5 Things That are Inspiring Daniel Kinkade Right Now

Daniel Kinkade will rock your walls. 

Born out of the need for a liaison between artist and collector, Daniel Kinkade Fine Art provides professional and legendary art consultation services for interior designers, architects, facility managers and private collectors on an international scale.

Their offerings include fine art, prints, limited editions, commissioned works, corporate signage, sculpture and custom designer framing. All of their advisors hold degrees in interior design and art history. They have been in business for over a decade and collaborate on projects worldwide with a network of hundreds of global artists.

Daniel and his team do amazing work and we couldn’t be more proud to have them as our presenting sponsor of this year’s Gallery Walk! Learn more about the 6th Annual RNDD Fall Gallery Walk, Presented by Daniel Kinkade Fine Art, here.

What Inspires the Inspirational?

As someone who makes their living bringing inspiration to others, we asked Daniel Kinkade himself to share 5 things that are inspiring him at the moment.


When I need immediate inspiration and want to look at beautifully made objects, I pull out my books of Cartier designs. The first luxe watch I purchased for myself was a Cartier Santos, which is based on the original piece by Cartier for the world’s first mens wristwatch around 1910. Cartier was founded on the principle of beauty and design being inspired from unusual places when it came to jewelry; they hired architects, interior designers and even landscape planners for their first shops and this sets them apart. I for sure have the best Cartier advisor in Chicago, Lesley, at the store on Michigan Avenue.

Image via Cartier

The DKFA Core Chicago Artists

I’ve worked with some incredible Chicago artists for over a decade.  Some of my favorites are Lynn Basa, who can make the simplest forms and shapes incredibly complex and sophisticated. Others are Sally Ko, who has a very unique voice with a modern edge and then Adam Thomas who paints the most beautiful clouds, animals and landscapes. They all create stunning abstracts as well and can be found on our website and social media.

Artwork by Lynn Basa, image via Daniel Kinkade Fine Art


Having been to 84 countries – and hitting 85 this year – travel is my biggest inspiration. It’s my opportunity to recharge, immerse myself in other cultures and discover new artists, new ways of thinking living, and fabulous cuisine. The last couple of years I’ve been in India, Nepal, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland and Vanuatu to name some favorites, but Paris will always have my heart, no matter what. It’s the most romantic and exciting city in the world.

Daniel’s Dad’s Collections

I definitely inherited the collecting gene from my father. He’s been a respected expert when it comes to arrowheads, Native American artifacts and various fine guns since before I was born. There’s something really special about a piece of flint shaped into the tip for an arrow from thousands of years ago, and knowing it has an incredible story, and then knowing your dad found it under a cliff on his farm. There’s stories behind the mortar and pestles he has from private Native American sites which were used for food production in times far gone and they fascinate me to no end. And now he’s been handcrafting his own wooden sculptural bowls — some are huge — the one he gave me is 20 x 10 x 30 and it’s stunning.


Honestly, one of the best ways for me to reset my brain and get the creative juices flowing, is to just walk around Chicago. It’s awesome to take in the Lake from a great view, enjoy a drink at the newly renovated Four Seasons, have lunch at my favorite restaurant, Le Colonial on Oak, stroll around Millennium Park, and of course, take in as many shows at the the Art Institute and MCA as I can.

Learn more about Daniel Kinkade Fine Art and the incredible artists he represents here: danielkinkade.com

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