New Patterns at Organic Looms

Health, tradition, and beauty are paramount to Organic Looms’ handcrafted rug collections.  Made from the finest materials in their most natural state, each step of the process is connected to the artisan’s hand integrating innovative and sustainable fabrication techniques positively affecting our environment. This unique practice combined with the world’s finest natural materials yields a product of unparalleled craftsmanship, uncompromised quality, and value.

Characteristics of Organic Looms’ rugs are marked by soft, plush textures, durability and design simplicity.

Organic Looms’ summer sensations begin with a few beautiful new patterns in their River North showroom.

Echo – Modern Abstract
Wool and Silk, Made in India
8 x 10′, custom sizes, colors and shapes available


Rothko – Modern Abstract
Wool and Silk, Made in India
9 x 12′,  Custom sizes, colors and shapes available


Left to right:
Lofty Sky: Wool and Silk, Liliana: Non-dyed Wool and Viscose Blend and Salacia: Wool and Silk, All Made in India

For more information on any of these rugs, visit or stop by their River North showroom at 401 North Wells Street.

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