Gallery Walk






SEPTEMBER 8th, 2017

Due to great success, the River North Design District (RNDD) Fall Gallery Walk will return on Friday September 8th, 2017.  The RNDD Fall Gallery Walk is open to the public and free with the exception of two special events, more information listed below. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Chicago Gallery News, Dering Hall, and Luxe Interiors + Design.  Participating RNDD showrooms will host special hours, and remain open until 9 PM. Design enthusiasts and art connoisseurs alike will enjoy this special evening.  The exhibit will be open until October 8th!

Each participating showroom will be exhibiting designer vignettes from Chicago’s top designers as they showcase living settings with artwork created by some of the brightest stars in the art world today. Showrooms will have extended hours during the event until 9pm.  The works will be exhibited until October 13th.  The event’s host committee includes art enthusiasts and collectors Carrie Lannon, Nina Mariano, Alison Victoria, Janet Owen, Steve Kadlec, Donna Bliss and Lauren Buxbaum. 

All Showrooms are open from 4:00-9:00pm with special programming below.

There will be a free trolley running from 5:45 – 8:45pm to shuttle attendees from Lightology to Moderne Living, Glenview Haus, and Chicago Luxury Furniture Centre, then to Wells and Illinois where the majority of the other showrooms are located.




1.) 5:00pm– VIP Kickoff Party at Lightology: 215 W. Chicago
Avenue with featured artist curated by Kasia Kay Art Projects. Rubem Robierb
creates multi-media artworks that involve photography, silkscreen, painting and
sculpture. Tickets are $25/ea, space is limited.

2.) Mitchell Channon Design featuring Sebastian Domino on Exhibit at
Moderne Living: 230 W. Huron Street, A Taste of La Dolce Vita – Indulge in
the best of Italy: music, drink, and light bites from Coco Pazzo!

3.) Randy Heller Pure & Simple Interior Design featuring Janet Trierweiler on Exhibit at Jesse Chicago/Home Element: 745 N Wells St. Drinks and hor d’oeuvres will be served along with a live DJ!

4.) 6-7pm Matthew Lew paints live with wine along with Exhibition at Glenview
Haus: 520 West Erie Street, Enjoy special wine and cheese pairings.

5.) Nora Schneider Interior Design featuring Doug Frohman who will be exhibiting selected works from his “EQUATIONS” series at Christopher Guy at Chicago Luxury Furniture Centre: 371 West Ontario Street. From 6PM on, Doug will be painting live, demonstrating the unique genealogy of his approach – combining bold color, intuitively layered forms in ambient space which open an experiential dialogue with each viewer

6.) 7-8pm Art Class: The Tile Gallery will have an interactive drawing lesson led by
artist Phillip Schalekamp: 555 North Franklin Street.

7.) PROjECT. interiors featuring Jill King and Sheila Ganch on Exhibit at TOTO:
500 North Wells Street. Join TOTO for cocktails and appetizers and enter to
win an S350e Washlet and a Drake II toilet! Drawing will take place at 7:30pm

8.) 6:308pm Sweet Peas Design featuring Casey Matthews on Exhibit at Chicago Luxury Beds: 440 N Wells Street #100n. Chicago Luxury Beds will host a panel of experts – including designer Susan Brunstrum of Sweet Peas Design, artist Casey Matthews, Nicole Wagner of Nicole Wagner Art and Design, and Kyle Bretland of Armand Leeamong – to discuss ‘How to Curate Art in Your Home.’

9.) Nicholas Moriarty Interiors featuring Magdalena Krzak on exhibit at Ligne Roset: 440 N. Wells Street #100s

10.) Blutter Shiff Design Associates Haiku themed vignettes featuring Pamela Staker on Exhibit at O’Brien Harris: 501 North Wells Street. Small bites will be presented by Erling Wu-Bower, of Pacific Standard Time Restaurant, California-inspired Hearth Cuisine.

11.) Linc Thelen on exhibit at Farrow & Ball: 449 North Wells Street.

12.) Jacque Kent and Angela Stone of STONE | Kent featuring a Mystery Celebrity Artist on Exhibit at Montauk Sofa: 401 N Wells Street #2, featuring live music.

13.) Gray | Walter featuring artist Rory Scott on Exhibit at Organic Looms: 401 North Wells Street. Join OL for an interactive weaving demonstration led by local textile designer and OL team member Sarah Geraci. Learn to weave!

