Interior Design Trends We Hope to See More of in 2022

With every new year comes new interior design trends. We asked our River North Design District (RNDD) members to share with us some of their favorite interior design trends that are on the rise for 2022.

Wellness in the Home

Touchless Faucets

Touchless faucets and soap dispensers were reserved for commercial use, until now.  Unprecedented events have changed the way people live around the world. We are now seeing these products once reserved for commercial use only now in more residential settings. Designs are evolving to be attractive enough for homes, yet as sanitary and contact-free as in commercial settings.

View more of these touchless faucets, available through Orizzonti Home, here.

In-Home Spas

Wellness is multifaceted, encompassing the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being of our mind and bodies. The home in which we reside in on a daily basis impacts our family’s health and wellness. Creating spaces that inspire wellness is essential to living a healthy life

Designing an in-home spa means different things to different clients. Some are seeking escape and relaxation; some seek therapy or treatment for aches and injuries. The Centaur Interiors (CI) process of understanding client’s lifestyle is critical in designing their home & spa.

See more CI designed spaces here.

Smart Faucets

With a growing number of new designs and colorways, smart faucets have been a must-have for modern kitchens. And with capabilities like touch-activation, motion sensor, and voice command recognition, the trend will only become more integrated into our homes. These faucets will be a must-have for 2022!

Shop smart faucets from Studio41 here.

Color is Back

Make a Bold Statement with Paint

Expect neutrals to take a back seat in 2022 as homeowners express themselves through bold, saturated, but muted colors that work well together while also being capable of standing alone to make an impression. These colors can transform any space from quiet and forgettable to dramatic and whimsical. When paired with unique furniture and décor, these colors will make a statement while maintaining elegance and timelessness that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Start browsing the bold, Benjamin Moore color selections available through JC Licht here.

Brighten Up Your Surfaces

Sunlit Days is a collection from Cosentino of five colors inspired by the natural landscapes of the Mediterranean. Color is the distinguishing feature that has made Silestone® a distinctive leader in the industry since its inception. Sunlit Days is a journey through light and color, with a fresh style and Mediterranean inspired tones, informed by human values and simple and profound ways of living.

See more of the Sunlit Days collection from Cosentino here.

Luxe Materials

Marble is Here to Stay

When it comes to surfaces, Cosentino says – marble is here to stay! It’s a clean and classic look and all three of their brands — Sensa, Silestone and Dekton — have marble inspired options available. Visit their River North Chicago showroom at 217 W Illinois to view their selection in person.

Or shop marbles from Cosentino online here.

Micro Textures

When it comes to stone and tile, Roca Tile is excited to see more micro textures incorporated into interior design this year. The micro textures found on wall surfaces often act as the main element and the design of stone or cement take a backseat. The intent– to create comfortable and calm spaces by focusing on tactility. Matte finishes that convey a feeling of softness both to the eye and to the touch are trending and this year the delicacy and fineness of textures stand out.

Create those spaces with Roca Tile’s collections like Stone Basel and Limestone.

Mixed Metals

Typically, Yamini Designs does not design around trends. Instead, we will refer to this as a concept: the concept of mixing metals. In this primary bath project in Chicago’s North Shore, Yamini Designs mixed polished nickel and brushed gold to achieve a luxe look in a classic, modern bath. The polished nickel finish in the plumbing fixtures blends seamlessly with the neutral envelope. Meanwhile, the vibrant brushed gold finish adds glamour and contrast to the decorative lighting, cabinet pulls, accent table, and drapery rod, creating drama in an otherwise utilitarian space.

See more from Yamini Designs here.

Dramatic Marbles

One interior design trend that Roca Tile is looking forward to seeing more of in 2022 is spectacular, large, porcelain tiles with polished or unpolished finishes. Designed to dress interior walls and be part of a daring decoration, Roca suggests using furniture and accessories to complement the look. Inspired from rare and precious marbles, the extra-large formats incorporate striking colors and veining of this natural stone for a hyper-realistic effect.

Recreated in different shades of blue like the Marble Nouveau Slabs, or green like Roca’s Topazio Slabs.


A New Twist on the Twenties

Gessi reimagines 1920’s signature style for inspired Venti20 Collection.

Extraordinary design transcends time, evolving over decades as artists spin new iterations of classic elements into fresh looks that retain their ability to evoke emotion and add beauty. Gessi demonstrates this truth with their new Venti20 Collection which captures the aesthetical spirit of the “Roaring Twenties” and reimagines it for the modern world. Elegant lines pair with meticulous detailing and a stunning display of craftsmanship to form the basis for an extraordinary series of bathroom fixtures and furnishings that elevate daily living into a private wellness experience. Venti20 was conceived in collaboration with Spanish designer-artist Lázaro Rosa-Violán, founder of LVR Studio, a multidisciplinary interior design firm in Barcelona with an extensive record of global projects. Lázaro gave new life to a retro vibe while celebrating the signature elements of the 1920’s. The result is a remarkable collection that fully captures the allure and nostalgia of a bygone era and translates into the energy and vigor of modern times.

Notable for its elegant details and simple lines, Venti20 serves as functional works of art for today’s private living spaces. Detailed handles, fluted bodies, reflective cuts – all combine in a singular silhouette that balances an industrial vibe and advanced metalworking with soft curves, inviting textures and a traditional allure. Let the past and present flow together to create balance and drama. Venti20 is the perfect addition to today’s private wellness spaces, bringing beauty and luxury to the physical design space while also enhancing its emotional impact and sense of personal enrichment. 

For details about Venti20 and other exciting Gessi offerings, visit


Custom Made Furniture

Centaur Interiors’ (CI) concept-to-completion service allows them to design interior spaces holistically, keeping furnishings in tune with the architecture—and their clients’ lifestyle. CI considers the aesthetic, scale, function and placement of furniture and accessories from the earliest stages of design. By creating custom-made pieces you are able to create something that is your own style and personality that can last for generations to come.

See more CI designed spaces here.

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