The River North Design District is a pocket design community outside of the Mart which boasts interior design offerings accessible to both designers & consumers. The showrooms carry everything from lighting, tile, plumbing, rugs, kitchens to furnishings- everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind haven.  The participating showrooms provide a shopping experience both unique – & personalized. Many of the showrooms are pet friendly and all welcome children.  Our membership is open to designers, architects and River North brick and mortars.

The Benefits of Belonging:


The forums and events are invite only and are catered to both end users and designers.  Additional event hosting is available.

Network in your business neighborhood

Everyone else is – RNDD has (at least) monthly networking opportunities. (Do you really want to miss out on this?)

Social Media Reach

RNDD has multiple social media posting opportunities which can boost your company’s standing within search engine findings. From Facebook to Twitter we look forward to sharing your company’s news with our followers – expanding your company’s reach.

RNDD puts you on the map!

From our printed postcard map which is handed out at 98% of our RNDD partnering businesses to the local hotel concierges which also hand them out – we work 24 /7 to get the word out about your company.

Hosting Opportunities

Want to get more of the right industry design types through your door to learn about your product to increase the # of times it is specified – you can host a monthly meeting or one of our events.

Get Listed, Linked & Noticed!

On your company will be listed & that listing includes a link to your website. There are also blog opportunities which again, can lead to increased visibility on search engines. Additionally – when you have events in your showroom, just let us know & get the word out!

You’ll be in the company of other tastemakers!

From Chicago Interior Design of the Year Award Winners to luxury product companies such as Organic Looms to iconic antique studios such as The Golden Triangle, together the social proof is in thinking outside the Mart. Don’t be left behind.


Jill Maremont, jillmaremont(at)


3 Responses to JOIN

  1. Ericka Robinson says:

    From Ethan Allen

  2. How do I become a part of this organization as a designer ?

  3. Hey Jill, awesome site! I need to be a part of this. Please send me application. Thanks.

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