The Three Ingredients for The Perfect Outdoor Space Design

The following blog post was originally posted on by one of our River North Design District (RNDD) Members, and a realtor with Baird & Warner, Millie Rosenbloom.

My feeling about Chicago summer is simple: it is short, so we need to make the most of every day! For me, enjoyment means creating a comfortable and beautiful outdoor space for a quiet dinner for two, or to entertain large groups of friends. We remodeled our garage roof deck a few years ago, and while I labored over every design decision, in retrospect, I see that there are really three key ingredients that make the space what it is: great lighting, the perfect mix of materials, and our steel trellis.


Make the most of your lighting

The most beautiful room will fall flat with the wrong lighting. And these days there are more considerations than ever, especially around the color and quality of the light. If you aren’t careful, lighting can quickly look blue or too bright white and clinical. Go for warm, natural tones whenever possible.

Outside, we went for individually-dimming overhead lights above the dining table of course, but also over the planters and trees to create a beautiful ambiance at night. We use a Control4 system, and it has worked well for us. The dimmers allow me to create all different types of looks or moods, which I love!


Mix materials

You might recall a blog post I wrote a few years back that outlined our deck remodel at great length. I feel that the contrast between the warmer tone of the wood is perfectly contrasted by the more modern-leaning steel and glass. With Chicago winters to contend with, it’s also important to be practical when thinking about materials for outdoors like our fiberglass planters and honed granite fireplace surround. A full list of the materials we used on the deck:

Steel: First, we chose to build our arbor out of steel instead of wood because it is low to no maintenance and will last forever. I still wonder why so many exterior structures are built with wood. I also love the sleek look of the steel.

Ipe Wood: Durable and rot resistant in addition to beautiful, Ipe is definitely my wood of choice for outdoor structures. We used it to build our walls and trellises, and I couldn’t be happier with the rich red color the wood adds to the overall look. Another tip: I use Penofin Oil every year to refresh the wood’s natural red hue.


Glass: I love our glass railings! They are only there if you look for them, but once you spot them, you instantly appreciate the architectural, airy element they provide.

Fiberglass: All of our planters are made of indestructible fiberglass.  I love the modern, yet understated look.

Honed granite: Our gorgeous built-in gas fireplace features a honed granite surround, which I just love. The granite is as beautiful as it is durable–no sealing or worrying!

Sunbrella Fabric: Our light gray fabric awning adds such a light and breezy feel to the space. Plus, Sunbrella Outdoor Fabrics are incredible because they are the most durable, weather-resistant fabric you can find on the market.

Create shade

We chose to build a steel trellis with the Sunbrella fabric awning to create the perfect contrast between the hard steel and the soft, billowy fabric. Creating a permanent structure also allowed us to instal the overhead lighting and sound system speakers. If you are looking for a more economical option, Sunbrella fabric is also used in many sun umbrellas, which are great for privacy and shade.


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steve + filip design Collaborates on a “Megacabinet” Featured in Dwell

Style meets charm, reinvention meets function, contemporary aesthetic meets the feel of home — this is steve + filip design.

The Chicago based design firm is a two-man team, Steve Somogyi and Filip Malyszko. For over a decade, the duo have specialized in full-service strategies for new construction and renovations. Their goal is to create unique schemes for homes, offices, and retail spaces with an emphasis on quality and elegance.


Perhaps one of their most unique projects to date was a very special collaboration with BACH Architecture out of San Francisco. This project showcases a “megacabinet” built-in spanning 3-stories in this Noe Valley renovation. The blue-hued cabinetry incorporates seating, bookcases, a home office, a secret reading niche and even a dining nook for the dog!

The Megacabinet in Dwell magazine. You can read the full article here.


All photos by Mariko Reed

An addition/renovation to a single-family home in San Francisco, this project was centered around a 3-story tall “Megacabinet” that serves a variety of functions for the home: a desk, a sofa, a spot for the dog, storage, and it even has a door that leads to a secret reading nook for the kids.

“The interior designer, Steve Somogyi, (of steve+filip design) also played an
important role during the design development of the Megacabinet, investigating compositional ideas and exploring the two sided-ness of the cabinet.” – Beverly Choe of BACH Architecture in Dwell


On the second floor, the Megacabinet culminates in a desk with a buffet and a wine fridge, a sofa with hidden storage, and a feeding station for the family dog.

