Tile Trend Setting with Donna Mondi Interior Design & Materials Marketing

When it comes to design trends, Chicago interior designer Donna Mondi of Donna Mondi Interior Design is always ahead of the game. She’s a trendsetter, not a trend follower.

We asked Donna, when it comes to tile and stone, what is she currently gravitating towards and what she expects to see more of this year. We also had fellow RNDD Member, Materials Marketing weigh in to recommend products from their line up that would help you make each trend come to life in your own home.

Tile Flooring

“Hardwood has dominated for the past decade but tile flooring is making a comeback!” – Donna Mondi

In this Contemporary Urban Condo, Donna chose a dramatic, black tile floor for the kitchen and dining room. The result is a clean, modern home with a touch of glam.

Donna Mondi Interior Design Kitchen with Dark Tile Floor

Design by Donna Mondi Interior Design | Photo by Stoffer Photography

Café Noir from Materials Marketing, is a light, chocolate-colored marble, with heavy color range. The warm earthy tones and wide variety of finishes available make this stone highly versatile – perfect for your floors.

Materials Marketing Chicago Tile Floor

Photo Courtesy of Materials Marketing

Classicism Returns

“Trends are embracing the European influence of grandeur and elegance.” – Donna Mondi


Design by Donna Mondi Interior Design

The soothing color palette of this beautiful bedroom – designed by Donna Mondi – gets a dose of warmth from the stone fireplace which brings a touch of European design influence to a modern space.

This trend is beautifully emulated in Materials Marketing’s exterior elements. Here you’ll find custom door and window surrounds that can be fully customized to your specifications. If your home is more Mediterranean inspired, use a quoin to mimic the old-world appeal of building corners. Whatever you choose, there are a plethora of colors and finishes to make it truly one of a kind.



Photo 2

Photo courtesy of Materials Marketing

Mixed Marbles

In this Gold Coast master bathroom – which was awarded Best Bathroom by Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago in 2019 – Donna used a honed Thassos and polished Nero Marquina tile floor laid in a contemporary pattern adding just the right amount to whimsy to this sophisticated room.

“Blending two natural stones in an interesting pattern gave this bathroom the bold, dramatic effect I was going for.” – Donna Mondi


Design by Donna Mondi Interior Design

Photo 5

Photo courtesy of Materials Marketing

In order to create a similar look for your own bathroom, Materials Marketing recommends combining Nero and Carrara for a striking design. Nero is a bold, black marble with subtle white veining throughout. Carrara is the original, and most sought-after white and grey Italian marble, with medium color range. The classic soft veining is seen in structures and carvings all over the world. For when the best is the only acceptable option.

Modern Marble Surrounds

Nero Marquina marble is a classic, rich black marble with a distinctive white vein pattern. In this Modern Sophisticated Condo designed by Donna (pictured left), Nero takes on a new look with a clean, mitered edge modern fireplace surround.

“The goal of this project was to create a fashion-forward home that was lush and comfortable but with an edge. This dramatic statement piece in the center of the living room helped bring that vision to life.” – Donna Mondi



Left: Design by Donna Mondi Interior Design / Photography by Werner Straube | Right: Photo courtesy of Materials Marketing

The fireplace is the centerpiece of your home and central to the legacy of Materials Marketing. With decades of carving experience and custom designs to draw from, they can modify or create from scratch the perfect addition to your home or project. Their contemporary fireplace surround, in particular, adds a lot of visual depth and a modern edge to this space.

Color and Pattern

“One trend I can get on board with is the comeback of color and pattern in natural stone. The way we used the tile here on the countertops and backsplash added so much depth and interest to this otherwise simple kitchen.” – Donna Mondi


Design by Donna Mondi Interior Design

A highly versatile marble, with warm red and pink hues, Breccia Fiore from Materials Marketing, and its medium color range will provide the pop of color your project needs.

