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Design Tips: Making the Most of Your Small Space

Oftentimes in interior design, especially in major cities like Chicago, we’re faced with small spaces. But just because you are limited in space, doesn’t mean you have to limit your style. We’ve asked our RNDD Members to share their small space design tips that will make the the biggest impact.

Make Sure there is a Place for Everything. And if there isn’t One, Create One.

Maximizing small living spaces requires a balance between function and aesthetics. A few of CI Design + Build‘s go-to design solutions for small spaces include: custom shelving, hidden cabinetry, and thoughtful furniture placement. These are essential elements to create a spacious and stylish atmosphere. By adhering to the principle that everything must have its own place, you can transform your compact living space into a reflection of your personality and lifestyle.

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Start with Function and Color

When dealing with small spaces, Metro Design Build finds it most important to consider what the main function of the space is and how the client wants to live in it.

In this Logan Square single-family home, Metro Design Build designed a small office space. The client wanted it to feel spacious and bright to encourage focus and productivity. They selected a wallpaper that featured a white background with a small motif pattern. That was paired with a pink wall color to accent the color in the wallpaper and add vibrance to the room, but kept it lighter in color to maintain the goal of an airy space. Typically, when working in smaller spaces, it’s better to select light wall colors and wallpapers with simple and small patterns. However, in certain situations Metro Design Build likes to move away from this common practice and go with bolder choices.

Photo by Jeffrey Johnson Pictures

For this single-family home in Evanston, their client wanted to create a cocktail lounge from a small, unused space in their home. This client wanted to go for a more moody and intimate feel. Typically, it’s advised to avoid dark colors and large, bold wall patterns when dealing with a small space, but Metro Design Build wanted to fully lean into the mood the client wanted to set. They selected a very deep wall color, but kept the walls solid and carried the paint color onto the ceiling to create a cozy feel without creating the feeling of a cramped space.

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Photo by Jeffrey Johnson Pictures

Make a Statement with Size, Pattern and Texture…or all Three!

Small spaces offer endless potential to create style moments that offer drama, beauty, and fun. Truly no room is too petite for a design statement. Whether it’s a powder room, office, or reading nook, every corner can become both functional and visually stunning through thoughtful design. In fact, small spaces offer some of the greatest opportunities for trying something bold and outside of your comfort zone. Here are some of Amy Kartheiser of Amy Kartheiser Design‘s design tips for small spaces:

  • Go big with furniture, lighting, and art. Oversized furnishings actually can work in even the coziest of corners, as can bold, expansive pieces of art, which command attention and breathe life into your walls. It’s not about overwhelming the space, but rather, infusing it with a sense of presence and purpose.
  • Don’t forget the “sixth wall” — the floor — where patterns and textures can make a dynamic statement. Lie wood or tile in a herringbone pattern or incorporate a vibrant rug that anchors the room in color and texture. It’s an opportunity to infuse personality and character into your space from the ground up.
  • Consider adding panel detailing to your walls for added texture and aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s the classic charm of a wainscoting or beadboard or the modern allure of a geometric design, wall paneling adds visual interest that transcends the ordinary.

Check out Amy’s blog post to learn more: How to Create a Big Impact in a Small Space.

Invest in Durable, Flexible Furniture

When it comes to designing small spaces, we believe in maximizing functionality without compromising on style. The dining table is one of the primary gathering places for family and friends and at Mobili Möbel, they firmly believe you shouldn’t compromise on design or quality of materials for your gathering place, no matter how much room you might have. That’s where self-storing and extending tables from Draenert and Team 7 can help you really utilize your space in a smarter way.  

These cleverly designed pieces are not only created with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship but are versatile and practical, providing you with the perfect blend of form and function that will last for decades. With innovative mechanisms, you can quickly and seamlessly change the size of your table to match whatever your needs may be. And as both Draenert and Team 7 are created with a variety of high-quality products, you can select a table that matches your style and preference, whether that be stone, glass, or solid wood, fitting into your space seamlessly without sacrificing style or flexibility.

See these tables and more from Mobili Möbel here.

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