The kitchen also contains a custom casework “cube” that conceals appliances and a hidden powder room.


“A hidden powder room is concealed behind the kitchen unit’s sliding chalkboard door. Steve Somogyi of steve+flip design proposed the pocket door that disappears into the wall.” – Dwell

See more of steve+filip design’s work on their website here. 

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The 2019 Dreaming of Design Event at Chicago Luxury Beds

On Thursday, May 2nd, the Chicago Design Community gathered at Chicago Luxury Beds‘ River North showroom for the 5th annual Dreaming of Design event, hosted along with the River North Design District (RNDD) and Luxe Interiors + Design.


Wike LaFrey

For this annual event, Chicago’s top designers joined forces with Chicago Luxury Beds to create unique bedroom vignettes throughout the showroom. Each year the designs get better and better, and this group of talent was no different.


Sarah Dippold Design

2019 designers included: RNDD Members Sarah Dippold Design, Wike LaFrey, and The Golden Triangle. Along with: Amy Cassell Atelier, Ilene Chase Design, Michael Abrams Interiors, Rebel House Design, and Semelsnow Interior Design Inc.

golden triangle_ by Tony Soluri 01

The Golden Triangle

View more photos of the event on our Facebook page here.


Thank you to everyone who came out! If you weren’t able to make it, the vignettes will be on display through the end of May – visit them at 440 N Wells Street.

Vignette photography by Tony Soluri.
Event photography by Heather Baigelman with Luxe Interiors + Design.

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Tech Tips from BGD&C Custom Homes: Home Automation

The following is an article supplied by River North Design District (RNDD) Member, BGD&C Custom Homes

It seems everything in our homes, from refrigerators to doorbells, is getting smarter these days. Which is precisely why we decided to pick the brain of Sound Specialists’ Leor Elfassy to learn more about home automation and its impact on our lives. Sound Specialists is a full-service, lifestyle technology firm that offers consultation, design, in­stallation, and programming services for both residential and commercial projects. For over two decades they have specialized in integrating innovative technologies into ele­gant, coherent solutions based on each client’s needs.  Let’s get started!


Greek Revival Home from BGD&C Custom Homes | Photo by Tony Soluri


BGD&C: To start off with, what types of things are automated these days?

Leor: Everything can be automated today! When this industry began and we were a very young company in the early 90s, the primary focus was entertainment. We in­stalled mainly speakers and distributed volume controls. However, by the mid-1990s, we began controlling media rooms and video distribution as more forms of video con­sumption (VCRs, DVDs, Cable boxes, Satellite Dish,) became popular. In the early 2000s, there was a massive explosion in what I like to call “aesthetic automation.” People began automating more than what was on their screens, but now extended this to the environment around them. Lighting, LEDs, window treatments, all of this became a primary focus.

Today we are on the eve of the next big shift. With IOT (the Internet of Things) in which almost every device will be connected to the internet, we are moving towards what I call “functional automation.” Today, the technologies being automated are geared at improving the speed, quali­ty, and efficiency of life. Appliances are the first thing. We are seeing a lot of activity in kitchen appliances and utility appliances.


Lincoln Park French Home from BGD&C | Photo by Tony Soluri

BGD&C: How is home automation enhancing our lives? Is it making things easier? More secure?

Leor: Home automation is important for a variety of reasons. The applications of home technology are immense and we are only scratching the surface. From assisted living and senior care, innovations in safety and security, and environmental protection, technology will be at the core of connecting everything. We have always believed in technology’s power to enrich lives. Our first large project was for a paraplegic client who used our systems to control his house given that he could only use one index finger. This project really showed me the value of what we do. Since then we have also worked with clients who are visually-impaired, handicapped, or simply clients who need remote control over their homes when they are away.

As a whole, the value of automation is the focus. Automating your home enables you to allocate time to more important areas of your life. For example, take a homeowner with a large five-floor townhouse that is leaving for a business trip. To prepare, they need to check every door and window and ensure they are closed and locked, check every thermostat to ensure that they are set to a lower temperature before they leave town, walk through the entire home and ensure that all lights are turned off, and ensure that their security system is set up properly. Alternatively, our clients press a single button and every single one of those actions happens instantly. A single command simultaneously locks all doors, arms your security system, turns off your lights, lowers your shades, sets your climate 10 degrees cooler, and a variety of functions that are specific to each individual home. In a large home, that kind of preparation could easily take an hour and would need to be planned for in advance. Now, it can be done on your way out the door.