Photo 3

Photo courtesy of Materials Marketing


About Donna Mondi Interior Design: 
Donna’s aesthetic is a fusion of European Classicism with American Modernism, along with an element of surprise. Inspired by a long love affair with European architecture and furniture design along with 20th-century American style, Donna’s work is influenced by many different periods including French Moderne, Hollywood Regency, and Mid-Century Modern, to name a few. The firms’ approach is to infuse interiors with elements of different periods and styles to create timeless, unpredictable surroundings. By merging traditional and contemporary style, the end result is interiors with layered textures, avant-garde elements, and cutting-edge styling. dmondiinteriordesign.com

About Materials Marketing: Founded in 1965 and proudly residing in San Antonio, Materials Marketing produces stone and tile for every project. They work closely with residential and commercial architects, home-owners, and designers. As America’s oldest and largest fully integrated stone manufacturer, their abilities can match any design or inspiration. Drawing on decades of experience, combined with expert stone-carvers, Materials Marketing carries on traditions that have existed since ancient Greece. Their high level of craftsmanship demands only the best-quarried stone, ensuring each project represents not only the aesthetics you desire but outlives any fleeting trend. www.materials-marketing.com

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Palm Springs: A Love Story by Staci Munic

The following is a guest blog post written by RNDD Member Staci Munic of Staci Munic Interiors about her experience being a part of the 2019 Modernism Week Home Tours.

After my first Modernism Week experience 8 years ago, when Palm Springs was slightly weathered-from-a-stormy economy, I now view the experience through a new lens. You see, I have been coming to Palm Springs with my family since I was a little girl. We have proudly and gratefully called it our second home for four decades, escaping a couple of weeks of Chicago’s harsh winter each year, and revitalizing our hardworking selves in the desert.  Modernism Week (MW) is a 10-day mid-century modern culture, art, design, and festive extravaganza.  MW not only educates and immerses you in the alluring, seductive Coachella Valley but also feeds creativity. It affords a glimpse into the unique vibe that only Palm Springs can deliver.


So, here’s what happens……you land in the idyllic outdoor Palm Springs International unnamed (4)Airport and you are completely transformed. Expect nothing less than to be visually and emotionally stimulated and by Palm Springs’ charm.  A mélange of California Laid Back Chicness. Hollywood Glamoriscious Regency. Desert Minimalism. A Stimulating Modern Art Scene. An Emerging Culinary and Libation Hospitality Environment. A Discerning Fashonista’s Haven.  Some OG Iconic Design Bad Ass Heavy Hitters that will make you feel that you wish you lived in a different era. But still grateful that you live in this moment in time. This desert oasis will make your life better, more beautiful, cooler, hipper, happier, and more interesting.

And, don’t fret about feeling intimidated in any way.  Palm Springs is gentle and welcoming, embracing everyone. Newbies to mid-century modern design and architecture are welcome. And no matter your gender, sexuality, race, religion – all are equally honored here.


I got lucky when I bought my condo last year in the historically significant William Cody Tennis Club Homes.  I had hoped, that if I ever bought in Palm Springs, I unnamed (15)would be able to walk to town, join the tennis club, and live in a mid-century modern home.  I found my place on the heels of my dad’s passing last February and went into full-blown renovation to the studs this past year.  One of my neighbors had reached out to the MW board and asked if our William Cody Tennis Club Homes could be on the tour.  We were given the green light with the stipulation that 5 units had to have been renovated in the past 2 years. My unit would make number 5 …..if I could complete it in time.

Knowing that there are always surprises and delays when renovating an old-ish residence, (mine was built in 1966, a very good year for being born, wink-wink), it would be a race to the finish line. Overseeing a project from Chicago with frequent trips to Palm Springs; plus I was running my design firm, and selling both my home and my mom’s home – there was a lot to juggle.  Having design projects in both Palm Springs and Chicago made the commuting worthwhile, and it is always so much fun when you are designing for yourself! However, there was also this immense internal pressure to develop a perfect representation of my personal aesthetic as I introduced myself and Staci Munic Interiors to the 300 plus people that would be viewing my home on the tour.  I was especially concerned about the impression I would make upon the trades with whom I was working and forging relationships with for future projects in Palm Springs, as well as upon my new friends and potential clients in Palm Springs. Not to mention, my supportive and encouraging family and friends were observing my project and my life take a new shape, and that added a touch of weightiness to deliver something stellar and simultaneously extremely personal.


Everything was going along splendidly, and then, Bell’s Palsy paid me an unwanted visit in early October.  Worried about letting down my neighbors and not finishing the home in time for the tour, ill, exhausted, and face half paralyzed,  I settled into Palm Springs for the duration to finish the project.  This is when having a great team matters most.  Between my lighting designer, architect, GC and his crew of subs, and most importantly, my mom, who nurtured and cared for me, we were able to complete the project on time!

