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Interior Design Secrets of an Organized Home

interior design secrets for an organized home

Organization is so much more than color coding and drawer dividers. The most organized homes incorporate organization into their interior design. The two go hand in hand. By designing your home with organization in mind (think ample storage space, hidden storage, built-in display space, etc.), you are setting yourself up to have a clutter free and stress free home.

We asked our Chicago interior designers and design showrooms to share with us some of their top design secrets when it comes to designing an organized home.

Take inventory of your life and your possessions and design around them

One of the most important design secrets of an organized home is to understand your clients’ needs and possessions and to keep that in mind throughout the design process.

At Centaur Interiors (CI), they start by sending clients a detailed questionnaire to get to know their lifestyle. This questionnaire gives the designer a better understanding of what’s needed in terms of open vs closed storage – do they have art or objects they want displayed, a wine collection or “junk” to hide, although it’s most often a balance of both. During this discover phase they also take inventory of the clients belongings; clothing, shoes, hats etc. for closets, dishes – do they host gatherings, do they cook and have a lot of utensils and small appliances, to ensure they create sufficient and smart space.

CI designs and builds based on client possessions which makes it effortless for the homeowner to keep their home organized going forward.

Learn more about their design process here.

An organized home starts with an organized kitchen

Once you’ve taken inventory of everything your client owns, now it’s time to plan how to store them. O’Brien Harris designs custom drawers for the kitchen to fit any item you need. Whether it’s for silver, spices, or even paper towels, they can create a custom storage solution for you. Keeping these items tucked away neatly will keep clutter at bay and keep your life (and home!) more organized.

Perhaps one of the biggest design secrets when it comes to kitchen organization in particular is the pantry. A well-designed, high-functioning pantry can completely change the way you live. Working with an interior designer and custom cabinetry manufacturer, such as O’Brien Harris, can help tailor your pantry storage to fit into your lifestyle – not the other way around.  Good lighting, ample storage, and custom shelves and drawers will make and keep your kitchen organized all year long.

Interior design by Amy Storm & Company | Photography by Stoffer Photography Interiors

See more custom kitchens from O’Brien Harris here.

Turn a cluttered mess into an organized success

Want to know the secret to a tidy home? Stylish storage solutions. Get your home organized this fall with multifunctional storage from Ligne Roset, thoughtfully designed to bring harmony back to your home. 

Ligne Roset’s Dita System, designed by Pagnon & Pelhaître, allows for endless configurations, with a beautiful 360-finish to use the piece on both sides. Part bookcase, part cabinet, part display case, and available in sixteen colors, it’s designed to conceal your clutter and celebrate your treasures at the same time.  

Ligne Roset’s Dita System

Closet space can be the most sough-after – sometimes fought-after – areas of a home. Ligne Roset’s sleek and chic wardrobe, Ethan, is a slim-profile way to add more space for clothing, shoes, and accessories – without any construction needed. Featuring customizable lacquer fabric doors, smoked glass panels, and a variety of color options, Ethan fits nicely in bedrooms, guest rooms, entryways, and anywhere belongings should be beautifully organized and put away. 

Ligne Roset’s Ethan Wardrobe

Find all your organizational needs here or visit Ligne Roset at 440 N. Wells. 

When in doubt, live like the Scandinavians do

The Scandinavian way of design has become famous for their simplicity and clean lines when it comes to design as well as their theory of form follows function. DUXIANA of Sweden agrees with this Scandinavian design philosophy of less is more wholeheartedly.

The Audo Hotel: A unique partnership with Norm Architects and Menu Design celebrating human interaction, connection, and artistic expression. Photo: Kim Petersen

This tried-and-true philosophy invites a healthy dose of minimalism while still creating a cozy, inviting space. When decorating your interior, consider an object’s role. Each piece should contribute to the environment in its own capacity. Use this design perspective to invest in quality pieces or initiate some simple decluttering, if needed.

DUXIANA also suggests that in design, cleanliness isn’t just about keeping a tidy space. Scandinavian design utilizes clean lines to create peaceful interiors that feel elegant, yet personal. Whether it’s pieces of furniture or textiles and textures, prioritize objects that invite order. It’s these small details that foster harmony in a home space.   

Learn more about DUXIANA and the products they offer here.

The Audo Hotel: A unique partnership with Norm Architects and Menu Design celebrating human interaction, connection, and artistic expression. Photo: Kim Petersen

Invest in luxury materials you will want to keep clean

Whether it’s a countertop, open shelving, a coffee table or bathroom vanity, when you invest in beautiful materials like natural stone you are getting something that will last forever but also something that is aesthetically pleasing. We naturally want to take better care of luxury materials like this and make more of an effort to keep these surfaces clean and clutter-free

When it comes to natural stone, a regular question that Terrazzo & Marble Supply Companies (T&M) gets from clients is “what finish should I chose?” T&M has a little “stone secret” for you: If you are a natural stone owner who cannot stand etching or patina your best course of action is to hone your stone. By creating a honed/satin finish, this allows for imperfections to blend into the already matte surface rather than cutting through your polish finish.

Design by: Parini Design

And don’t forget: T&M offers a one-of-a-kind rewards program for their loyal designers. You accumulate point as you shop with T&M. These points can be used towards a material purchase or personal project. Just another perk that allows T&M to thank the design community for their hard work and dedication. Learn more here.

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