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Available in early 2014, Jenn-Air is launching a new 24″ Built-in Coffee System, designed for coffee connoisseurs. Here are a few hi-lights:

– Precision settings let you customize your perfect coffee, down to the strength of the brew and the foam on top
– Includes 13 different levels for grinding beans, customizable water temperature and a frothing system for milk
– Allows you to brew two cups at the same time
– Sleek touch controls include easy automatic cleaning options, completed in just minutes


We have quite the selection of boutique coffee roasters in Chicago and wanted to share some of our favorites with you. Now you can outfit your new Jenn-Air built-in for the perfect cup of Joe.

Our favorite River North coffee roaster is Bowtruss.


Bow Truss is a collective of veteran coffee professionals, coming together for the first time to create the ideal roasting company. Their coffees are curated and roasted in their roasting house in Lakeview, Chicago.

The Canopy Blend is very unique.

This blend of Central and South America coffee is quickly becoming a Bow Truss favorite. A great deal of care was spent developing the approachable flavors that make this coffee a perfect fit for those desiring a comforting and delectable cup.

Country: Central & South America
Cup Profile: Dark Chocolate, Dark Cherry, Peach
Varietals: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra
Process: All Washed

Another Chicago favorite is Dark Matter.


Unicorn Blood

Designed and inspired by traditional northern Italian Espresso they use  a Robusta bean in a component of the blend. This serves as the body booster and also adds woodiness and spice to the overall cup. Heavy with Indian and Sumatran coffees this espresso pulls like a dream. Massive body and creaminess that is unphased by milk.

And last but not least a Chicago staple…..Intelligentsia


In October of 1995 Doug Zell and Emily Mange left San Francisco to open an in-store coffee roaster-retailer on Broadway Avenue on the north side of Chicago. At that time they were simply hoping to bring great, fresh-roasted coffee to their own coffeebar with the help of a charming, but perhaps too often erratic 12-kilo roaster. Since then Intelligentsia has evolved considerably.

Intelligentsia’s buying team cumulatively spends over 365 days each year at source. By combining focused attention at source with cup-quality price incentives, they continuously expand economic opportunity and culinary possibility.

In their coffee bars you can expect to find this remarkable coffee in all of its forms: whole bean, various approaches to brewed, and carefully prepared as espresso. Their goal is that each of these is presented in an environment steeped in education and humility. Great coffee should be revered, yet democratic, approachable and accessible.


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