Abstract Expressionism from Organic Looms Rugs

Abstract expressionism is a post–World War II art movement in American painting, developed in New York in the 1940s. It’s best known for large-scale paintings that break away from traditional processes, often taking the canvas off of the easel and using unconventional materials such as house paint.

Organic Looms provides beautiful rugs that are completely customizable from pattern, color and fiber content to custom sizes and shapes. Here are some of our favorite rugs from their collection inspired by Abstract Expressionism.

Jackson Pollock

Spirograph, Wool/Silk, Made in India and Contemporary Graffiti, Wool/Silk, Made in India


Mark Rothko

Rothko I, Wool/Silk, Made in India and Blurred Vision, Oxidized Wool/Silk, Made in India.


Helen Frankenthaler

Abstract Strokes, Wool/Silk, Made in India

unnamed (10).jpg

Franz Kline

Emergent, Wool/Viscose, Made in India and Phoenix III, Aloe/Viscose, Made in Nepal


Frank Stella

Linked Inn, Wool/Silk, Made in India

unnamed (13)

About Organic Looms: We take great pride in providing you with the finest-quality, natural-fiber rugs. All our carpets are hand woven under environmentally friendly conditions. In keeping with our Green Initiative, our rugs are biodegradable, renewable, environmentally sustainable, non-allergenic, and air purifying. The history and beauty of this art is undeniable. Organic Looms is proud to be a part of the tradition. Learn more at www.organiclooms.com or visit them in River North at 401 N Wells Street.

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