Design Tips for Mixing and Matching Stone and Tile in Your Home

In the design community, we are all about variety and playing with different combinations. Here, we asked our RNDD design experts to share with us their design tips when it comes to combining stone and tile specifically. The two materials are both hard surfaces and durable, but they have a lot of differences too. If you are curious about this combination, keep reading below for some noteworthy design strategies. 

Balance Bold Tile with Neutral Stone

Mixing stone and tile is a harmonious balance that is hard to master. These two materials can both balance and play off each other in a variety of spaces. A great way to balance a bold tile shower or kitchen backlash is through a neutral stone accent on the casings or countertops.

In a recent project with Rae Duncan Interiors, Terrazzo & Marble Supply Company saw the true harmony between both a bold custom tile floor and a full height marble statement stone fireplace. Mixing unified colors, textures and movement between stone and tile can truly bring together an exciting space!

Design: Rae Duncan Interiors, TM Stone, Fine Line Tile

See more from T&M Supply here.

Let the ‘Principles of Good Design’ Guide You

Mixing stone and tile is all about the principles of good design: pattern, contrast, emphasis, balance, scale / proportion, harmony, rhythm / movement, unity and variety.

In this award-winning bathroom, Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors used a rectangular blue tile with lots of variation in color. This creates interest and helps to move your eye around the space, uniting the walls. Sarah used a smaller-scale brushed gold triangle mosaic to contrast in color, geometric form, and texture. The gold mosaic becomes an emphasis point in the shower for your eyes to focus on. The solid surface Cambria Quartz serves as a natural foundation with no grout lines. Once again balancing as a much larger scaled piece. The geometric natural stone floor also brings in another variation of tile size, shape, and finish. Each part plays a part individually, but the real magic happens when experienced together as a whole. A harmony of textures, scales, colors, and patterns plays together, bringing this bathroom to life.  

Sarah’s top tips for mixing stone and tile are:

  • Consider the principles of design as you make your selections
  • Start with your foundation (in this case it was the blue tile) 
  • Next, find your special one of a find accent piece (gold triangles) 
  • Think about a larger-scale tile for the floors or the countertop 
  • Select the countertop last as there is the most flexibility in pulling together undertones with veining

See more of Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors’ work here.

Dramatic Stone with Porcelain Accents

Mix & match is the key to keeping designs unique and sophisticated at CI Design + Build. A lot of consideration goes into selecting the appropriate stone and tile for projects to best fit their clients’ lifestyle and aesthetic. CI often selects a natural stone such as quartzite for kitchen and bath countertops. In bathrooms, where there are multiple hard surfaces, they typically kick off the palette with a natural stone countertop then mix in a large format porcelain floor and wall tile that compliments each material. While natural stone is usually the more dramatic feature in the space, stone-look porcelain has come a long way. There are a lot of beautiful options to consider so don’t be so quick to dismiss it.

See more spaces designed by CI Design + Build here.

Unconventional Wall Decor

Mix things up a bit by using unconventional materials in your wall decor. The Rhodes Wall Plaques from Arteriors Home and available through Casa Bella, is a spree of luxe materials. Jungle, white, and galaxy marble with antique brass and bronze-finished brass cladding. You can layer together the trio of Rhodes Wall Plaques and the set can be hung either vertically or horizontally. This piece of art is captivating in any space for a standout moment.

Contact your Casa Bella rep for purchasing information.

Use Contrasting Materials

As a Realtor, Joanne Nemerovski of JoanneSellsChicago believes it’s essential to keep up with the latest designs and know what is popular with prospective purchasers so she can help sellers stage and sell their homes with the best possible outcomes. One of the most popular and visually appealing current design trends is mixing and matching stone and tile. Not only does it add visual interest and depth to your decor, but it also creates a unique and luxurious ambiance that potential buyers will love.

However, successful mixing and matching requires a careful approach, where you need to choose materials that complement each other in texture, color, and pattern. This means that you should consider contrasting materials that can enhance each other’s unique features, such as rough stone and smooth tile, or shiny stone and matte tile. Playing with different shades and hues of the same color family is another way to create a cohesive look.

For example, you can pair a light gray marble tile with a darker gray slate stone for a subtle yet striking effect. By doing so, you’ll create a dynamic interplay of light and dark tones that will add depth and dimension to your decor. Another option is to use a stone tile as an accent, such as a backsplash or a feature wall. This approach will add a texture like grasscloth, which can increase the dimension of the space.

When it comes to mixing and matching stone and tile, the possibilities are endless. You can choose from a wide range of materials, including natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, and glass, among others. The key is to find the perfect combination that suits your taste and style while also appealing to potential buyers.

Learn more about JoanneSellsChicago here.

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