Designer Spotlight: Carson Maddox



Drawing inspiration from Mid-Century Modern design, Chicago furniture designer Carson Maddox creates stunning handcrafted works of art. Maddox is not only fascinated by the lines from mid-century design, but also is intrigued by how the designs incorporate modern materials and processes used in  industrial applications.


Carson is one of the panelists at the Speaker Series February 20th at 6pm.  Click here for more information.


Carson Maddox began his design career while studying at the University of Kansas, where he pursued a broad curriculum including industrial design, engineering, chemistry, and sociology. It was there that he discovered the value of drawing from a wide spectrum of influences and disciplines.

In 1996 he founded his eponymous design studio in Chicago. Despite an early focus on commercial and product design, he began to garner accolades for his furniture designs. A lifelong love of modernism fueled both the aesthetics and the methods. Elegant, clean lined simplicity paired with both modern and traditional materials and processes.

Carson moved operations in 2009 to an expansive new facility. With these new capabilities for design, prototyping, and production he’s been able to pursue his diverse interests and share the results with clients in a broad and sometimes unexpected range of disciplines.

These are some of our favorite designs by Carson….

durkin-table element-barstools hejfina-bedroom maria-sideboard sling-chaise verde-desk walnut-system-desk

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