14.) MOOD | Design + Build by Candy Scott featuring Robert Porazinski on Exhibit at Studio41: 225 West Hubbard Street

15.) Michael Del Piero Good Design featuring artist Greg Dickerson on Exhibit at Oscar Isberian: 120 W Kinzie Street. Minneapolis based artist Greg Dickerson will be creating drawings onsite and objects from Michael Del Piero’s travels will be on display as well. Live raffle drawings throughout the evening. Win art, handwoven rugs and dining gift certificates. Light fare will be served & provided by Sayat Nova Armenian Restaurant.  Also featuring live music.

16.) 8-10:00pm Artist Adam Siegel presents his new series Wabi-Sabi in
collaboration with Vosges for the After-Party at The Golden Triangle 330 N. Clark Street. Adam Siegel takes guests through a special artistic journey of the senses with
art, chocolate pairings and live music. Tickets are $25/ea, space is limited.

17.) Anne Abueva on exhibit at The Rug Company: 320 N. Clark Street, featuring a full bar.


The River North Design District is delighted to partner with Daniel Kinkade of Daniel Kinkade Fine Art.  Daniel is curating the exhibition pairing designers with artists and RNDD’s showrooms.  Daniel’s keen visual instincts and extraordinary service has been recognized in both local and national publications and his clients include national brands such as Nordstrom and Starbucks and top designers such as Nate Berkus, Tom Stringer, James Thomas, Frank Ponterio and Simeone-Deary.

“This is my third year curating the RNDD Gallery Walk and I’m honored to be involved with this amazing event.  Art and design go hand-in-hand and it’s helpful for the public to see how these two worlds work together in a physical setting.  This year we have designers and artists working in collaboration which just adds to the excitement”, says Daniel Kinkade.

The exposition is comprised of both emerging and established artists.

“The River North Design District Gallery Walk is one of our most popular events and we’re thrilled to see it grow even bigger and better!  This year we are doing something a little different- we’re featuring bold, brilliant artists paired with some of our favorite Chicago designers, we’re really solidifying our presence not just as design centers, but as partners supporting the rich, vibrant art community of the River North neighborhood,” says Lisa Bell chair of this collaborative event.

This year’s line up begins with a VIP kickoff featuring new works by artist Rubem Robierb curated by Kasia Kay Art Projects at Lightology at 5:00pm.  A trolley will be running from 5:45 to 8:45 from Lightology to Glenview Haus and Christopher Guy at Chicago Luxury Furniture Centre. Pedi cabs will be available from Wells to The Golden Triangle from 5:00- 9pm.  The walk concludes with an after party hosted by The Golden Triangle with Adam Siegel and Vosges Chocolates, open from 4:00-10pm with special program and after party from 8:00-10pm.

The event is free and open to the public however the VIP Kickoff party and After Party are $25 each or both for $40.  Proceeds benefit River North Design District, a not for profit and proceeds will go towards yearly programming.

Rubem Robierb on Exhibit at Lightology for VIP Kickoff Party
215 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60654

Rubem Robierb creates multi-media artworks that involve photography, silkscreen, painting and sculpture.  This recent work explores the fragility of life by contrasting the innocence and beauty of butterflies and flowers with symbols of violence. This contrast serves as a metaphor on fragility of life, and at the same time invites criticism of war and destruction. His work has shown internationally in solo and group gallery exhibitions, as well as at various international art fairs, either with Kasia Kay Art Projects or his other dealers in Europe. Robierb is represented by Kasia Kay Art Projects
VIP Kickoff Party will be held at Lightology.  Tickets are $25/ea, space is limited.

Mitchell Channon Design featuring Sebastian Domino on Exhibit at Moderne Living
230 W. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60654

Working primarily with acrylic, Sebastian Domino emphasizes imaginative organic shapes. Born in Rzeszow, Poland, he studied linguistics at Cracow’s Jagiellonian University. As a part of scholarship, he spent a year in Budapest, Hungary, the most beautiful, decadent city full of artists. He currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.
Sebastian Domino’s paintings are primitive, energetic and violent pictures, the sheer force of his markings and scrapings creating an intense power on the canvas as if he’s exorcising his demons, seeking to express an uncontainable rage, a primordial force through which painting is a mere conduit, a release. These are immediate paintings, there is no room for quiet reflection or meditation rather they grab you and transfix you with their deep earthly colors and primitive motifs, his simple geometric shapes evoking cave wall paintings, sculptures of fertility gods from ancient civilizations, a message from an ancient alien life form that once visited our planet and predicated a future of perpetual war, revolt and discord.

