An Inspired Collaboration: Inspired Interiors and The Rug Company

When asked to design a home for a well-traveled couple with large personalities, Emily Mackie and her team at Inspired Interiors needed to work with a company that could accommodate those big personalities with a lot of options, a keen eye, and a customer service team willing to go the extra mile to help find the perfect pieces for this home. So they turned to one of their most trusted vendors, The Rug Company.

“We love working with The Rug Company. Their customer service is super collaborative. They worked with us every step of the way to meet our price points and to help find to solutions to the patterns, colors, and feel our clients were going for.”

 – Emily Mackie, Founder of Inspired Interiors

Inspired Interiors transformed this 7,000+ square foot Ravenswood home to reflect a cultured, collaborative and curated residence with each room evoking travel-inspired experiences the clients shared together. It was important to them that their home contained inspirations in every room as a reminder of all they have done, all they have seen and all they have yet to do. To marry their love of mid-century modern family heirlooms, and influences from the wife’s Asian heritage, they mixed muted tones with bold pops of color to highlight their most prized possessions.

With the parlor, dining room and home office, they brought those bold colors in from the ground up with the help of The Rug Company.


A 12′ x 9′ Mohair Slate rug from The Rug Company Studio Collection was used in the parlor. Deliciously soft mohair is hand-knotted into a plain textural rug with a luxurious sheen. The Rug Company can supply any size and color, and a deep or short pile can be specified.

“We weren’t limited to what they had in stock. They listened to what we were looking for in the design components and found a perfect solution instead of plugging in solutions they had on the floor.”

 – Emily Mackie

The Dining Room featured the Bamboo Border Charcoal rug in a custom 18 x 10′ size. Featuring an ombré border which fades towards the center, Bamboo Border Charcoal is crafted with a chunkier knot, allowing for an accessible price point. Famed for its silk-like luster, bamboo yarn is cool to the touch and exhibits interesting fluctuations in tone, for a natural look.


The home office included a beautiful Brushstrokes rug from Elie Saab’s collection with The Rug Company. The Brushstrokes design is an abstraction of painterly movements. Many subtle colors are at play in this design, gently merging together in shimmering silk yarns. The meticulous craftsmanship of The Rug Company’s weavers ensures that each tone of the palette is perfectly matched in lustrous silk, and then carefully blended with its neighbors to give a subtle but highly decorative effect.

This rug is a part of The Rug Company collection designed by Elie Saab. Lebanese born, Paris based fashion designer, Elie Saab, is a new addition to The Rug Company’s design roster. Renowned for ethereal and whimsical designs and his commitment to craftsmanship, Elie Saab is the master of delicate detailing. This dedication to couture and glamour means his designs are worn by some of the world’s most influential women. With a refreshing approach to rug design, the direction of his collection stems from his signature themes: lace, florals, texture, and abstraction.


“The Rug Company also was really great about letting our clients try out the products first. It made our clients feel so much more comfortable with their purchases by simply being able to test them out in the home before purchasing each rug. Their customer service really goes above and beyond.”

– Emily Mackie

The final result is a home that truly unifies the couple’s diverse styles, interests, and experiences to create one unique home full of memories and inspiration for the future.


About Inspired Interiors: Inspired Interiors curates spaces that embolden you to enjoy life in new, empowering ways. Imagine … a refreshing bathroom that invigorates you to tackle a new day; an innovative office that unlocks your creativity; a welcoming family room that enhances your time together; a sensual bedroom that spices up your love life. At Inspired Interiors, we use design to transform the way you live, love, work, and function. Comprised of accomplished and creative professionals, each with a unique skill set ranging from highly technical knowledge to astute project management, the Inspired Interiors team has completed projects ranging from sleek city penthouses and stately suburban estates to high-powered corporate offices and boutique hospitality spaces.

About The Rug Company: The Rug Company was founded in 1997 with the aim of creating the most desirable rugs in the world. They are obsessive about good design, always striving to innovate and inspire with their own collections. They truly understand the unique heritage and significance of traditional rug artisanship. Their weavers continue to craft the rugs entirely by hand, using the very same techniques as their ancestors. They understand the importance of service and their sales team not only have an expert understanding of the rugs but also how to best use and place them. They will go to great lengths to guide you through the rug buying process, helping you find the perfect piece.

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