6th Annual RNDD Fall Gallery Walk Preview – Part 1

The River North Design District (RNDD) Fall Gallery Walk is back! Now it’s 6th year, the event will return on Friday, September 10th, 2021. The RNDD Fall Gallery Walk, presented by Daniel Kinkade Fine Art, is free and open to the public with the exception of two special events (more information here).

The walk is comprised of 20 locations with special events throughout River North, featuring 25 artists and 18 designer vignettes. Join us on opening night, September 10th from 5-9pm as you stroll through River North visiting each location for a special events and surprises. View the full map of participating locations and suggested routes here.

Each location will come alive with art from some of the brightest artists on the scene, paired with vignettes from Chicago’s top designers. The result? Insta-worthy feasts for the eye to inspire anyone who wants inspiration to make their home a beautiful haven. 

We have some really amazing collaborations in the works for this year and wanted to share a sneak peek with you.

Yamini Designs and Interiors by Francesca featuring headline artist Linc Thelen and art from students from CAPE (Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education) at Calia Stone Boutique

154 W. Hubbard St.

The night begins with the official RNDD Fall Gallery Kickoff Party.

Enter a fantasy garden folly where fashion and interiors converge. Your senses will be delighted at Calia Stone Boutique, where natural stone creates a well-hewn backdrop for a profusion of color, pattern, texture and opulence inspired by renowned fashion and textile designer Christian LaCroix. View the large-scale, vibrant work by Linc Thelen and let your imagination run wild. Sip a bespoke cocktail and enjoy hors d’oeuvres as you view LaCroix’s iconic fashion on the big screen and vibe to the music of his era. Support CAPE (Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education) and purchase some student work. Before you leave, drop a business card for a chance to win a bottle of St. Germain liquor.

Design by Yamini Designs | Photo by Marcel Page Photography
Design by Interiors by Francesca | Photo by Ted Glasoe
Artwork by Linc Thelen

PROjECT .interiors featuring Patrick Sansone at 210 Design House

210 W. Illinois St.

The night ends with the official RNDD Fall Gallery After Party.

Listen to the gong, the rhythmic drumming, the vibrational hum. Gaze into the stillness of a Listen to the gong, the rhythmic drumming, the vibrational hum. Gaze into the stillness of a photograph, a moment captured in time, evoking a memory, a yearning, a curiosity, a desire. Taste a color, allow a libation to wet your tongue and awaken your energy. Take in the aromas, close your eyes, be guided into the calm among the chaos by MINDCURATE. Patrick Sansone’s photographic reflections paired with PROjECT. Interiors sensory experience acknowledges the massive transformation and shift in our world. Take a moment to pause and engage your senses—to connect. Together, we will see, taste, hear, smell and feel at an afterparty hosted by 210 Design House that will reunite and revive. 

Tickets are $35/each, and space is limited, so get yours now!

Design by PROjECT .interiors | Photo by Cynthia Lynn Kim
Artwork by Patrick Sansone

Studio 6F featuring Colt Seager at bulthaup

313 W. Superior St., Suite 109

Join bulthaup and Studio 6F for a curated collection targeting all five senses. Colt Seager is an internationally recognized artist based in Chicago. Working primarily in the mediums of painting and sculpture, his art seeks to invite others into a spiritual space, encouraging them to explore their identity, faith, passions, and all that make them human.  Listen to the official gallery walk playlist created by Studio 6F’s Gil Melott on Spotify here.

Design by Studio 6F | Photo by Ryan McDonald
Artwork by Colt Seager

Elizabeth Scott Design Group featuring David Yarrow of Hilton | Asmus Contemporary at ARMAZEM.design

212 W. Superior St.

Come experience a journey through the exotic. Witness the talented Elizabeth Scott materialize her magnum opus of merging the evocative monochrome photography by David Yarrow, featured by Hilton|Asmus Contemporary, with Armazem’s exclusive curated collections of Brazilian artisanship and design. The genius of an unparalleled vision. 

Design by Elizabeth Scott Design Group | Photo by Angelika Piatek Photography
Photography by David Yarrow

Stay tuned for our next Gallery Walk preview!

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