4 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends to Watch in 2022

This month, the KBIS Show came back in person after a long hiatus. The show saw new trends emerge and classic styles remain.

We asked our members to share with us the top kitchen and bath design trends to watch in 2022.

Statement Faucets

TOTO’s Chicago Gallery recently added a handsome modular display unit for its award-winning faucets designs. Inspired by architecture, long view trends in global design, and Japanese history and culture, TOTO’s premium quality, high-performance faucets exude understated elegance that elevates everyday life. The attractive new display serves as the TOTO Gallery’s lower-level centerpiece. Each elegant faucet is mounted to a plexiglass base that enables patrons to remove it and place it on a lavatory they are considering.

Designers and design-savvy homeowners will delight in TOTO’s statement-making faucets, which convey a sophisticated sense of style to any bath space. They will also enjoy additional features that go far beyond these award-winning faucets’ refined aesthetic appeal — premium quality, superb performance, excellent ergonomics, and absolute reliability. WaterSense labeled, TOTO faucets flow at water-conserving 1.2 gallons per minute. Their COMFORT GLIDE® technology features TOTO’s special DIAMOND-LIKE CARBON COATING to ensure long-lasting quality, flow control, and comfortable use.

Visit TOTO’s Chicago Gallery today at 500 N Wells St in River North Chicago and browse TOTO’s elegant faucet designs. 

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Photo Credit: Atanas Kan 

Kitchen Organization

More people are looking for finishing touches that add to a handcrafted feel – unusual and fresh profiles on cabinetry doors (like these from Omega Cabinetry) are on our to-watch list.

Organization to suit your needs – open shelving for your mug collection or built-in spice racks, the choice is yours. Shop solutions like these and more from Studio41.

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Image via Omega Cabinetry
Image via Omega Cabinetry

Technology in the Kitchen

2022 should have as much technology as you want; whether that means an app-controllable faucet that can measure for you or a motion sensor for hands-free cleaning. Find all this and more at Studio41.

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Image via Kohler

The Modern Kitchen

The kitchen is the vibrant center of a home, serving as both a functional space and a place to gather. The aesthetic of a kitchen often sets the tone for the rest of the house, and “modern” kitchen design can vary from home to home but this concept of The Modern Kitchen is a trend Materials Marketing has seen increase recently. Your idea of modern may be a sophisticated approach, with stainless steel and warm-colored dimensional tile. Or you may have a more effortless vision of a modern kitchen in mind, with bright colors and tons of natural light. Whatever your vision, there are 3 key design elements to consider that define a modern kitchen: clean lines, color scheme, and patterns/mosaics. 

Clean Lines

By simply drawing the eye in a linear direction, a modern design can be accomplished. Investing in well-made, well-designed materials for your, flooring, backsplash tile, stone kitchen hood, and more will help you achieve your sleek scheme and durability. You can also create fewer lines overall with larger individual tiles and floorboards. 

Designer: Denise McGaha Interiors Tile Installer: Eric Rodriguez Stone Maison: Eduardo Dimas Salesperson: Lisa Jackson Bradford

Color Scheme

“Bright and white” has grown in popularity over the past few years as the preferred design color scheme in today’s sleek kitchen design, but a return to earthy neutrals is also gaining popularity. Choosing a natural stone flooring using a timeliness material like Danby marble, Carrara marble, or a Cream limestone will help you design a modern kitchen to last. 


To create a modern kitchen, you need to consider potential patterns and mosaics. While white and cream-colored tiles and stones remain extraordinarily popular in kitchen design, using some bolder glass and ceramic tiles or custom natural stone mosaics can be fun, unexpected design elements that create bold focal points in modern kitchens. 

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