RNDD Welcomes Encore Gallery

RNDD Showrooms are the Ultimate Destination for Design

The River North Design District (RNDD) is comprised of the best showrooms in the area that carry everything from lighting, plumbing, rugs, kitchens to furnishings- everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind haven. 

One additional element you need for your one-of-a-kind home? Tiles and Wall Panels. Which is why we are excited to welcome Encore Gallery to our organization, helping to expand the product offerings of the RNDD so you can find everything you need.

European Tiles & Panels. World-Class Design.

Encore Gallery is a showroom and exclusive distributor of modern European porcelain tiles by Tubadzin as well as commercially adopted decorative gypsum wall panels by 3Decorative Solutions.

Their state of the art 6,000 sq. ft. showroom, located in Berkeley, IL, showcases their product offerings in life size designer vignettes.

Meet The Tubądzin Group

The Tubądzin Group is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of ceramic tiles, a leader of innovation. Since its formation, it has been consistently developing its product offering, skillfully adapting it to the needs of various customer groups. Each product of the company meets the most stringent European standards.

The Tubądzin brand is a proposal for those who seek out unique solutions. It is a real interior designer, creating space which genuinely stands out. The brand has five product lines: Tubądzin, Colour – large format tiles with deep colours, Pastele – created for investment project applications, meeting many additional standards, Majolika – inspired by the Mediterranean ceramics and a proprietary sub-brand called Tubądzin – Maciej Zień creation, prepared by this famous fashion designer.

Why Wall Panels?

3D Wall Panels are an exciting range of decorative, textured wall panels with patterns carved into their surface. A feature wall in 3D Wall Panels creates a huge impact, lending an architectural feel to the room at relatively little cost.

3D Decorative Large Scale Wall Panels can be used without a special surface directly on the wall, wood, stone, plaster, coat or all painted or unpainted surface. All edges and joints interlock for quick, accurate alignment and superior joint stability. Borrowing from the idea of drywall, the seams are blended with a fortified filler, allowing the creation of a seamless, sculpted surface or 3-dimensional wall of nearly any size.

Encore Gallery’s range of 3D Wall Panels Are Monolithic and Seamless Compositions Which Brings Beauty And Elegance To Any Interior

Our Range of 3D Wall Panels Are Monolithic and Seamless Compositions Which Brings Beauty And Elegance To Any Interior

– Encore Gallery

Now you can create a feature wall in your home or business using these 3D gypsum wall panels from Encore Gallery.

Welcome to RNDD, Encore Gallery!

Visit their showroom to check out the latest range of ceramic tiles, 3D panels, showers, bathtubs, tiles options, flooring samples, fittings, and fixtures, or check them out online at encoregallery.us. Finding something that matches your taste and fits within your budget has never been simpler!

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