Home Organizing Tips from Chicago’s Top Designers and Showrooms

A new season is always a great time to reset and and refresh your home to set your space up for success. Whether it’s packing away the Summer clothes and beach chairs or pulling out the extra blankets and textures for Fall, organization is key to finding a place for everything. And with the little ones now back in school, it might be time to implement some new home designs and strategies to keep clutter at bay. So as we prepare our homes for the cooler temperatures, our Chicago designers and design showrooms have compiled some of their best home organizing tips to get your space ready for the new season ahead.

Living Space Organization:

Shelf Styling

One of Centaur Interiors‘ favorite ways to give your home a seasonal refresh is by changing up the styling on your shelves. Give your home all Fall feels simply by reorganizing your books and or adding your favorite fall scented candle and floral arrangements in autumnal colors. Choose various textiles, rich Autumn hues, and don’t forget to layer up.

For more home styling inspiration, check Centaur Interiors work here.

Utilize Stylish Storage Systems

Don’t just store it, store it with style!  NOIR offers an elevated solution to storage needs:  The Cubist Bookcase is crafted in walnut and finished with a Dark Walnut stain.  Los Angeles based, Noir has established itself as a hand-crafted line of over 1500 products that are consistent, available, and affordable, and it is available through Casa Bella.

Learn more, or contact your Casa Bella rep for purchasing information, here.

Find Sophisticated Storage To Suit Your Needs 

Typically, when we think of organization tools, our minds go to plastic bins and tubs- not the most stylish option. You can boost your organization game with more sophisticated sideboards, bookcases and shelving units that provide both style and function. 

Ligne Roset’s Everywhere collection, designed by Christian Werner, is a sleek way to store everything from dinnerware to board games. This piece was quite literally designed to go everywhere and anywhere in your home. Everywhere comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and finishes to fit your personal aesthetic, like the sideboard pictured here in a rich Brique red lacquer.   

If you want to take your organization to the next level, put it all on display with Ligne Roset’s Canaletto collection. Designed by Mauro Lipparini, Canaletto turns your everyday wares into living art, functioning as both a display case and storage. In fact, it’s named after an 18th century Venetian painter. The collection includes a highly customizable wall unit, media storage, and vitrines in Canaletto walnut, lacquered or glazed glass (pictured). An optional LED strip illuminates automatically when the doors open to ensure your beautifully organized belongings will have perfect lighting. 

See more stylish storage here or visit Ligne Roset at 440 N. Wells St in River North, Chicago.

Everything In Its Place

When it comes to home organization, Staci Munic of Staci Munic Interiors often refers back to her classic French cooking training at Ecole Hotelier in Lausanne Switzerland and strives to apply the Mies en Place philosophy in the entire home: Everything in its Place.  

When everything has a designated spot, it helps keep the home organized, and reduces internal stress. This is not always an easy feat, so a good strategy to implement in your daily life, is to remind yourself throughout the day to “put it back in its place,” or “clean as you go.”  If you buy something new for your home, donate, give away, or sell one thing in return.  When designing your kitchen, bathrooms, and living spaces, plan ahead with your designer, and create a space for your belongings and objects before making purchases.

Get more home design and organization inspiration from Staci Munic Interiors here.   

Entryway Organization System via Inspired Closets

Bedroom Organization:

With fall often comes a busy new schedule and fluctuating temperatures – all things that disrupt the perfect sleep experience and your full daytime potential. Organizing your bedroom can lead to a happier, healthier you who’s ready to face the day and all its challenges. The Luxury Bed Collection has a few organizing tips to help the transition between seasons:

Layer For the Seasons

Prepare your bedroom design with layers just as you would your fall wardrobe.
Mid-weight sheets, combined with a blanket, and a lightweight comforter will offer the most flexibility if you wake overnight. Fold the comforter at the end of your bed, and leave an extra throw nearby for unexpected chills. You’ll save yourself from restless sleep and stumbling through the dark.

Store Seasonal Linens Smartly

Store seasonal linen sets together.
As you gather your summer linens, throw pillows and other décor, group them together in storage. You’ll appreciate it next season when all of the pieces are neatly together. The Luxury Bed Collection suggests at least two sets of linens for each season for less stress while cleaning each week: one can be in the wash while one is on the bed.   

Utilize built-in storage options.
Built in drawers especially are highly functional with a clean aesthetic. Store your second set of seasonal linens here for quick changes.

Prioritize Sleep

This may seem like a far-fetched tip for bedroom organization; however, sleep greatly impacts every part of our lives including our mindset, energy, and disposition. The energy we receive from a full night’s sleep has a direct impact on our success with completing all of our daily tasks and maintaining organization in our homes and life.

Get more bedroom organizing and sleep tips from The Luxury Bed Collection here.

Vispring Classic Collection with Artemis Headboard and Divan with Continental Drawers.

Closet Organization:

Gain Storage Space with Custom Closets

Fall is approaching in Chicago which means it is a good time to be thinking about the fall and winter wardrobe. Shifting to seasonal storage containers and vacuum bags that can be stored out of the way will free up hanging space. It might be time to consider replacing simple closets with closet furniture that can be much more efficient. Sometimes you can gain the equivalent of 50% more storage and better accessibility. Hanging space for belts and scarves. Interlocking shoe storage devices that will double your shoe capacity. Cubbies for purses. Better lighting. Shelf space for sweaters. Drawers for accessories.

Let Orizzonti Home help you plan your closet and maximize storage. Contact them at 312.464.9363 to schedule a consultation, or visit them in person at 329 W Grand Ave. in River North, Chicago.

Kitchen Organization:

Utilize Cabinet Organizers That Do the Work For You

You may dread organizing all the pots, pans, tupperware, spices, and more in your kitchen, but it doesn’t have to be a squeeze. By far the easiest way to keep your kitchen organized is to make your cabinets do the work for you.

Studio41 has everything you need to create a more functional and organized kitchen. Instead of traditional, empty cabinet interiors that force you to stack and slide your dishes, opt for racks that fold out and bring the dishes you need to you. For corner cabinets that make you reach to rummage in the back, consider a lazy susan setup to maximize your useful space. And for all home chefs, a built-in pull-out spice rack is a must.​

Shop more of Studio41’s products online here or visit their River North Chicago showroom at 225 W Hubbard.

Smartly Styled Countertops

The design team at Centaur Interiors loves to change out their home decor with the seasons. An easy way to welcome the new season into your kitchen is to change out your kitchen counter decor to bring in the autumn vibes. Think Fall foliage, pumpkins, and don’t be afraid to display your fall spices, ingredients or dinnerware on open kitchen shelving or countertops. Bonus tip: Turntables keep the kitchen organized in style. Whether on the countertop or tucked inside a cabinet, turntables are a very effective kitchen storage solution.

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