5 Tips for Selecting the Right Art for Your Home

When it comes to select art for your home, it can be a difficult process. There are so many styles, sizes, colors, and price points. And art galleries can be intimidating for some. Art can be an investment piece as well so that can add to the pressure of making sure you make the best and most educated choice. That’s why we have called in the professionals to help. We talked with Chicago interior designer, Lauren Svenstrup of Studio Sven to get her top 5 tips for selecting the right artwork for your home.

1. Size Matters

Scale is everything when selecting the perfect piece of art for your space. Make sure that the piece is appropriately sized for the wall and the overall composition of the room.

“When in doubt, the bigger the better!”

Lauren Svenstrup

If you fall in love with a smaller piece of art, that’s fine too! Just make sure you are being intentional with it. Think of other ways to visually fill the wall, consider painting the wall a bold color, or try flanking it with sconces, or floor lamps, something to fill the rest of the space.

Design by Studio Sven

2. Switch it Up

Make sure to switch up the mediums of the artwork you select for your home. There are dozens of styles of artwork out there. Explore everything. Then mix and match a few of your favorites. There’s photography, abstract, drawings, dimensional pieces, and framed objects, just to name a few.

“I love a good abstract, but not on every wall of the house.”

– Lauren Svenstrup
Design by Studio Sven

3. Framing Changes Everything

Framing can be as understated or dramatic as you want and it can totally change the feel of a piece of artwork. For example, try taking a contemporary painting and put it in a traditional gilt frame. Or take a traditional piece of art and float it in an acrylic shadow box for a modern twist. One of Lauren’s favorite ways to play with framing it to “over-frame.”

“You can take a small piece and over-frame it with a huge mat for more impact.”

– Lauren Svenstrup

When it comes to framing artwork in Chicago, no one does it better than fellow RNDD Member, Artists Frame Service. They offer many custom framing choices. Choosing mouldings, mat colors and glass options can be overwhelming. But don’t worry about it. Their expert framing consultants make it effortless and enjoyable to get your framing done beautifully.

These are trained professionals who will start by asking questions like where will this piece hang and what’s your personal style? Their artistic perspectives will ensure you land on the combination that was made for you.


4. Make it Deeply Personal

If you are going to invest in a piece of art and it’s going to hang on the walls of your home for years to come, then you had better love it. If you are having a hard time finding a piece that speaks to you on a deeper level, Lauren would urge you to keep in mind that anything can be art if you frame it right.

“I’ve taken a World Series baseball base and had it floated it in an acrylic box and all of a sudden it is art.”

Lauren Svenstrup

Bring your art, photos, treasured objects or favorite print into one of Artists Frame Service’s locations to begin your framing adventure.

“We frame what inspires us. Getting the things that speak to you on a wall is why I love framing.”

Josh, Frame Consultant at Artists Frame Service.

5. Explore All the Resources Available to You

When you are looking for the right piece of art for your home, don’t restrict yourself to online searches. Seeing a piece in person makes a world of difference. Utilize all the resources you can, including: art consultants, art galleries, art fairs, and vintage shops. And don’t forget photographs! If you come across a photo you love, contact the photographer and ask if they are willing to sell you a print or one time print rights.

“I was looking for the perfect portrait for a client’s home with an extreme hobby and stumbled upon the most amazing self portrait of Cory Richards on the cover of National Geographic after he survived an avalanche. I contacted him and purchased a one-time usage right to print a 8′ tall photo for my clients home.”

Design by Studio Sven

The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting the right art for your home is that everyone is going to have an opinion, but yours is the only on that matters. One of Lauren’s favorite quotes is from Marie Corelli and sums up her thoughts perfectly: “An opinion which excites no opposition at all is not worth having!”

About Studio Sven: STUDIO SVEN designs in response to how you live in and interact with the space around you — your daily challenges and the life you aspire to live — to create a space where you thrive. We are firm in our beliefs and committed to our methodology: WE DESIGN OUR CLIENT’S LIVES, NOT JUST THEIR HOMES. Lauren Svenstrup founded STUDIO SVEN with a belief that a truly beautiful design is one that solves problems. If it doesn’t work in the context of your life, it doesn’t belong in your home. Lauren is comfortable treading the fine line between following “the rules” and breaking them. Her vibrant and sophisticated designs easily mix contemporary elements with vintage finds and killer art. Her working style is informed by her studies in furniture design and human-centered design, as well as her extensive experience in project management. STUDIO SVEN considers a wide range of projects and budgets, from residential to boutique hospitality. We collaborate with architects, contractors, artisans, and craftspeople, and are well-versed in every aspect of project management, from conception to turnkey installation. www.studiosven.com

About Artists Frame Service: With locations in River North, Lincoln Park and Highland Park, Artists Frame Service has been providing Chicago’s best framing since 1978. As the largest picture frame store in the country, Artists Frame Service offers a breathtaking and unmatched selection of frame mouldings from all around the world. The company pioneered the one-week turnaround and operates its own 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, giving it unparalleled control over framing quality and craftsmanship from conception to completion. Founded by Chicago entrepreneur Jay Goltz, Artists Frame Service was named the city’s Best Picture Framer by Chicago Magazine and has been featured in publications such as Crain’s Chicago Business, Chicago Tribune and Architectural Digest. www.artistsframe.com

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