Alternatively, imagine that you are preparing for a large dinner party and have a home with many rooms. Setting up each room in the house could easily take over an hour to prepare. Consider selecting playlists for each room, selecting music sources, volume levels, lighting, temperature, and more. Instead, we can create specific scenes for entertainment, dinner parties, and any assortment of events one may host.

1285_Shot_15_619_rtR1 (1).jpg

Lincoln Park Transitional Home from BGD&C | Interior Design by KADLEC Architecure + Design | Photo by Nathan Kirkman

BGD&C: Does having a home automation system increase the home’s value?  

Leor: Studies show that a home automation system increases a home’s value by up to 5%!

For commercial buildings, smart amenities are not only highly requested but are now becoming a standard in most luxury homeowners’ minds. They are a very large part of boosting the image of the property.

Furthermore, a lack of high-end technology offerings is the easiest way to make a building or home look less attractive. While most people spend large sums on finishes, the reality is that most people interact with light switches and other areas of the home much more often. Showing prospective buyers that you have paid attention to all of the little details in the home, including how it will be used, is a very attractive way to increase the prospects of a sale.


Lincoln Park Mediterranean Home from BGD&C | Photo by Tony Soluri

BGD&C: When in the custom home project should a home automation company be enlisted?

Leor: Just as in every custom project, proper planning is the key to success. Since we believe that technology should be embedded into the infrastructure of the home, we believe that you should involve an integrator in the design phase of the home. We invest heavily, perhaps more than most, in our design and engineering, because we believe that great experiences come from great design. Ensuring that the system is properly planned and in alignment with the overall vision for the home experience is the key to our clients having great experiences with us.

BGD&C: And finally, can systems be upgraded or does the technology become obsolete after a few years?

Leor: While technology always changes, most of it happens at the edge. There are many parts of a system that can last for 15+ years. That said, the key to maintaining relevance is to cultivate great relationships with clients, understand their needs, and make sure that they have opted into our preventative maintenance services so that we make sure that all of their equipment is consistently up to date and being swapped as needed rather than ending in a situation where a system has been neglected for so long that it will be a very complex, and expensive, undertaking to modernize it.


About BGD&C Custom Homes: For over 30 years BGD&C has been designing and building absolutely the best in new construction custom homes in Chicago’s Lincoln Park & Gold Coast. Each home reflects a family’s exact specifications coupled with meticulous craftsmanship, timeless aesthetics, and unparalleled service.

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Casa Bella’s Favorite Pieces from the 2019 High Point Market

The High Point Market is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world. Each Spring the show brings more than 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina, including buyers, interior designers, architects, and others in the home furnishings industry.

If you can’t find it in High Point…it probably doesn’t exist. – High Point Market

We asked Carol Miller, the Illinois-Metro Chicago/North territory manager for RNDD Member Casa Bella to cover the market for the River North Design District (RNDD) this April. Casa Bella is an upscale Sales and Marketing agency specializing in Accent Furniture, Lighting, Rugs and Home Décor products. Keep reading below for Carol’s favorite pieces from this year’s market.

The April High Point Market was filled with color and texture! In addition to the standard grays and neutrals, showrooms were filled with jewel tones and fiery red – orange hues. Handcrafted products in natural materials throughout the showrooms gave the collections warmth. – Carol Miller

Arteriors took us on a Modern Voyage with their globally inspired lighting and home furnishings in unexpected materials and techniques. 


We also loved their pops of vibrant jewel tones with the lacquered tables and upholstered pieces. 


The Guest Designer for Spring 2019 is Chicago’s own Frank Ponterio. He’s taken his appreciation for craftsmanship and architecture and paired it with modern materials in his debut collection for Arteriors


Noir added natural elements in their new case goods. Some were inspired by nature, others had curved, organic shapes. They incorporated geometric forms turned into functional furniture.

Well priced lighting rounded out the assortment from Noir.

