Bienvenue Atelier Cabinetry


In French Atelier translates to: A designer’s studio or workroom used to create fine or decorative arts. And that’s just what our newest member Atelier Cabinetry does.

All of Atelier Cabinetry’s carving is done by hand in their Pacific Coast Studio. There, 3rd generation expert wood carvers apply their craft. There is no other company that can match the accuracy or intricacy of their work. Atelier Cabinetry is able to produce or reproduce virtually any carving one could imagine. Combine this with their Chicago based manufacturing and finishing operations and you get world class, one of a kind, heirloom cabinetry and furniture.


Custom Features
Atelier Cabinetry can build to suit any specific measurements in your home. They can easily change a single sink base into a double by adding a bank of drawers, bridge or wing. Their fireplace surrounds are custom designed to meet their clients’ needs and fit their spaces.  They also customize details on custom cabinetry, mirrors, and doors.


Atelier Cabinetry | Showroom | June 2017


Atelier Cabinetry’s finishes are rich and versatile. They offer a  large selection of Old World, hand distressed finishes to suit any style of home. When selecting the perfect finish for your home, know that Atelier Cabinetry offers all those shown on the many beautiful pieces on their website and can make your piece in any finish they offer.



Wood Carving
Atelier Cabinetry can make any room your favorite. Their striking designs showcase hand carved solid wood pieces with rich, deep hand-styled finishes, including hand-painted creations, glazes, and versatile wood stains. Their designers can work with you to customize your favorite pieces to fit your home.


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