A Conversation with Anthony and Steven from iD

logo pic2 River North Design District has welcomed iD to the neighborhood with open arms. In honor of their fresh space, they are launching new approaches to staying in touch with clients. It is their personal goal to provide an inspiring, warm, creative and very unique experience at iD. Their ambition is to help you live who you are.

iD recently compiled a Q&A, we hope you enjoy…

pic1Anthony’s Questions for Steven

AA : What Bauhaus designer would you have liked to hang out with?
SB : How can I only pick one? There were so many designers that have impacted design throughout history. Of course, Florence Knoll is a stand out. Her clean, architectural, modern design can be seen in so many pieces today. After her husband’s passing she found her way in the world of design and gained great respect. But, then there’s also Arne Jacobsen who had a touch of whimsy but could also push the envelope and create iconic tea sets and flatware along with furniture. Too difficult to decide.

AA : What inspires you?
SB : I love being with other creatives. I love to experience their thought process. I appreciate those who can lose all their inhibitions. For those who do, they seem to find a way to be the most creative.

AA : What is your favorite part about me?
SB : There are so many parts to you that are undeniably my favorite but you are my peace, you can take me from self induced anxiety to complete relaxation. You have a unique insight to what one feels and are very generous in sharing yourself with others. You give me 100% everyday.

AA : What three words describe your style?
SB : Eclectic, vintage, modern – would describe my design style. I come from a very rural area in Wisconsin where there were many farms around and I enjoyed the simple nature of how people lived. Daily items were simple and had purpose much like modern design. I love the textures of a wood surface to the cold lines of concrete.

AA : In ten years, where do you see iD?
SB : I would like to see iD continue as a retail location but always evolve. Creating an atmosphere for the public to experience. I feel that people don’t experience retail on the level that it used to be. I love shopping. The general public wants instant gratification. Web shopping is the name of the game currently. But I feel it will have a turn. I like experiences when I shop, which you can’t get online. I love hearing personal feedback from clients, making them happy or even when they say simple things like they love how the store smells from our various candle collections. I think offering workshops and lecture series would be a great addition at iD. We aim to find more local designers and offer a platform for their work.

AA : How do you think iD helps to define the Chicago design scene?
SB : In 2001, we created one of the first lifestyle concept stores in Chicago. We thought this was going to be a crazy idea but we took a chance. Would people grasp the idea of shopping for personal accessories, eyewear, and furniture in one space? It was a long shot but it paid off! Now more and more shops in Chicago are following the trend. You don’t have to specialize in one thing. We diversified and it made perfect sense. We bought items for the showroom that we would have in our own home and focused on what we had a passion for.

AA : How did iD’s name and concept evolve?
SB : From it’s origin iD was designed to help create one’s own personal identity. Whether it was the eyeglasses they wore to the sofa that they sat on. Anthony and I enjoy everyone we work with. We love getting to know our clients on a personal level. It helps us determine what they are looking for. Enabling us to suggest to them the perfect piece that is going to fit their needs; allowing them to LIVE WHO YOU ARE!

pic3Steven’s Questions for Anthony

SB : What can’t you live without?
AA : I would love to say the design experience but I have to admit in the latter years, food has become my passion. Not just sitting down for 20 minutes to inhale a burger and fries (which can be an excellent experience in itself) but I am talking about the foodie experience. This came later in my life through my great friend, Jen, that through her actions and invites enabled me to experience and appreciate the incredible chefs in Chicago. Invite me to a Publican booth on any night with my frites and egg, or Blackbird for that special evening, or Melli’s for a simply good clean breakfast with juice and I am there…time to eat!

SB : If you could wear only one fashion designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?
AA : Tallia Orange. I love color, prints and a great fit…one should always have a pop of color! I love playing with pieces, vests, bow ties, sweaters and the forgotten art of socks. This designer for me plays to my drum.

SB : If you had one week to escape, what would you do?
AA : Steven and I, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Retreat to a condo, in the northern mountains overlooking the ocean. Quiet, serene, enjoying the warm breeze and a well concocted margarita in a traditional chilled salt rim glass. Floating in and out of a well deserved naps to reclaim the relaxed versions of who we are. I am finding the importance of “me time”. A vacation or a 5 minute break during a hectic day can and will do wonders.

SB : What is your favorite part about me?
AA : Your unwavering determination melded with your artistry, your creative mind and your tireless attention to detail. We met and I have to admit I had second thoughts whether I could keep up with the expectations that exist within your mind, but amazingly enough this brings out the best in me every day of my life. I am proud to call you my partner and am always surprised at what is around the corner with you at the wheel.

SB : Why do you think we make a good business partnership?
AA : Opposites attract, and I do mean opposites. In most business or personal relationships this could be a deal breaker but for some reason we are just far enough from the cusp that the day-to-day living and working together just works for the last 14 years and doesn’t have us throwing inventory at each other. (Not that this hasn’t happened!) As businessmen of course we are familiar with all aspects but as individuals we have just been able to let the other flourish and grow in what they are passionate about.

AA : One last question. Will you marry me?
AA : make me an honest man before I retire and am on Social Security.

To be continued……..


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