NOIR 1.jpg

Jaipur Living focused on color throughout the collections of beautifully crafted hand knotted, hand loomed, and hand-tufted rugs. The textural elements gave the neutral palette interest.

Shortened lead times for custom rugs from Jaipur Living give designers an edge to create client specific rugs! 

JAIPUR 5.jpg

For me, the chance to visit the villages in India where the beautiful rugs are hand crafted made the rugs even more meaningful. – Carol Miller

The Jaipur Rug Foundation exists to support the 1000’s of weavers and their families preserve the art of rug making. Every rug made in the villages touches 192 families! 

INDIA - Weavers 1

Thank so you much for sharing your travels with us, Carol! 

Learn more about Casa Bella and each of the brands they represent on their website here:, or contact Carol Miller at

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Xced Power Partners: Collaboration, Community & Trust

New Xced Logo 2018

Xced Design Build is a luxury residential and commercial remodeling company, located in Chicago, Illinois, that delivers top of the line design and build services to home and business owners. Founded on the pillars of responsibility, truth, and respect by industry veteran, Gary Dayan, Xced’s foundation is built of extraordinary customer service.  For the team, customer service is not just a department, but a philosophy that every member carries out with each interaction and project.


Aside from impeccable service, great craftsmanship, and talented space planning, since its inception in 2002, Xced’s mission is to be the most resourceful and influential organization in the building industry acting as the leading example for the high standards associated to luxury design-build.


These ideologies have been seen executed through countless residential projects as well as commercial partnerships with Ferrari Lake Forest, Stretch Lab Corporate, Wiesman Cosmetic Surgery and many more.


Xced & Power Partner Designer: Jessica Margot Designs.

Along with its design-build side, Xced recently opened its collaborative design studio located in Logan Square.  The space encourages a supportive environment where entrepreneurs can come together with others in similar industries while having access to the amenities of a commercial office setting. The studio allows independent architects, designers, and real estate professionals to retain their independence while having access to a broad community of peers and studio benefits. Benefits include;  coworking desk space, an extensive atelier, fully functional kitchen, multiple bathroom displays and a conference area equipped with a large TV and wireless connection ensuring seamless presentation potential.


For more information about Xced, or the collaborative design studio, visit or call (855)-923-3228.



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RNDD Welcome Samuel Lynne Galleries Chicago

The River North Design District (RNDD) strives to solidify our presence not just as design centers, but as partners supporting the rich, vibrant art community of the River North neighborhood. We want to enrich the deep connections between interior design and fine art, which is why we love working with people like our newest RNDD Member, Samuel Lynne Galleries Chicago.

JD MILLER Twilight Flight 36 x 72SLG Chicago Logo - Black

Samuel Lynne Galleries is an art destination in Dallas, Texas. It is the realization of artist JD Miller and entrepreneur Philip Romano, which came to fruition in 2008. The mission of this state-of-the-art, award-winning gallery is to represent a very select group of artists, each with a unique vision and message within the contemporary art world. The gallery presents annual exhibition programming, as well as conversations with collectors and professionals within the art world that develops and creates a new interaction within the community.

dancer in the dark

RNDD Member, Centaur Interiors has teamed up with Samuel Lynne Galleries to launch an in-house art sales division locally in their Chicago showroom. This partnership expands the Dallas-based gallery’s footprint further into the vibrant Chicago art market, adding to Centaur Interiors’ repertoire to truly be the turnkey provider in Chicago’s high-end residential market. By incorporating carefully curated fine art pieces into their design process, their designers will be able to facilitate custom-suited niches, lighting designs, and finishes into their client’s spaces more comprehensively.

TYLER SHIELDS-Chanel Acid email

Samuel Lynne Galleries promotes a program of international emerging & mid-career contemporary artists and is focused on cultivating and nurturing relationships between the gallery and its collectors.

Samuel Lynne Galleries represents modern and contemporary artists of international award-winning distinction such as:

  • Metis Atash
  • Hans Van de Bovenkamp
  • Brandon Boyd
  • Art Fairchild
  • Lea Fisher
  • James Gill
  • John Henry
  • JD Miller
  • Philip J. Romano
  • Lisa Schulte
  • Tyler Shields
  • David Yarrow

Punk Buddha Peace feat. Dior - FRONT cropped edit email

Learn more about Samuel Lynne Galleries and check out their current exhibitions here: or visit their Chicago gallery at 215 W. Huron Street, Suite 1.

