RNDD Welcomes Sarah Montgomery Design

Since our founding in 2013, The River North Design District (RNDD) has grown from just a small group of showrooms and interior designers to now over 70 members and growing! Our newest member to join RNDD is Sarah Montgomery of Sarah Montgomery Design, a Chicago based designer and stylist who creates rich interiors blending new design and vintage finds with a tailored use of color and pattern.

Sarah is also going to be one of the featured designers in our RNDD Fall Gallery Walk so stay tuned to see more work from her!


Sarah’s dynamic style and unique approach to interiors comes from her background in textiles and her diverse career path. Sarah also brings to the table over seven years of experience in the product design and manufacturing of bedding, window treatments and soft home furnishings for high end bedding company, Eastern Accents. Over the past 10 years her range of work has also included display artist for Anthropologie, props and set designer for quirky theatre and spectacle art, and teaching artist at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago.

SarahMontgomery dining room photo by Margaret Rajic

Photography by Margaret Rajic

To learn more about Sarah, we asked her a few questions to get to know more about her  background in the industry and what inspires her.

When did you start your firm and what do you love most about being a designer?

“I started my firm in the summer of 2017, but continued to work full time as a product designer for local, high-end bedding manufacturer, Eastern Accents until March 2019. There are so many things I love about being a designer- solving problems- in design and business, forming new relationships with clients and vendors, and just the overall challenge of being an entrepreneur.”

SMontgomery-6 photo by Margaret Rajic

Photography by Margaret Rajic

Where do you draw inspiration from?

“I have a background in textiles, so I usually start the design process thinking about how I want to incorporate color and pattern into the space.”

What are some of your favorite spaces to design?

“I love doing formal living and dining rooms. I feel like in these spaces clients are more willing to take risks aesthetically and worry a tiny bit less about durability.”

SMontgomery Living room photo by Margaret Rajic

Photography by Margaret Rajic

How are you changing the way you do business during the moment due to shelter in place?

“I’ve been trying to be as present, thoughtful and helpful as I can. I’ve started offering virtual consultations and E-Design services and I’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to the Gates Foundation, Combatting COVID-19 Fund.”

Sarah Montgomery Design is still continuing her work with full service clients to the extent that she can while remote, and she is also able to onboard new full service design clients at this time. Visit her website here to learn more about her virtual design consultations for clients in Chicago and beyond.

SM_OakParkBedroom photo by Margaret Rajic

Photography by Margaret Rajic

We are so excited to have Sarah Montgomery Design a part of the RNDD Community! To learn more about Sarah and her work, or to schedule a complimentary discovery call with her, visit her website here.

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