Randy Heller Pure & Simple Interior Design featuring Janet Trierweiler on Exhibit at Jesse Chicago/Home Element
745 N Wells St Chicago, IL 60654

Janet Trierweiler: The unfolding of this work records the intervals of both artistic and spiritual growth. It articulates a symbolic understanding and reflection on the relationship between material and immaterial. The process is initiated through a series of intentional steps. These steps maintain intense focus creating conscious awareness, thus the paintings are not depictions but rather physical manifestations of spiritual energy harnessed through practice and discipline within the realm of nature makes visible the moment, it’s many aspects and beautiful subtleties.

Matthew Lew Paints Live with Wine along with Exhibition at Glenview Haus:
520 West Erie St. Chicago, IL 60654

Matthew Lew: Painter, photographer, mixed media artist, Matthew Lew creates original artwork that is marked by bold individuality with subtle references to the fluidity of life. His diverse body of work suggests that art is life itself and ultimately contributes to one’s place in the world. Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Lew completed his art education in San Sebastian, Spain and since has relocated to Chicago.

While his heart is rooted firmly in Chicago, Lew possesses a traveler’s spirit. He is inspired by influences from all corners of the globe and translates them into a mixed media approach that features photography, oil, acrylic and, at times, unique sources from around the world including water, wine and champagne – integrating these elements into his original work. Lew’s multifaceted visual language speaks to the constant change that he sees in an ever-evolving contemporary world. His diverse body of work supports his belief that art comes in many forms and should be accessible to all.

Collectors include: Lady Gaga, Halle Berry, Lance Bass and Tina Majorino. Matthew has also been featured on, ABC’s “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, FX’s “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll”, Warner Brother’s “Vacation”, HGTV’s “Divine Design”, BRAVO TV’S “Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis”, “The Real Housewives on New York City” and CBS’s “The Early Show.” Lew’s talent also extends to art and design in home products as seen in his work for CB2.

Nora Schneider Interior Design featuring Doug Frohman on Exhibit at Christopher Guy at Chicago Luxury Furniture Centre
371 West Ontario Chicago, Illinois 60654

Doug Frohman: Utilizing the language of abstraction, my work draws upon an amalgam of minimalism, color-field and aspects of architecture. I tend to work thematically drawing upon a series of concepts while engaging with different materials, surface and themes.  Since 2007, I switched from painting with brushes to using cement trowels of different sizes, experimenting extensively with different mediums and painting on hard wood panels instead of stretched canvas. The thicker, richer volume of paint and its application via the trowels multiplied my options, suggesting new ways of creating and “treating” the surface. From selectively-scraped passages revealing the work’s back-story and layered development to open fields of seductively smooth, glossy color, the added variety of paint handling and new surface treatments opened the way to more sophisticated and nuanced compositions. My past three series have been based around the square. From the series of four sequential panels and squares in “Abstract Narratives”, to the boldly-colored, large geometric squares of “Equations” to the small, individual panels of “Particles”, the square and its combinations has remained a constant in the work.

LIVE ART: Phillip Schalekamp on Exhibit at The Tile Gallery
555 North Franklin Chicago, IL 60654

Phillip Schalekamp is a Chicago-based artist and industrial designer. He earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, during which time he founded his present-day business SPDI. Schalekamp weaves aesthetic elements into functional creations to achieve a level of surprise and unexpected beauty. Schalekamp’s unique cultural heritage (Dutch/Indonesian), his outdoor adventures in landscape, his fondness for mechanical devices combined with his training as an artist reveal his broad spectrum of perception and interpretation. His work has a precise yet loose quality and an inherent sense of depth and dimensionality.

