3 Tips for Decorating Large Blank Walls

The following is an article supplied by River North Design District (RNDD) Member, Casa Spazio, a showroom in River North that carries luxury Italian furniture.

Approaching large, blank walls in your home can be intimidating and difficult to tackle. You don’t know where to start, and staring at the vast, empty space can leave you feeling uninspired and flustered. However, with a little inspiration, designing your walls can be a fun process that is easier than you might expect. Casa Spazio has 3 design tips for how to work with large, bare, walls to help get you started.


Design Tip 1: Embrace Negative Space

Negative space refers to the space around the elements of your design. The following design from Presotto illustrates that an empty wall can contribute as much as the wall unit itself.

This same concept can apply to your own home. Try to rethink the way you approach a blank wall by considering the shapes created around the things you put on the wall.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with large walls is the role that positive and negative space play. As long as your design is balanced, large empty areas can contribute to your design in a bold and powerful way. Embrace the white space, let it breathe, and don’t try to hide it, making it a powerful part of your home’s design.


Tip 2: Create a functional space

Now you can start determining a place for each element that you would like on your wall. Do you want art, shelving, a TV, etc.? Everything must have its place so that your design looks intentional.

It is also important to consider what else is in the room. Furniture and whatever is on the walls (art, TV) visually support one another. The entire space must be harmonious so that everything feels well balanced and appears to be a part of a thoroughly planned design. Consider the room from every possible angle, what should be the focal point, where do you need visual separation, consider the placement of the windows, etc.

For example – If a TV is necessary, determine where it needs to go for the best view from the sofa. Place the important items first, then use the balance of positive and negative space to determine where other things can go.

You should never choose your home according to your furnishings, but you should always do the opposite. In fact the furniture must be customisable to adapt to the style of your home making it exactly as you have imagined.”


Tip 3: Think outside of the box… with boxes

Still unsure about what you want on your walls? Have you considered turning furniture into an art piece?

Presotto’s I-modulART is a modular, versatile and completely customizable wall system, to fit your needs. The furniture is modular so that you can reinvent and assemble it according to your taste, getting great results every time. Every single element is easily combined with others, giving you the best opportunity to fill your blank wall space while still keeping the design aesthetically pleasing AND functional.  See the various designs by Presotto here or stop by Casa Spazio’s Chicago showroom at 222 W Hubbard.


Various colors like brass or gold, and different finishes such as lacquer, wood or ceramic, give your furniture that personal, unique touch.

If you are interested in learning more about Presotto Wall Systems or if you still need help finding a solution for your blank walls, Casa Spazio offers design and space planning services. Contact them to get started!

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