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Centaur Interiors: Turn-Key Bespoke Solutions for Residential Interior Design

At the River North Design District (RNDD), we pride ourselves on working with only the best interior designers in Chicago. Which is why we welcomed Centaur Interiors to our organization with open arms.

Centaur-Interiors-Logo-Main_outlines_7547River North Design District, Chicago Interior Designer Centaur Interiors

Centaur Interiors is a boutique firm specializing in turn-key bespoke solutions for residential interior renovation. With meticulous attention to detail, the dynamic team at Centaur Interiors, under the leadership of founder Michael Miller, has rapidly transformed the landscape in the residential design/build market in Chicago. Centaur Interiors is committed to delivering innovation, precise execution, extraordinary design and superior customer service to each client.

River North Design District, Chicago Interior Designer Centaur Interiors

Centaur Interiors has established a collaborative environment and network of industry experts; craftsmen, licensed tradesmen, architects, designers and project managers, working in harmony to produce superior results. Together, their in-depth experience allows them to successfully complete projects ranging from some of the most complex and innovative designs in the marketplace to the most simple, elegant and timeless renovations. Assessing the client’s needs and desires is imperative in project development; all projects are unique and the Centaur team has a remarkable ability to recognize the unspoken within the working relationship- adapting to the client’s wish list.

5703_013 (1)

Centaur Interiors has transformed living spaces ranging from traditional to timeless to modern, with the common thread: their uncanny ability to respond to the market demand with an eye toward complex detail and refined execution.

6N penthouse_009

To learn more about Centaur Interiors or to view their work, visit their website at Welcome to RNDD!

River North Design District Chicago Interior Designer Centaur Interiors

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RNDD Welcomes bulthaup Chicago

The River North Design District (RNDD) is thrilled to welcome bulthaup to our organization. bulthaup is a family owned business founded in 1949 and based in Germany. Their Chicago showroom is located right here in River North near the corner of West Superior and North Orleans.

bulthaup b3_BE_2015_001

bulthaup designs and manufactures premium, custom kitchens and living spaces for individual homes and commercial developments worldwide. Architecture, innovation and precision are hallmarks of the brand; qualities you’re sure to experience the moment you walk in the showroom door.

150330_Bulthaup_Island_Doors_01_18693 1_v2_sRGB.jpg

bulthaup kitchens and living spaces are places where people come together to connect, relax and feel at home. They allow people to be creative and experience making things with their own two hands. To create such places, people must be at the heart of all bulthaup’s considerations.

This is how bulthaup thinks and acts. Every day, they are wondering whether their concept of “the kitchen” is enough to meet people’s wants and needs, now and in future. They continually investigate this question as they manufacture their products with a passion for detail and a love of authentic materials, creating kitchen and living space systems that enrich lives now and tomorrow.


bulthaup’s perfection comes from their craftsmanship. bulthaup starts where machines leave off. People are able to create things that even the most sophisticated technology cannot: Material authenticity that can be experienced with all of the senses.


For almost 70 years, bulthaup has been developing products for people. Combining engineering skill with aesthetics, they create kitchen and living spaces that offer long-term functionality and design. The consistency is rooted in their experience.

Tradition and a past mean not just preserving values, but also constantly evolving. Evolution for the demands of the future.

bulthaup b3_BE_2015_008

You can learn more about bulthaup and their kitchens at or visit their River North showroom at 313 West Superior St., Suite 109.

Please help us in welcoming them to the RNDD Community!

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Tile Trend Setting with Donna Mondi Interior Design & Materials Marketing

When it comes to design trends, Chicago interior designer Donna Mondi of Donna Mondi Interior Design is always ahead of the game. She’s a trendsetter, not a trend follower.

We asked Donna, when it comes to tile and stone, what is she currently gravitating towards and what she expects to see more of this year. We also had fellow RNDD Member, Materials Marketing weigh in to recommend products from their line up that would help you make each trend come to life in your own home.

Tile Flooring

“Hardwood has dominated for the past decade but tile flooring is making a comeback!” – Donna Mondi

In this Contemporary Urban Condo, Donna chose a dramatic, black tile floor for the kitchen and dining room. The result is a clean, modern home with a touch of glam.

