Refined Haystack

We just wanted to give you the skinny on Chicago’s premier design network, Refined Haystack. This new site is a hyper-local online resource where designers, showrooms, stores and clients come together to connect, share feedback and information, inspire ideas and facilitate the design process. The site recently launched a new feature called the Gallery Page, which showcases how Chicago designers utilize local resources to create cohesive spaces.

Some of our favorite designers on Refined Haystack:

Michael Del Piero

mdpAimee Wertepny

34F8AADF-012A-486E-8096-3F8CD5D5FDF2Kenneth Walter

23B_257Linc Thelen

DSC_3966Studio Gild


Here are some snaps of the site….DesignRegistry RH RH2 TheGallery

About Refined Haystack:

Refined Haystack is a home interiors network, where local stores and designers connect and collaborate. Using the power of technology, Refined Haystack showcases local resources via an easy-to-navigate functionality, presenting the city’s vast design offerings and providing simple tools to help manage and promote design businesses. In an effort to streamline communication within Chicagoland’s design industry, the site was designed to serve as a resource connection point for sharing local home interior sources. Refined Haystack is a marketplace of local design – from top design professionals to the best in design and décor sources. The website also acts as a tool for the design professional and showrooms/stores to utilize as they work together and support each other. The goal for Refined Haystack is to act as a one-stop-site where designers, showrooms/stores and homeowners can communicate and explore; it is a place that thoughtfully supports everyone’s interests. Please visit for more information.

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