What I created was my interpretation of how to live in a mid-mod classic in 2019 comfortably for my lifestyle.  I am a single mom, with two college-age kids, with a robust unnamed (3)group of friends and family with whom I want to visit me and feel comfortable in my home. Cody’s intent was to have the exterior and interior of the home flow seamlessly. I achieved this by running the same floor outside and inside, replacing the glass block with glass, removing the iron gate around the back covered patio, and adding ceiling detail to the front entry.  Previous owners did a 1980’s remodel adding lots of curved walls and glass block.  We got rid of all of that!  Cooking and entertaining is a thread in my fabric, with my roots in the hospitality industry, so I enlarged the galley kitchen by two feet. To do this, we took a couple of feet from a guest closet and bathroom, raised the ceiling, added a steel I-Beam and a generous skylight… hello sunshine!


Removing the skylight from the living room and the mauve fireplace marble was a constant design debate between me and my architect and builder.  Ultimately, I decided both of those elements were limiting, and 86’d them. We unnamed (21).jpgreplaced them with a warm white ledger stone and walnut ceiling fan.  The master suite is where I had a field day, enlarging the actual bathroom without changing the footprint by removing walls and reconfiguring the closets.  We designed a sliding glass exposed door that provided lightness and architectural interest while also affording privacy when needed.  I can steam, soak, dress, and relax in this retreat with a mountain view and nestle into my cozy bedroom for a restful night’s sleep.  The guest suite was a blast to design, as well!  I went with twin beds after much deliberation for flexible sleep accommodations. I added a stunning glass pocket door for privacy and lightness, and a dressing/staging area just outside the bathroom so more than one person could get ready at a time.  The five key elements I focused on were lighting, tile, cabinetry, hardware, and wall covering….but honestly, it’s mostly about the lighting!  I had selected my decorative fixtures and was originally going to replace the existing 6” recessed lights with LED retrofits, but went all out and hired a lighting designer to get it just right….and that we did.


Please feel free to reach out to me if you visiting Palm Springs, and add MW 2020 to your travel agenda!


(773) 619-5179

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Kitchen Design: What’s #Trending in 2019

_MG_4350.jpgWith each new year comes new trends. Scott Dresner and his team at Dresner Design are big fans of timeless design. Trends come and go, but sleek, white kitchens are forever.

There are a few design trends that Scott Dresner can get on board with. Here, we asked him to share his top 3 favorite kitchen design trends to watch out for in 2019.



Open Shelving
“When we traveled to Milan for EuroCucina 2018, we spotted a few design elements headed for an uptick in popularity, including ditching upper cabinets for kitchen bookcases and open shelving.” – Scott Dresner


Pictured here: Wall Penthouse. Kitchen Design by Dresner Design.

Mixing Textures
“An easy way to add personality and interest to a space is by mixing textures like high gloss cabinets and natural wood. Another- mixing metals with stainless steel appliances and gold faucets or hardware. In our Hyde Park Kitchen, the eclectic nature of the furnishings really compliments the custom cabinetry. We like the juxtaposition of industrial and rustic elements we used for this client. The modern lines of the glass and stainless hood and the white laminate cabinetry are clean and minimal while the textural island and uppers above the sink create a rustic look. All in all- a unique look for this art-filled home.” – Scott Dresner


Pictured here: Hyde Park Kitchen. Design by Dresner Design. Photo by Jim Tschetter

“Our favorite trend we’ve seen picking up speed is totally custom kitchens. At the 2018 EuroCucina, Stosa Cucine released a new kitchen for the new generation that allows you to customize your kitchen in as many ways as you want, and as often as you want with their new pegboard system. Fun, function, and flexibility. What more could you want?” – Scott Dresner


Stosa Cucine Stand from EuroCucina 2018

Dresner Design offers complete renovation services providing clients with a one-stop shop fulfilling all of their construction needs no matter how large or small. Contact them today to get started.

About Scott Dresner: Scott Dresner is a prominent kitchen designer and custom builder who has designed and installed over 7500 kitchens and baths across the country during his 30-year storied career. He approaches each project from both a practical and creative point of view understanding the big picture; seamlessly blending design and function while using quality and innovative building methods. Scott’s aesthetic is influenced by European design and he masters style, balance and proportion using exquisite his own private label of Italian made cabinetry.  With unflagging passion, dedication and expertise Scott maintains his position as an innovator in both the cabinetry and construction industries while completing thousands of multi-unit developments across the country, designing and building kitchens, baths and wall-units in celebrity homes and residential estates. Please visit www.dresnerdesign.com for more information.