Donna Mondi Interior Design Kitchen with Dark Tile Floor

Design by Donna Mondi Interior Design | Photo by Stoffer Photography

Café Noir from Materials Marketing, is a light, chocolate-colored marble, with heavy color range. The warm earthy tones and wide variety of finishes available make this stone highly versatile – perfect for your floors.

Materials Marketing Chicago Tile Floor

Photo Courtesy of Materials Marketing

Classicism Returns

“Trends are embracing the European influence of grandeur and elegance.” – Donna Mondi


Design by Donna Mondi Interior Design

The soothing color palette of this beautiful bedroom – designed by Donna Mondi – gets a dose of warmth from the stone fireplace which brings a touch of European design influence to a modern space.

This trend is beautifully emulated in Materials Marketing’s exterior elements. Here you’ll find custom door and window surrounds that can be fully customized to your specifications. If your home is more Mediterranean inspired, use a quoin to mimic the old-world appeal of building corners. Whatever you choose, there are a plethora of colors and finishes to make it truly one of a kind.



Photo 2

Photo courtesy of Materials Marketing

Mixed Marbles

In this Gold Coast master bathroom – which was awarded Best Bathroom by Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago in 2019 – Donna used a honed Thassos and polished Nero Marquina tile floor laid in a contemporary pattern adding just the right amount to whimsy to this sophisticated room.

“Blending two natural stones in an interesting pattern gave this bathroom the bold, dramatic effect I was going for.” – Donna Mondi


Design by Donna Mondi Interior Design

Photo 5

Photo courtesy of Materials Marketing

In order to create a similar look for your own bathroom, Materials Marketing recommends combining Nero and Carrara for a striking design. Nero is a bold, black marble with subtle white veining throughout. Carrara is the original, and most sought-after white and grey Italian marble, with medium color range. The classic soft veining is seen in structures and carvings all over the world. For when the best is the only acceptable option.

Modern Marble Surrounds

Nero Marquina marble is a classic, rich black marble with a distinctive white vein pattern. In this Modern Sophisticated Condo designed by Donna (pictured left), Nero takes on a new look with a clean, mitered edge modern fireplace surround.

“The goal of this project was to create a fashion-forward home that was lush and comfortable but with an edge. This dramatic statement piece in the center of the living room helped bring that vision to life.” – Donna Mondi



Left: Design by Donna Mondi Interior Design / Photography by Werner Straube | Right: Photo courtesy of Materials Marketing

The fireplace is the centerpiece of your home and central to the legacy of Materials Marketing. With decades of carving experience and custom designs to draw from, they can modify or create from scratch the perfect addition to your home or project. Their contemporary fireplace surround, in particular, adds a lot of visual depth and a modern edge to this space.

Color and Pattern

“One trend I can get on board with is the comeback of color and pattern in natural stone. The way we used the tile here on the countertops and backsplash added so much depth and interest to this otherwise simple kitchen.” – Donna Mondi


Design by Donna Mondi Interior Design

A highly versatile marble, with warm red and pink hues, Breccia Fiore from Materials Marketing, and its medium color range will provide the pop of color your project needs.

Photo 3

Photo courtesy of Materials Marketing


About Donna Mondi Interior Design: 
Donna’s aesthetic is a fusion of European Classicism with American Modernism, along with an element of surprise. Inspired by a long love affair with European architecture and furniture design along with 20th-century American style, Donna’s work is influenced by many different periods including French Moderne, Hollywood Regency, and Mid-Century Modern, to name a few. The firms’ approach is to infuse interiors with elements of different periods and styles to create timeless, unpredictable surroundings. By merging traditional and contemporary style, the end result is interiors with layered textures, avant-garde elements, and cutting-edge styling.

About Materials Marketing: Founded in 1965 and proudly residing in San Antonio, Materials Marketing produces stone and tile for every project. They work closely with residential and commercial architects, home-owners, and designers. As America’s oldest and largest fully integrated stone manufacturer, their abilities can match any design or inspiration. Drawing on decades of experience, combined with expert stone-carvers, Materials Marketing carries on traditions that have existed since ancient Greece. Their high level of craftsmanship demands only the best-quarried stone, ensuring each project represents not only the aesthetics you desire but outlives any fleeting trend.

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