PROjECT. interiors featuring Jill King and Sheila Ganch on Exhibit at TOTO
500 North Wells Street Chicago, IL 60654

Jill King: King’s sculptures take the viewer on a journey from the smallest elements of creation, such as a seed under a microscope and into vast galaxies light years away. Her artworks are constructed out of a wide range of materials such as soldered or welded steel, sewn fabrics impregnated with acrylic gel, LED lights and painted pigments. Formed by stretching an opaque fabric over a linear steel construction, her sculptures look like fantastical botanical drawings, flying kites or lit up celestial cloud formations that have come to life in three dimensions. King often weaves ancient symbols and formulas from Alchemy and Mysticism onto the surface of her fabric. She does this as a means to strip away the layers of the past, to reexamine and transform patterns and structures that no longer serve or even have the possibility to serve our present culture. Her organic artworks highlight the glory and intricacy of the natural world and represent the cycles of life through the power of growth and transformation. King has been exhibited in private and public places such as The Harris Theater-Millennium Park-Chicago, The Garfield Park Conservatory, The Convention Center-Grand Rapids Michigan (voted into top 100 out of 1500 as part of the 2013 Art Prize Competition), Expo Chicago, SOFA Chicago, the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago and many galleries throughout the Midwest. Her work is in several private and public collections throughout the country, including the Loyola Medical Center in Burr Ridge, IL. and the Evanston Civic Center. King currently serves as Education Chair on the Board of Directors of Chicago Sculpture International, where she assists in creating educational workshop opportunities and events to promote the organizations members composed of 150 professional sculptors.

Sheila Ganch: My sculptures deal with our relationship with the planet and our mission to connect. Our connections are vital. As a starting point, the sculptures are made of elements from the earth: clay, metal, stone, and pigments. The human form is my subject. Using form, emotion, abstraction, texture, and hue, I strive to show earth and humanity seeking common ground–as one–connections. The final connection in my process is with the viewer. The sculpture is viewed, inducing emotion and introspection; the response being an integral part of the artistic experience.

Sweet Peas Design featuring Casey Matthews on Exhibit at Chicago Luxury Beds
440 N Wells St #100n Chicago, IL 60654

Casey Matthews creates rich paintings with multi-media surfaces that are both visually intriguing and full of energy. They incorporate expressive color, fluid movement, and strong elements of design. The work combines emotional content, observation, technique, exploration, and reinvention. Casey has developed a series of gestures and marks that make up a unique visual language. It is a vague form of communication in an attempt to achieve balance and beauty. From a distance, her works impose a singular statement of color, composition and tone; viewed closely, they suggest a complex narrative that is multi-hued and textured. “My creativity begins with a constant state of awareness and appreciation for everything around me. I am always noticing patterns in nature and the way inanimate objects and shapes harmonize with each other. I’m inspired by color, how colors interact and react with each other, motion, flow, and organic repetition. My work is intuitive and process driven. I enjoy the drips and splatters – and the journey they inspire.” Casey lives and works on Amelia Island, Florida.

Nicholas Moriarty Interiors featuring Magdalena Krzak on exhibit at Ligne Roset
440 N. Wells St #100s, Chicago, IL 60654

 Magdalena Krzak was born in Tarnow, Poland. After graduating from Art School in Tarnow she continued her education at the University in Rzeszow. Her paintings present a unique combination of an abstract, figurative forms and drawing. She focuses mainly on human nature, woman nature in particular. Her pieces are created spontaneously; she is led by emotions and everyday observation. Images of women are subtle and feminine and her subjects are often nude and vulnerable. Created only with an outline, filled with colors and texture they blend with the background, yet they speak to us with incredible power. The combination of illustrative and abstract styles gives her work a dreamy quality and transports our imagination into a whole other world. Currently, Magdalena Krzak lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Magdalena received an Honorable Mention for her works in an exhibition at the Starline Gallery in Harvard, Illinois. She has also participated in several shows in the Chicago area, including the Polish Museum of America and HQ Gallery.

Blutter Shiff Design Associates featuring Pamela Staker on Exhibit at O’Brien Harris
501 North Wells Street Chicago, IL 60654

Pamela Staker: At their core, Pamela Staker’s paintings and works on paper are about a search for beauty and joy in process. They are a performance of sorts – spontaneously choreographed – playful and sensitive – free flowing within the bounds of carefully constructed compositions. Using landscape, nature, and architecture to underpin her imagery, Staker advances the work by allowing herself a great deal of freedom in her paint handling – applying her marks quickly and with a confidence that is intuitive and decidedly unfussy. Staker’s “Haiku Series” in particular has an urban/rural duality. These works are based on themes of nature –always within the context of her urban environment. She notices moments that are easily passed over and finds beauty in the unexpected.

Linc Thelen on Exhibit at Farrow & Ball
449 North Wells Street Chicago, IL 60654

Linc Thelen’s passion in art and design began at an early age while following alongside his father who owned a design-build company.  As his fervor for the arts grew his father shared his vision.  Supporting the importance of art and creativity has been a perpetual theme in his life.  Linc received his BFA in painting from Northern Illinois University. He continued his studies by traveling abroad to Italy and France focused on mastering the chiaroscuro techniques of the Renaissance Masters.