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Love is in the Air in the River North Design District

Happy Valentine’s Day from the River North Design District (RNDD)!

To celebrate this sweet holiday, we are featuring some of our favorite pink, red, and purple interiors designed by our talented RNDD interior designers.

Fluttering magenta butterflies and rosy pink bedding helps create a whimsical oasis for a young girl’s bedroom in the city.
Interior Design by Studio Gild
Photography by Mike Schwartz


Rich, deep purple chairs give this West Town Single Family Home an extra dose of glamour and luxury.
Interior Design by JOLIE ID 
Photography by Jared Powell


The garden room of the Lake Forest Designer Showhouse has us tickled pink with its combination of textures and blush sofa.
Interior Design by Michael Del Piero Good Design
Photography by Janet Mesic Mackie


The bold bed juxtaposed with the soft touches of pink in the wall art and light fixture add personality and whimsy to this young girl’s bedroom.
Interior Design by Kadlec Architecture + Design
Photography by Nathan Kirkman


A pink haven designed for a budding fashionista allows this glamorous girl the perfect backdrop to play dress up until her heart’s content.
Interior Design by M  I  L  I  E  U
Photography by Tony Soluri


This bold, red laundry room in Dresner Design’s Gold Coast Townhome packs a serious punch, sealed with dozens of kisses.
Interior Design by Dresner Design
Photography by Jim Tschetter

_DSC7082 (1).jpg

Thoughts of an English garden set the tone for this light filled room – as a soft palette of airy florals and rich textures are enveloped in a dusty rose, creating a personal and comfortable space for all.
Interior Design by Robin Thomas Design
Photography by Ricardo Bloch


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Get Peace of Mind and Convenience, Thanks to Barrett’s Technology Solutions

Imagine driving up to your home as your garage door gently begins to rise, your porch and walkway lights illuminate, and your smart thermostat kicks on cooling your home to your preferred temperature. Better yet, perhaps you own your own business – picture yourself relaxing during your hard-earned vacation, with a simple swipe you can remotely log-in via your smartphone to review access control data and surveillance footage. With custom technology solutions, peace of mind and convenience now go hand in hand.

All of this is possible with Barrett’s Technology Solutions, our newest member of the River North Design District (RNDD).


Barrett’s Technology Solutions is Chicago’s leading technology integrator, specializing in the design and installation of smart home automation and control, including: audio and video entertainment systems, wireless lighting, energy management, security solutions, and more for both residential and commercial applications.

Gerald Outdoor Covered Patio (Angle 1 with Launchport Revised)

Barrett’s Technology Solutions’ extensive experience, design-focused approach, and high quality of service makes it easy for you to experience all the benefits of customized technology solutions for your home or business.

Automated Blinds (Closed) Gerald 350 HDR

Since 1966, Barrett’s has remained the premier choice for discerning clients in the Greater Chicago area. Whether you are looking to add increased safety and convenience through a custom home technology system or are in need of large-scale commercial audio/video integration, Barretts’ expert team of professionals will guide you every step of the way. They work closely with home and business owners, as well as architects, builders, and interior design professionals to create connected technology systems that enhance your life while respecting the aesthetics of your home or commercial environment.

Master Bath (Gerald) 350 HDR

Their dedicated team of system designers, project managers, and installers make the process as seamless as possible, from start to finish, all the while providing first-class service, now and for years to come.

Overall Rear View

Rest assured that Barrett’s will always help you make the best, most informed decision for your project. Technology changes, but their commitment to their clients and service never does. For more information, visit their website at www.barretts.tv or contact them at 630-898-2850 to get started today.

Welcome to RNDD!

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RNDD Welcomes Oceanside Glass & Tile

Are you working on a bathroom, kitchen, pool design or commercial project? Our newest member has you covered. For over 25 years, Oceanside Glass & Tile has been perfecting the game-changing trifecta of tile, glass and sustainability. And now they are a member of the River North Design District.

Choose from hundreds of shapes and colors to make your one-of-a-kind tile blend. Preview and perfect your creation to set the right ambiance and mood for any type of room or installation.


Oceanside melts and recycles around 2 million pounds of post-consumer bottle glass each year. They take pride in redirecting waste from landfills and transforming it into beautiful, artisan glass tile.

The glass is pressed, flipped, and then placed on a belt that sends the patty form through an oven which slowly cools the molten glass. This step is often overlooked in glass manufacturing and is a critical step (known as annealing) that ensures the glass is durable for outdoor applications. Each piece is then hand-cut, hand-sheeted, and carefully packed for its new owner.

