RNDD Welcomes Studio 6F to Our River North Chicago Design Community

Start with a Blank Slate

When it comes to starting a design project, starting with a blank slate or an empty space is often ideal. It gives clients and designers a fresh start to work from with no preconceptions or expectations which is why our newest River North Design District (RNDD) Member, Studio 6F chose their firm name based on the hex code color converter for white: #ffffff.

When you work with Studio 6F, you get a white space for artistic solutions, giving people aesthetic experiences that they can live with every day. And we are so excited to have them a part of the RNDD community.

“We offer solutions – not without ideas, mind you – just without opinions so heavy that they might cloud the creative solution.”



A Luxury Creative Design Company in Chicago

Studio 6F is a luxury creative design company focusing on high end residential and boutique hospitality interior design.

Studio 6F’s domestic and international projects have been recognized for an unapologetic approach to integrating eras and styles into an eclectic yet harmonious point of view. A commitment to disciplined business practices, alongside an abundantly creative and individualized approach has quickly given Studio 6F an elite position within the interior design community.


Why Choose Studio 6F For Your Next Chicago Interior Design Project?

  • Unrivaled access to inspiring, relevant and unique collections from around the globe.
  • Creative artwork solutions for any space, aesthetic, and budget.
  • Network of trusted resources.
  • Cross-pollinated art aficionados, entrepreneurs, creatives and business experiences.


BESPOKE Furniture

Operating out of its award-winning design gallery and showroom in Chicago, the firm represents Founder and Principal Gil Melott’s eponymous furniture brand Gil Melott BESPOKE.

This mature and contemplative collection rose out of a necessity to find classically shaped forms with a modern twist – in a scale appropriate for use within many of Melott’s city homes. Using materials and ideas familiar to his youth — refined bronze and metal fabrication, solid traditional woodworking and joinery, and fabrics that have a distinct heritage.  The elements are elevated and translated into sophisticated and urbanely rustic pieces of bespoke furniture.

Additionally, they showcase highly sought-after vintage furniture, American contemporary makers and artists representing a variety of mediums such as Steven Haulenbeek, Matthew McCormick, Vincent Pocsik, Ovuud, AKMD, New Format, Modern Industry Design, Laylo Studio, Colt Seager, Michelle Peterson, Michael Dowling and David T. Kim.


Please help us in welcoming Studio 6F to the RNDD Design Community! To learn more about their firm and their work visit their website here.

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