Linc has resided in Chicago for twenty years.  He has an entrepreneurial spirit with a thirteen year celebrated career combining interior architecture, design-build and the visual arts.  Referred to as a “triple threat” by writer Barri Leiner Grant in Modern Luxury’s Interiors Chicago, Linc seamlessly blends his talents in architecture and the arts to create a classic and unique design vision.  Known for well-choreographed interiors, Linc masters the art of creating spaces that are timeless and eclectic, fusing a bit of the unexpected. Linc’s designs extend far beyond the composition of the room’s interior.  Every choice is carefully considered, every detail weighed.  His artistic vision and practical sense of space yield environments with a distinct architectural vernacular. Linc takes the “master builder” approach to his projects, one of the oldest forms of construction procedure. The end result is a turnkey project where Linc takes on the roles of artist, designer and general contractor and masters each with great proficiency.

Jacque Kent and Angela Stone of STONE | Kent featuring a Mystery Celebrity Artist on Exhibit at Montauk Sofa
401 N Wells #2, Chicago, IL 60654

Jacque KentJacque is a classically trained dancer that found her love of expression through art early in life. As the years progressed, a new artistic path took hold, curating interiors. She went on to study and work in San Francisco, London, and Chicago. Her keen eye and love of form, line, and sculpture are evident in the spaces she designs. Jacque holds a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.

Angela StoneAngela was born into design. As the daughter of a developer, she was curiously studying floor plans as a toddler and sketching furniture layouts before elementary school. From the start, she loved the untold story of found objects. The more age, the more soulful. She found her place in design, and her love of imperfect beauty, working alongside an antique collector and designer while completing her Bachelor of Fine Art in Design.

Gray | Walter featuring Rory Scott on Exhibit at Organic Looms
401 North Wells St. Chicago, IL 60654

Rory Scott: My acute awareness of time, memories, space and the universe are at the core of my work. Examining the past and coming to terms with impermanence and letting go. Centered on personal diary entries made between 2010-2012, my work focuses on a period of significant personal growth and transition in my worldview. Confronting and reconciling the passage of time, by juxtaposing the old and the new, is a theme in both the style and presentation of the art. The nostalgia of the past is conjured up with a new digital reinterpretation of retro futurist designs. Visually inspired by the universe, retro sci-fi films, and my enduring love of glitter, I create art that combines computer graphics with a hint of handmade production.

MOOD | Design + Build by Candy Scott featuring Robert Porazinski on Exhibit at Studio41
225 West Hubbard Street Chicago, IL 60654

Robert Porazinski: My work is inspired by natural and manufactured forms – the juxtaposition of gestural, painterly strokes and bold, defined compositions. The borders of the painting are the confines in which these forces are constantly being negotiated. The underlying painting is an accumulation of marks made from squeegees, trowels, sponges and brushes and in some cases, written text – all contributing to a visually rich surface. Shapes made from cut paper create the silhouettes that serve as a stencil for the composition. These forms give purpose and context to the underlying chaos. The fluctuation between abstraction and representation create ambiguities that invite a dialogue for interpretation. These characteristics are inherent in the work of early and mid 20th century artists for whom I have an affinity for and am continually referencing in my paintings.

Michael Del Piero Good Design featuring Greg Dickerson on Exhibit at Oscar Isberian
120 W Kinzie St Chicago, IL 60654

Nationally recognized interior designer and globetrotter Michael Del Piero will be curating a selection of fine art by Greg Dickerson along with ancient pottery acquired from her recent travels.  The exhibition will be installed through the end of October.

Fine artist, Greg Dickerson received his Master of Fine Arts Degree from Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  Two decades of work has led Greg to focus on using tactile materials combined with paint on both canvas and wood panels.  His vision is realized by working with the idea that immediacy allows for the conceptual process between elements and materials to interact. His work is best known for its’ playful abstraction and his exploration of color and form.

Adam Siegel’s Wabi-Sabi on Exhibit at The Golden Triangle After-Party
330 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60654
Tickets for the After-Party are $25/ea, space is limited.

The Wabi-Sabi series embraces a Japanese philosophical aesthetic, which focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life in acceptance of the natural cycle of growth and decay.  The series pays homage to our collective vulnerability and the transient nature of life creating a palimpsest with rich organic materials.