“Long before the words ‘green building’ were commonly used, Oceanside was up-cycling beer bottles into high end tiles destined for beautiful homes. This plentiful raw material was and still is our primary glass ingredient.”
– Boyce Lundstrum, one of Oceanside’s founders.


Through their experience as a manufacturer, Oceanside identified and partnered with key global manufacturers to curate a comprehensive library of building materials. The result? A one-stop resource for quality surface materials. Their Architecture and Design (A+D) Group is a team of dedicated Sales and Design Executives with direct access to time tested manufacturers, committed to helping you quickly and easily specify antique mirror, ceramic, cement, glass, metal, porcelain and stone for your next project.


Imagine. Play. Enjoy your journey with Oceanside Glass & Tile. They recognize finding the right materials for your kitchen backsplash, master bath or pool project can be a stressful experience. But with their knowledgable design consultants, the process becomes easy and fun.


You can learn more about Oceanside Glass & Tile and browse their collections at www.glasstile.com.

Please help us in welcoming them to the RNDD Community!

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Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago “Best of Design 2019” Featuring 9 RNDD Members

Modern Luxury Interiors Chicago recently released their “Best of Design” 2019 issue and we were so excited to see many of our River North Design District (RNDD) members make the list! See the full issue online here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 11.16.37 AM.png

Congratulations to these RNDD members for your achievements this year!

Best Residential Wine Lounge: Mia Rao Design

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 11.18.05 AM.png

Best Bathroom: Donna Mondi Interior Design
Best Modern Showroom: Casa Spazio
Best Home Office & Library: Vincere

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 11.21.08 AM.png

Best Contemporary Kids Room: Kadlec Architecture + Design
Best Modern Millwork: Gray & Walter Interior Design



Best Kitchen Collaboration: O’Brien Harris and Sarah Dippold Design
Best Pop-Up: Dresner Design as part of the RNDD Fall Gallery Walk



The winners were celebrated at an issue release party on January 29th, at the new 210 Design House in River North. Congrats to everyone who made the list!

210 design house

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Theodore Alexander is Coming to Chicago

Our organization is celebrating 6 years this year. In the time that we formed the River North Design District (RNDD), it has been incredibly fulfilling to watch not only our organization grow, but to watch the neighborhood grow as well. We welcomed many new design showrooms to River North in 2018, and already this year we are seeing more new faces pop up. One showroom, in particular, we are excited to welcome is our newest RNDD Member, Theodore Alexander who is opening their River North, Chicago showroom in Spring 2019.

new ta logo_cmyk439c-01


Designers don’t like boundaries. Neither does Theodore Alexander. That’s why their trade showrooms beautifully blur the line between the worlds of design and manufacturing with great styles, artisan craftsmanship, and collaborative services to help you take your design firm to the next level.

22Designers come to Theodore Alexander for a modern mix, but they are the masters of traditional styling – and all the beautiful transitions and iterations in between.

“Our style is your style.”


Very often custom creations set designers apart. Inside their upholstery workroom – your workroom – Theodore Alexander artisans nip, tuck and tailor to your plan. And their Custom Palette program gives you the freedom to create: Over 500 styles in 50+ finishes, plus innovative striping options. It’s all about empowering creativity.


Inside the Theodore Alexander showroom, their staff engages like an extension of your own design studio, at your service, expediting orders and partnering with you to bring your project to life – on time and on budget.


Idea and execution. Design and manufacturing. It all comes together beautifully. At your Theodore Alexander trade showroom – coming soon to the River North Design District. Welcome!

Learn more about Theodore Alexander and browse their product offerings at www.theodorealexander.com.

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RNDD Welcomes the 210 Design House to the Neighborhood

We are excited to welcome the 210 Design House, located at 210 W. Illinois, Chicago, IL 60654 in River North as a member of the River North Design District (RNDD)!


210 Design House is a newcomer to the River North Design District and offers over 25 years of design experience to serve as a premium destination for designers, architects, developers, homeowners, etc.

210 design house

They have a dedicated floor to serve multi-developments, a dedicated showroom floor showcasing the latest and greatest in Snaidero products.  An entire showroom floor showcasing the latest and greatest from Plain and Fancy, as well as a floor dedicated to some amazing wardrobes, closet systems, and furnishings from MisuraEmme, a beautiful made-in-Italy product which like the other products offered- deeply rooted in family and tradition.

