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Gessi has been designing and manufacturing exclusive bathroom and kitchen fittings and furnishings for almost 30 years. Today, the Gessi brand is acknowledged worldwide for its fashionable bathroom designs in all types of living environments, including hotels, spas, yachts and private residences.

The following article is a guest post from Gessi. To learn more about their company, visit

Gessi Publishes Their First ‘Sustainability Report’

Over the past few years, the effects of short-sighted management of natural resources on the climate, on soil pollution, water and sea resources alongside the dramatic effects of the pandemic from a health and socio-economic stance, have underlined the huge interdependence among human life and brought an unpredictable change in our existences and our relationships. Our company has long been committed to providing solutions to these epochal phenomena in order to protect collaborators and consumers, in solidarity and support of the community, the territory and the industry. This has further strengthened our awareness of the enormous responsibility we have towards ‘sustainability’ in relation to our stakeholders, clients, suppliers and the rest of humanity who interact with us and often depend on our actions to fulfill their needs and expectations.

If sustainability means, by definition, the possibility of a condition or of a reality, and among them what becomes relevant is the life on Earth, to perpetuate itself and to be preserved, the emergencies of the last years have consolidated the conviction that, only if everyone will feel called by the commitment to safeguard nature and life, we can leave a better world to future generations.

Today it is becoming more and more evident that the competitive capacity of a company and therefore its permanence in the market, depends on the reputation the company has and is building with its stakeholders. The credibility is, at this point, indispensably bound not with the result of a marketing action, but to a values approach genuinely rooted into the philosophy and the mission of the company, so that it can be traduced , over time, in an ethic history of sustainability, made of incremental continuity.

Since Gessi has always been keen to define itself and to be a transparent company, “without closed doors”, we thought it was important to start from a formal path that brought us to the redaction of our first “Sustainability Report”, a document that communicates in a transparent way to every interlocutor the virtuous initiatives that the company has been carrying on for many years, the results achieved, and that shares the future aims in an optics of comparison and continuous improvement.

Gessi’s Sustainability Report is the result of the work of over a year, that involved all the company campaign, done with the rigor of the strict standards of the GRI model (Global Reporting Initiative), recognized as the official model of reporting at an international level. The fact that the GRI model requires the reporting of the reference values at least of the last three years of every planned index, confirms increasingly that the sustainability can’t be an abstract concept anymore, but a daily action on every level, and that to be sustainable it is necessary to have a multi-annual history of credibility behind.

Gessi have been communicating their values and sustainable approach to business for a long time and in many different ways. Visiting the Gessi Park or one of the Gessi Houses in the world, meeting a representative of the company, through every image and products of the brand speaks about a unexpected attention to people and nature, about sustainability.

At Gessi, we have always expressed our values, thoughts, collections communicating what we are. So why publish a report?

The serious nature of the report as well as the strict characteristics required to compile the information, , created closely with one of the most important consulting firm in the world, makes this instrument the best story possible in our history, philosophy, values, and connection with our roots. These 90 pages of images, words, infographics, take a concise photo of what is known, today, as the world of Gessi: respect for the environment, undoubtedly respect for others; respect for the territory from the very beginning; managerial seriousness to produce and not devour values for the country and for the economy. In other words, Gessi’s Sustainability Report reproduces the highest project of the “Company of Wellness”: the realization of the vision in an industry as nice as efficient, environmentally friendly and with a human face. It stands out the social, environmental, economic dimensions that define the character and the sustainable physiognomy of our company. Body and soul, impossible to separate: “This is us”.

Download the full report here.

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