How to Take Your Bedroom Design to the Next Level for a Good Nights Sleep

Good Sleep Starts with Good Design

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is to our physical and mental health. However, it’s not always easy to get as much sleep as we’d like. Work, stress, and life can get in the way.

One way to ensure you are setting yourself up for better sleep habits is by creating an environment that is designed to help you rest and relax as soon as you enter the room. When designing your bedroom, every element from the paint colors to the lighting to the curtains can affect how well you sleep.

So how do you go about creating a blissful bedroom design? We enlisted our resident sleep experts from Chicago Luxury Beds to share with us their best sleep tips for getting a good nights sleep.

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Photo by Tony Soluri

Chicago Luxury Bed’s Sleep Tips

Darkness | Light reduces melatonin production prohibiting sustained sleep. Consider the natural light and interior lighting of your bedroom and even your personal electronics usage. Even a feebly lit bedroom lamp can suppress melatonin by 50 percent which affects how easily you might fall asleep. Trigger your natural melatonin production by dimming lights early in the evening and maintaining complete darkness throughout the night with blackout curtains. Use software that gradually de-saturates blue light on your electronics.

Silence | Noise disturbances can interrupt restorative sleep. As the bedroom is designed, consider the placement of the bed in regards to street level noise, neighbors and your cohabitants. Is there a preferred wall to sleep near that will limit noises heard from the refrigerator or the neighbor’s television? Noises may disturb your sleep without you fully waking up to acknowledge them.

Temperature | 65-70 degrees keeps you cool while being cozy under the covers. Start with the right temperature setting for the evening and sleeping hours, between 65 – 70 degrees. Experiment with temperature and linen weights to find the optimal combination for a good night’s rest. Then, set your thermostat on a schedule that matches your life.⁠

Preparation | Take time every night for a bedtime ritual. A sleep routine for yourself and children is not so much what you do, but how you do it. Slow your energy and disconnect from technology at least 15 – 30 minutes before bed. This could mean relaxing with a shower, playing calm music, or reading a book. A sleep ritual should signal to your body that it is time to relax and prepare for sleep. ⁠This is not the time to consume alcohol which has superficial sedative effects but actually prevents your brain from receiving restorative sleep.

The Right Bed | Proper support and natural materials promote sleep. The right bed for your body type and sleep type will keep your spine aligned preventing the aches that disrupt your life. A bed with natural materials is breathable and keeps you cool while limiting allergens. You can view Chicago Luxury Beds’ selection here.

The Right Pillow | The support of your head is as important as your body. The right pillow compliments your bed and sleep style by continuing the alignment of your spine. Prevent neck kinks in the morning and the unsettled tossing and turning over night with a natural position head to toe. View Chicago Luxury Beds’ selection of pillows here.

Bedroom Design Inspiration

We also asked our RNDD Members to share with us their design tips for turning your bedroom design into your own beautiful and cozy getaway. These dreamy spaces are sure to leave you feeling inspired for creating your own sleep haven at home.

Layered Lighting

This master bedroom, designed by Donna Mondi Interior Design (DMID), has it all … including a cozy chaise to lounge in before bed. While natural light helps brighten the room during the day – when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, you can’t go wrong with automated drapery and shades that block out light and provide the best sleep. Layered lighting ensures additional options when you need it and a warm blanket on the chaise adds an extra layer of warmth to keep the temperature of the room just right.

Shot_6_46 copy

Cozy Textures Create an Inviting Space

This guest bedroom, also designed by Donna Mondi Interior Design (DMID), is so inviting with the combination of neutral colors and different textures. When you look at the plush pillows, a soft throw, along with a fluffy ostrich lamp, and a gorgeous view of the city, don’t you just want to curl up for a good night’s sleep and never get out of bed! They also carved out a cozy nook in this guest room to curl up with a good book or magazine, relax before bed, or enjoy an outside view. It’s important to take time at the end of the day to wind down and calm our minds when getting ready to sleep. Turning off phones and electronics is an important part of ensuring a sound sleep ~ and this nook helps you do just that.

Bamboo Bedding to Keep You Cool & Comfortable

Pom Pom At Home offers bamboo sheets and duvet sets, available through Casa Bella.  Bamboo is incredibly soft, naturally hypoallergenic, more breathable and more durable than traditional sheets. It’s also eco-friendly and sustainable, grown without harmful chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides.  With bamboo bed sheets, you’ll always stay cool and comfortable no matter what season it is.

image (2)

Multi-Level Lighting

Multi-level lighting is a key element to a relaxing space. Black-out drapery and dimmable sconces in this luxe bedroom designed by Milieu, provide a dark, serine atmosphere that encourages great sleep. Get more inspiration from Milieu here.


Flexible and Functional

Experience a luxurious environment within the comfort of your own home. eggersmann offers total flexibility to design spaces the way you desire. They make your room functional for your lifestyle. Create an accent wall with additional storage, USB plug ins, and soft lighting. Rest and refresh, your way.

eggersmann - bed1

Distinguish Your Zones

This master bedroom, designed by dSPACE Studio, has a sleeping zone and sitting area separated by a double-sided fireplace. Comprised of onyx porcelain slab, black steel and oak planks, the custom fireplace floats in the center of the master bedroom. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer views of the wooded property. Read more about the project here.


A Minimalist Aesthetic

The sense of simplicity has been carried into the master suite of this project, also designed by dSPACE. Breathtaking city views are framed by vaults and curves. A pair of slipcovered low-slung armless chairs in white completes the scene and balances the minimalist aesthetic. Read more about the project here.


Rest Easy With New Bedding

We could all use a little extra comfort right now. The latest bedding from Room & Board features unique patterns, new colors and soft textures so that you can rest easy and comfortably. Shop their new bedding here.


When it Comes to Bedroom Furniture, Get the Scale Right

When you consider the fact that you spend a third of your time sleeping, you begin to realize how crucial it is to create a comfortable, calming & peaceful place for a good night’s sleep. When decorating this special place Theodore Alexander has a few additional things to consider.

Include furniture that is appropriately scaled to the size of the room. This includes the right sized bed, nightstands with storage, and a dresser to help maintain a clutter free environment. It’s also important to include a comfy, stylish chair to use as a convenient catch-all. Keep in mind you should be able to move easily throughout the room, leaving at least three feet of space between bed, walls and dresser.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 10.00.37 AM
Photo by Stephen Karlisch

Lighting, Color & Textures

Lighting is key. A decorative ceiling with a soft light helps to add atmosphere to the room. Make sure your bedside lamps are the right height on each side of the bed for reading. Don’t forget, it’s always good to have USB Ports on top or built into your nightstands to charge your phone, tablet or other personal electronics.

Stock up on comfortable quality bedding, including extra pillows and throws to use when needed. You can never have too many soft, comfy, fuzzy throws. When choosing a wall color, make sure to choose a color in soothing, monochromatic tones which are calming and serene.

This welcoming space was designed in partnership with Theodore Alexander by Denise McGaha, featuring the Plum Bed from Alexa Hampton, the Collins Nightstands from Michael Berman and the Noland Dresser from our TA Studio Collection.

Photos by Stephen Karlisch

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