210 snaidero elegante

All three lines offer the same values and traditions they hold true; quality, craftsmanship, and longevity.  All of the product lines are family-owned businesses and operated by the third generation.

210 systems closets

They are excited to launch the 210 Design House as a destination to all seeking personalized attention and knowledge.  The new space has dedicated meeting spaces for brainstorming and planning as well as event space so they can support the River North Design District.  The space will further collaboration with other like-minded businesses and support partnerships with many local non-profits they have supported over the years.

plain and fancy chicago peppercorn austere 5

They are also excited to partner with Sub-Zero Wolf, Gaggenau, Miele, Franke, Rohl, Dornbracht and Kohler…all of whom are going to be featured throughout the beautiful floors of the space.

210 Systems Table.jpg

For more information on the 210 Design House, visit them online at 210DesignHouse.com, or in person at 210 W. Illinois, Chicago, IL 60654, 312-644-1300.

Welcome to the neighborhood!

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Custom Home Trends 2019

Janet Owen, a leading Chicago luxury Real Estate Broker with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, offers some insights on custom home trends for 2019. We asked Janet what she sees as some of the must-have’s for buyers in 2019. Here is her list of musts.

Your home definitely has to not only be a “smart home”, but it must have a PhD!

The ability to control lighting, heating and cooling, and the weather report remotely is a must, as is the ability to raise and lower shades in each room of the home.  Blinds with pull chains are as “old school” as phones with wires or wires anywhere in your home, for that matter.


BGD&C’s Lincoln Park French Home
Architecture: BGD&C
Design/Build & Construction: BGD&C
Photography: Tony Soluri

Security is important.  Remote control garage door openers are a must. We just had our firewood delivered while we were away for Thanksgiving. My husband Rodger Owen (President of BGD&C Custom Homes), opened the garage door remotely for the delivery company and they brought it right in. The garage door was closed remotely, all while he was watching them deliver on our cameras.  We get an alert when anything happens anywhere near our home and we have instant access to our security cameras on our phones.

Oh, and about that garage? There will be driverless cars in there within a few years. I don’t believe it either, but it is happening.  And you don’t have an electric charger? The time is now to integrate that into your new home. Garages that look like rooms, robots cleaning the floors- need I say more?  The key is embracing technology- it’s rapidly changing and we all need to be up to date.

Alexa, Siri and whomever are everywhere.  Ask one of them to program your oven to turn on or off on a whim, play the music you are in the mood to hear. Robotics are not the future, they are now and if you are in denial you will be left behind.   Let’s not forget to mention the choices on TV. Needless to say, absolutely everything is on demand anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. No one watches anything that is actually happening now with the exception of the Oscars, the latest news events or perhaps the finals of a sporting event.

Regarding finishes, I hear everywhere that granite is “definitely out”.  What’s hot? Leathered quartzite countertops in your kitchen. Brass finishes and grass cloth wall coverings are back, or so I have heard from some of my friends and colleagues who are well known interior designers. “Mid-century modern” and “transitional” are key words I hear all the time. Open spaces are still in high demand but not a lot of “things” to fill every nook and cranny. Family photos and mementos will hopefully never go out of style.


BGD&C’s Lincoln Park Transitional Home
Architecture: BGD&C
Design/Build & Construction: BGD&C
Interior Design: Kadlec Architecture + Design
Photography: Nathan Kirkman

When building a custom home, outdoor kitchens are a “must” as are attached garages, pools and room sized mudrooms for the children and all their paraphernalia. Decompress when coming in from the garage and put everything in its’ place in the mudroom. It makes perfect sense to me. And who wants to get wet on the way to a party on a rainy or snowy evening? For me, that is the most important reason for an attached garage!  Create an alert on your phone and be sure your system closes the garage door after you walk into the house or after you drive away.  A garage door being left open is a huge security breach.

1844 Howe_012.jpg

BGD&C’s Lincoln Park Tuscan Home
Architecture: BGD&C
Design/Build & Construction: BGD&C
Photography: Tony Soluri

Just recently, I heard a buyer wanted a climbing wall in their home gym.  Another wanted an in-home art studio.  The list is really endless.  Accommodating the way buyers live is ultimately the most important thing in new home design trends.

Any other questions? Ask Alexa. Or better yet, ask BGD&C Custom Homes and tell them what you want for your particular lifestyle.  They are great listeners and will make it happen. – Janet Owen, top producing broker of Berkshire Hathaway KoenigRubloff.

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