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RNDD and the Guerrilla Truck Show 2014

On June 5th RNDD showcased our truck at the 10th annual Guerrilla Truck Show.  Huge thanks to our designers Randy Heller and Michael Del Piero for putting together one helleva truck sponsored by The River North Design District.

Listed on the must have list- a piece of driftwood and bowl from The Golden Triangle, Recycled Tire Coffee Table from Montauk Sofa.  Many thanks to Jagoli for their expertise in building our chalkboard walls and stairs.

We sold raffle tickets for graffiti artwork by Phillip Schalekamp he filled in for our artist that couldn’t make it. We sold $360 in tickets!  All proceeds benefitted DIFFA.  Thanks to our GTS team Lisa Bell and Maria Giangrasso for all their hard work to create a fun and productive event!

Thanks to our wonderful photographer- Lisa Bell for capturing the moment of soggy fun! If you didn’t brave the rain- check out our pics!

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