Linda Ann Weber, Chicago Contemporary Artist

RNDD community members are the most creative people in Chicago, so we are ecstatic to welcome contemporary artist Linda Ann Weber to our community.

Linda is a graphic designer turned artist who creates intuitive and abstract art. She collects and creates imagery and typography and combines them with textiles and colors to create contemporary work inspired by the world around her. Her work has evolved over the years and now prominently features her signature mixed-media collage technique.

You can view Linda’s work in person right here in the River North Design District! Her work is currently on display at Altalia Furniture located at 410 W Grand Ave.

“I never work from photos or a sketch,” Linda said.

Her extensive background in design influences her work. When she was working as a designer in the publishing industry it was an artist friend of hers that initially sparked her interest in testing the waters of abstract acrylic painting.

“That truly sparked my interest in creating thoughtful artwork,” Linda said. Since then she has continued to experiment with different techniques.

Linda calls the creation of her work serendipitous and is often working on multiple pieces at a time. She starts by marking up and drawing on canvas or paper and then slowly adds layers of images, paint, and textures, building up what she calls a “history of layers.”

Themes of current social issues, pop culture, and historical influence have seeped into her work. However, she still says her process is intuitive and playful. She draws inspiration from her surroundings and feelings, and experimentation drives her process. She created her collection “White Impressions” during a snowy Illinois winter.

Since spring is underway, Linda says her work may show more pops of color to reflect inspiration from the changing season. A recent trip to New York and hours spent wandering through famous galleries at the Guggenheim and MOMA has also sparked her creativity.

“I feel like the next natural progression for my work is to add more dimension by incorporating found objects.”

Linda Ann Weber

Linda plans to incorporate this new technique into her newest pieces that she is creating for a spring event in May at Casa Spazio in Winnetka. These pieces are larger than she typically paints, and she will experiment with bolder colors. But part of the intrigue of Linda’s work is never quite knowing how it will evolve next.

To view Linda’s art, visit Altalia Furniture in River North at 410 W Grand Ave. or Casa Spazio located at 886 Green Bay Rd. in Winnetka, IL. Linda also has work currently on display at Sheldon Fine art in Naples, FL and Gallery 52 in Rye, NY.

Visit her website,

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