Chicago artist Adam Siegel is nationally recognized for his breadth of work as an abstract painter and photographer collaborating with museums and large-scale corporate installations. Fusing iconic forms with texturally rich color, Siegel constructs his large paintings and photographs in multiple layers that immerse the viewer into a meditative space.  Inspired by his personal collections of 17th and 18thcentury works including Japanese kimono designs, natural history illustrations, and quixotic manuscripts he uses new technology alongside collected imagery. His works bridge new to old, high to low, reverie to the achingly simple.

For almost four decades private collectors and noteworthy institutions have invested in Siegel’s work. In his recent collaboration with The Alinea Group Siegel unveiled an entirely new body of work attracting national attention.  Siegel has also partnered with the Museum of Contemporary Art to create a memorial piece titled “Path of Remembrance”.  Additional large-scale painting installations include the 600 North Michigan Avenue building, Everest Restaurant, Westin Hotel, and a spirited Bank of America project.

Receiving both a fellowship and grant from the Illinois Art Council, Siegel has exhibited in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Tokyo. His work has been featured in esteemed local and national media outlets including Wallpaper* Magazine, Food & Wine, Art in America, New York Times, Antiques & Arts Weekly, Private Air, CS, Luxe Interiors + Design, Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, New Art Examiner, CBS, WGN and NBC.

Anne Abueva on Exhibit at The Rug Company
320 N Clark St., Chicago, IL 60654

Anne Abueva has worked in the visual arts and interior design for over 15 years.  Her studio practice has steadily become a larger and larger part of her life, especially in the past 2 years.  This collection of paintings is a visual expression of Anne’s life experiences, including grief and loss.  Her process is unabashedly on display with layers of colour, texture and an appreciation for the spontaneous and unexpected.




Due to great success, the River North Design District Fall Gallery Walk returned on Friday September 9th, 2016. With a continued partnership with Chicago Gallery News and Luxe Interiors + Design, participating showrooms exhibited artwork from both emerging and established artists curated by Daniel Kinkade Fine Art. Showrooms hosted special hours, and remained open until 9 PM. Design enthusiasts and art connoisseurs alike enjoyed this special evening.  This exhibit will be available until December 9th!

Our partners included: Cambria, Peterson Picture Company, Chicago Gallery News and Luxe Interior + Design Magazine


The Schedule of Events:

5:30pm– VIP Champagne Kickoff Party at Golden Triangle featuring artist Adam Siegel. RSVP is required, space in limited. RSVP HERE.  SOLD OUT

5-9pm – River North Design District Gallery Walk (showroom addresses and artist details listed below) sponsored by Petersen Picture Company

6-7pm– Live Art: Phillip Schalekamp will be creating charcoal drawings on paper at The Tile Gallery

8-10pm – After party hosted by Cambria at The Chopping Block. RSVP is required, space in limited. RSVP HERE.   SOLD OUT

Artists and Locations:

Adam Siegel On Exhibit at The Golden Triangle:
330 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60654

Lynn Basa & Gale Gand On Exhibit at Jesse Home Element:
745 N Wells St Chicago, IL 60654

Phillip Schalekamp On Exhibit at The Tile Gallery- LIVE ART:
555 North Franklin Chicago, IL 60654

Melissa Herrington and Jaime Foster On Exhibit at Chicago Luxury Beds:
440 N Wells St #100n Chicago, IL 60654

Marketa Sivek On Exhibit at Studio 41:
225 West Hubbard Street Chicago, IL 60654

Darren Jones On Exhibit at Oscar Isberian:
120 W Kinzie St Chicago, IL 60654

Natasha Kohli On Exhibit at Organic Looms:
401 North Wells St. Chicago, IL 60654

Adam Thomas and Debra Balchen On Exhibit at Montauk Sofa:
401 North Wells St. Chicago, IL 60654

Sally Ko (sculpture) On Exhibit at TOTO:
500 North Wells Street Chicago, IL 60654

Lisa Caccioppoli On Exhibit at Lightology:
215 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60654

Michael Del Piero Good Design POP-UP featuring Greg Dickerson at Lignet Roset:
440 N. Wells St #100s, Chicago, IL 6065

Sally Ko (works on paper) On Exhibit at Farrow & Ball:
449 North Wells Street Chicago, IL 60654

Francine Gourguechon And Robert Carlos Childress On Exhibit at Moderne Living:
230 W. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60654