Designer Spotlight: PROjECT.

34F8AADF-012A-486E-8096-3F8CD5D5FDF2Everyone needs a little inspiration- especially in the new year.  We’ve asked PROjECT. to share some of their recent photography with us.  They were just featured on the cover of Chicago Home + Garden and we couldn’t be more proud to call these design rock stars RNDD members.

About PROjECT.

Creating thoughtful, unexpected and unapologetic spaces that feel right- that is why PROjECT exists. Design is only authentic when it triggers an immediate, instinctive response and PROjECT breaks the mold luxuriating from every angle. Each project is a personal wardrobe of moods and influences— an organic-glam-mash-up; the casual and custom, far-flung, limited edition, dazzling, long-time and one-time exclamations that course through a lifetime. That melodic playback of sum and parts defines PROjECT– because this is not just business, this is personal.

Some of our faves:
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 Hot off the presses:



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