welcoming Domain Design to our community of design excellence.

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