RNDD Gallery Walk Preview – Part 2

Due to great success, the River North Design District (RNDD) Fall Gallery Walk will return on Friday September 8th, 2017.  The RNDD Fall Gallery Walk is open to the public and free with the exception of two special events (more information here).

Each participating showroom will be exhibiting designer vignettes from Chicago’s top designers as they showcase living settings with artwork created by some of the brightest stars in the art world today, curated by Daniel Kinkade Fine Art. Showrooms will have extended hours during the event until 9pm.  The works will be exhibited until October 8th.

We have some really amazing partnerships in the works for this year and wanted to share a sneak peek with you.

Nora Schneider Interior Design featuring Doug Frohman on Exhibit at Chicago Luxury Furniture Centre

371 West Ontario Street.

Artist Doug Frohman will be exhibiting selected works from his “EQUATIONS” series at Christopher Guy at Chicago Luxury Furniture Centre. From 6PM on, stop by their showroom to view vignettes by Nora Schneider Interior Design and watch Doug paint live, demonstrating the unique genealogy of his approach – combining bold color, intuitively layered forms in ambient space which open an experiential dialogue with each viewer.

Utilizing the language of abstraction, Doug Frohman‘s work draws upon an amalgam of minimalism, color-field and aspects of architecture. He tends to work thematically drawing upon a series of concepts while engaging with different materials, surface and themes.  Since 2007, he switched from painting with brushes to using cement trowels of different sizes, experimenting extensively with different mediums and painting on hard wood panels instead of stretched canvas.

Nora Schneider Interior Design (NSID) is a residential design firm based in Chicago. Through collaborations that combine the spirit of each client with the essence of their spaces, NSID creates uniquely distinct experiences. Nora works efficiently to produce exquisite design solutions. NSID specializes in the juxtaposition of ancient and modern influences, which result in a layered approach that ultimately reflects the lives and loves of those who inhabit each space.

170519 Nora Schneider Ad.jpg

Phillip Schalekamp on Exhibit at The Tile Gallery


555 North Franklin Chicago, IL 60654

Be sure to stop by The Tile Gallery during the Gallery Walk as they will have a LIVE ART class from 7-8pm. Artist Phillip Schalekamp will be leading an interactive drawing lesson.

Phillip Schalekamp is a Chicago-based artist and industrial designer. He earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, during which time he founded his present-day business SPDI. Schalekamp weaves aesthetic elements into functional creations to achieve a level of surprise and unexpected beauty. Schalekamp’s unique cultural heritage (Dutch/Indonesian), his outdoor adventures in landscape, his fondness for mechanical devices combined with his training as an artist reveal his broad spectrum of perception and interpretation. His work has a precise yet loose quality and an inherent sense of depth and dimensionality.

PROjECT. interiors featuring Jill King and Sheila Ganch on Exhibit at TOTO


500 North Wells Street Chicago, IL 60654

Visit the TOTO showroom for cocktails and appetizers while viewing vignettes designed by PROjECT. interiors featuring artwork from Jill King and Sheila Ganch and enter to
win an S350e Washlet and a Drake II toilet! Drawing will take place at 7:30pm.

Jill King’s sculptures take the viewer on a journey from the smallest elements of creation, such as a seed under a microscope and into vast galaxies light years away. Her artworks are constructed out of a wide range of materials such as soldered or welded steel, sewn fabrics impregnated with acrylic gel, LED lights and painted pigments. Formed by stretching an opaque fabric over a linear steel construction, her sculptures look like fantastical botanical drawings, flying kites or lit up celestial cloud formations that have come to life in three dimensions.

Sheila Ganch‘s sculptures deal with our relationship with the planet and our mission to connect. Our connections are vital. As a starting point, the sculptures are made of elements from the earth: clay, metal, stone, and pigments. The human form is her subject. Using form, emotion, abstraction, texture, and hue, she strives to show earth and humanity seeking common ground–as one–connections. The final connection in her process is with the viewer. The sculpture is viewed, inducing emotion and introspection; the response being an integral part of the artistic experience.

Each space conceived by PROjECT. interiors resonates with textural detail, organic influence and the art of visual surprise. Collaborating with a wide range of clients spanning residential, retail, hospitality and commercial, PROjECT. has created a new market for its signature style: an organic-glam-mash-up of texture, color and high-contrast concepts. Whether working in raw, rough-hewn materials or high-shimmer glitz, PROjECT. introduces meaningful, tactile design elements to create spaces that are meant to be experienced as well as admired.

Sweet Peas Design featuring Casey Matthews on Exhibit at Chicago Luxury Beds


440 N Wells St #100n Chicago, IL 60654

From 6:308pm during the Gallery Walk, Chicago Luxury Beds will host a panel of experts discussing the topic of art as an everyday part of your life and home. The panel will include: Interior designer Susan Brunstrum of Sweet Peas Design will discuss how to design your home to reflect your existing art and new art as you find it! Kyle Bretland of  Armand Lee, an art installation, restoration, and storage expert will discuss the practical installation and handling of fine art. And, artist Casey Matthews will discuss her art and what inspires her and  has influenced her.

Come listen to the panel and view vignettes designed by Sweet Peas Design featuring Casey Matthews on display.

Casey Matthews creates rich paintings with multi-media surfaces that are both visually intriguing and full of energy. They incorporate expressive color, fluid movement, and strong elements of design. The work combines emotional content, observation, technique, exploration, and reinvention. Casey has developed a series of gestures and marks that make up a unique visual language. It is a vague form of communication in an attempt to achieve balance and beauty. From a distance, her works impose a singular statement of color, composition and tone; viewed closely, they suggest a complex narrative that is multi-hued and textured.

Sweet Peas Design is an award-winning, full-service design studio serving residential clients in the North Shore, Chicago and beyond. They are known for their depth of experience and our LivableLuxe style – a signature look that is relaxed, elegant, comfortable and refined. They call it “the little black dress of interior design” because it works for any occasion. Their goal is always to create uniquely personal interiors that are fresh, engaging and truly yours.

Stay tuned for our next Gallery Walk preview!

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